Ruth vs. Raul

Lest we forget about Congressional District 7, here is the latest video from Ruth McClung and her campaign.

Ruth’s theme is “Maybe It Does Take a Rocket Scientist” (did I mention that Ruth really is a rocket scientist?) to win in the bluest of blue Arizona congressional districts. Ruth may have an uphill battle here in Arizona against the most liberal member of the Arizona congressional delegation, but if there is any time to win in CD-7, it is this year.

Here’s a great suggestion. While the gentlemen in CD-8 battle amongst themselves for the Republican nomination, let’s put some resources into Ruth’s campaign. Whether that’s time, talent or treasure (especially treasure!), let’s make sure she has what she needs to take on Raul Grijalva in November. I for one am not going to write off CD-7 for the Republicans. The people are angry and ready to vote out incumbents like Grijalva – especially liberal Grijalva.

Contact Ruth’s campaign today and sign up to support her bid to represent the good people of Arizona’s 7th Congressional District.


  1. I have said this before, but CD-7 can be a republican pickup in a republican year, especially with such liberal representation. The district has changed since the boundaries were created in 2002- The town of Maricopa didn’t exist and that’s 40,000 more people who demographically would lean Conservative along with parts of Avondale and Buckeye and more retirees in the Yuma area. Ruth is worth supporting- she really has a chance to win here.

  2. Pragmatic Conservative says

    This is the race that is under the radar and shouldn’t be. Grajalva is very vulnerable. He can’t raise money and has never had a well funded candidate oppose him.

  3. Unfortunately, due to the lack of GOP leadership and rabid thirst for power, this candidate is being overlooked while tons of effort and money are going into races dividing the troops.

    This is the year we could take CD7 but unless things change drastically, she will be another name on the long list of R’s who despite their qualities as candidates did not have a chance.

  4. Stephen Kohut says


    Is that your pitch for conservatives to take their sights off McRINO? Not gonna happen. Not now. Not ever. Conservatives are multitalented. We can actually walk, chew gum and GOTV for a full slate in the primary and general elections. It appears that RINO’s are more limited in their abilites and are wither single taskers or are scared to death about one particular race.

  5. Tucson Conservative says

    As conservatives we need to be informed not just on the surface but to do some research. Rep. Giffords doesn’t have much power in the House. This health care vote shows us she is Nancy’s clone. Rep. Grijalva is co-chairman of the progressive caucus with 80 so members of the House under him. He has power…we need to get him out! I believe Ruth McClung can do just that if we all help her…yes money but time is just as important. She is walking several days a week (even tho she works 40 hrs as a rocket scientist) to get her message out. Come walk with her or distribute her literature on your own.
    Call 520-579-5734 HQ for literature and yard signs.

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