The majority versus the opinion makers

If you want to judge the goodness of a country, there are only two facts you need know: how many people want get in and how many people want to get out.  The US is one of the very, very few countries that debates how many people, out of the millions that want to be here, should we let in — and how to do it legally.  The rest of the world can’t keep their people, including the so-called democratic-socialist paradise of Germany.

For a nation that invented the term “guest worker” for its immigrant labourers, Germany is facing the sobering fact that record numbers of its own often highly-qualified citizens are fleeing the country to work abroad in the biggest mass exodus for 60 years.

…Stephanie Wahl, of the Institute for Economics, based in Bonn, said that those who are leaving Germany are mostly highly motivated and well educated. “Those coming in are mostly poor, untrained and hardly educated,” she added.

And why is Germany’s best and brightest leaving?

Claus Boche, a 32-year-old executive, left the west German city of Paderborn two-and-a-half years ago to take up a job with a Swiss management consulting firm. He now lives in Zurich. “Nearly everything is less bureaucratic and more go ahead than in Germany,” he said. “I also pay about 40 per cent less tax. I have no plans to go back.”

Neighboring Switzerland is the most popular destination, but the US, thousands of miles away, came in second.  These world “leaders” could listen to their people and free up their economies.  But doing that would require liberals to let go of their control over private industry.  A difficult task for a moralizing, know-it-all lot.

Unfortunately, these world “leaders” prefer to demonize the US instead of finding solutions to make their countries a better place.  Meanwhile, their citizens vote with their feet and leave, often for the “great Satan.”

A similar phenomenon is happening within the US.  People and businesses are leaving the high tax, big government states and moving to the economically free states.  There is strong linkage between individual responsibility, a free market economy, liberty and overall prosperity.  It’s a shame that liberals can’t acknowledge that most people want responsibility for their own future, rather than being dependent on government hand-outs.

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