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Salvino Releases GOP Healthcare Plan

Salvino Releases GOP Healthcare Plan

Chris Salvino

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dr. Chris Salvino Releases GOP Healthcare Plan, Challenges Mitchell to Listen to Arizonans

Tempe, AZ  Today, Dr. Chris Salvino released the details behind his HELP Plan (Health Expense Lowering Plan) as a common sense alternative to the disastrous proposal supported by Harry Mitchell and Nancy Pelosi. To view the full plan go to www.drchrisforcongress.com/HELP.

Last summer it seemed that Nancy Pelosi and her good friend Harry Mitchell decided that they would no longer listen to the will of ordinary Americans, and they pushed forward an out of control healthcare bill that slashed Medicare and tried to nationalize nearly a sixth of our economy. It was one of the main reasons I decided to run for Congress, said Dr. Chris Salvino.

Now that his legislation has failed I urge Harry to get his partys leadership in Congress to scrap their legislation, and instead look at policies that will actually make a difference like my HELP Plan, concluded Salvino..

Some of the HELP Plan highlights:

  • $500 federal tax deduction
  • No government mandate to purchase insurance
  • No penalty on businesses who do not provide coverage for employees
  • Access to cheaper prescription drugs
  • More flexibility of the types of health plans for individuals as well as those in group plans
  • Streamlines national medical records that will lead to less errors and faster service


  1. Wait a second. A candidate releasing a legitimate policy proposal? My computer is overheating.

    Good work.

    (BTW, the URL didn’t work when I went to it. I had to get to the document via the main site.)

  2. Seems to be working now

  3. I have a question about Step-3, so maybe the Salvino staffer who is watching this can explain this to me…

    You say converting patient files to electronic record will save money, and I agree it will in the long run. But the actual conversion process is expensive.

    You have to pay people for literally thousands of hours of work (I know because I know a few practices currently doing it) which has forced them to increase how much they charge for office visits. So in the short term do you address how this will actually hurt consumers.

    Also you mention the VA was done with tax payer money and that worked well, is part of your plan to use taxpayer money to get all doctors offices to do this?

    Also where do you get the numbers for your savings?
    Its nice to say that tort reform saves 200-300 Billion per year but where did you come up with that?

    The savings in medicare that you point out as waste are also very hard to identify and will actually COST a lot to fix before you see any actual savings.

  4. Sounds pro-doctor, not so pro-patient to me.

    Need tax CREDITS for taxpayers to purchase health insurance. Encourage non-profit insurance companies. Forget about tort reform. Frivilous suits can already be punished, lawyers know how to evaluatee suites and if this DR/candidate or his family get harmed by negligent medical care, he will want justice.

  5. West Valley GOP says

    How can a candidate release the “GOP” plan? He can release his own, but to claim to speak for the entire party? That doesn’t seem right.

  6. I didn’t read this plan, it was a bit too long but Ann tax credit is the first bullet point. Deduction means credit.

    Maybe you missed that one.

    Real news is if Arpaio supports BitterSmith after she decided to help raise money for Don Stapley’s legal bills, and rumor is Arpaio might stick with a fellow paisan like Salvino.

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