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Rusty Bowers Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Rusty Bowers Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Rusty Bowers

For Immediate Release: Friday, February 26, 2010

Prescott AZ – Rusty Bowers, a conservative republican running in AZ’s 1st congressional district, signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is sponsored by the Americans for Tax Reform and for over twenty years has been a standard carried by candidates with conservative principles. Bowers will visit Washington next week as part of a whirlwind trip where he will meet with other conservative groups, including the Americas for Tax Reform, so he can work with other conservatives to make conservative ideas become policy.

The Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge began in 1986. It aims to create “a system in which taxes are simpler, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today. The government’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized.” Signers of the pledge commit themselves to “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses … and oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.”

Rusty joins 34 members of the Senate and 172 members of the House who have signed the pledge, including Senators Kyl and McCain, and Congressmen Flake, Franks and Shadegg. Rusty signed because he believes that “The spending policies of this administration and past Congresses have put us at tremendous financial risk. I see no alternative but to cut spending and relieve the burden on the American taxpayer. The typical Arizona family cannot mandate an increase for their spending wants, neither should Congress. The time has come for Arizona families to tell Congress what their credit limit is.”


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Rusty is a true Arizona gentleman. Since he’s signed onto this protection pledge, I guess that finishes his chances for any support from the AzGOP’s Randy Pullen who – for whatever the reason – has signed onto Jan Brewer’s sales tax increase.

  2. VV that is a good one.

    Bowers has no chance though, hard to run for Congress while your real job is as a lobbyist.

  3. Conservative 2 the Core:

    Yeah! But Jon Kyl made the transition back in ’86!

  4. kralmajales says

    Yet another enlightended republican who will likely spend lots of money in lots of place that businesses want, will cut the tax dollars going to education, welfare, and the like, and that will try to lower taxes too.

    All that equals is deficit…it is what Reagan did.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Being a lobbyist is an honorable profession; you are hired to represent a group of people, a community of interest, or the owners, manages and employees of a trade sector.

    Much like a Congressman is hired to represent a group of people or a community of interest. In these cases we call it a Congressional District.

    The job description is pretty much the same. Consider who else is running; an inexperienced lawyer who couldn’t get elected to the local school board, a dentist, and a tax-n-spend former state legislator who’ll become a lobbyist once she looses her current job in Congress.

    The elephant will pick up two seats in Arizona this time around, don’t know about the third.

  6. Vincit, why did Bowers resign his seat as a Mesa legislator months before his term was up? Oh that’s right… the mining industry, who he sponsored bills for, offered him a job so he abandoned his constituents for a much higher paycheck.

    Just relaying the facts here, people. Rusty is an honorable man, he was a decent Mesa legislator, but he is a carpetbagger and an opportunist.

  7. self-interest rules the day — for this politician – just like all the rest….

  8. Harris Shirley says

    Hey Clover … lets get the timing right. The session ends in May and the term ends in December. So, taking a higher paying job to support his family in the waning days of his term makes sense. What’s wrong with that? He *is* a family man.

    But if you were experienced in Arizona politics you would know that wouldn’t you?

    Again, you should know that Rusty’s roots in CD-1 and eastern Arizona run deep, much deeper than anyone else running in that race. He’s certainly *no* carpetbagger (that title goes to Rick Renzi or Sydney Hay).

  9. No ….A thousand times no … I read about this man and my blood boils ….Rusty exemplifys the character of ignorance in terms of the preservation of our environment and has in the past characterized a profound disrespect for the beliefs of those not in agreement with his narrow minded and ingnorant notion that humans possess a divine right to desecrate the natural world based on supersitious conditioning…he is indeed a carpet bagger ….but more he is fundamentalist unemployed zelot

  10. Rusty did resign before his last term as legislator was up. That was because he was sacrificed in redistricting by “establishment” republicans he had angered by his conservative votes. His district was no longer the east mesa conservatives he had been valiantly representing but largely Liberal northeast scottsdale. So why not take a job representing honest laborers in a field he had himself spent time in. His great granfather was the first LDS bishop in Alpine, another ancestor Ed Bowers, was killed in the line of duty as a deputy of sheriff bucky o’neil in prescott. Carpetbagger? I think not.

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