RTA press conference well covered by media.

     Today’s press conference about the Pima County RTA (Regional Transportation Authority) vote in 2006 was well attended by the media and political activist. Several elected officials and candidates also attended. The main points put forward by Bill Risner are that they have a signed affidavit indicating that the vote was rigged. He kept stressing that the Attorney General of Arizona should intervene and order a recount of the ballots. If they ever destroy the ballots before a recount this conspiracy will live on for a decade or more. Why not just run the paper ballots through the machine one more time and be done with it? I wonder if it will be an issue in the upcoming election that Ann Day, Sharon Bronson, and Ramon Valadez voted against releasing the vote database even after ordered to do so by a judge.


  1. This is so reminiscent of what happened in LD20 when Anton Orlich won the House race against John McComish only to have it stolen away by Karen Osborn and the Elections Department of Maricopa County. Despite the source, The Phoenix New Times covered this extensively: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2004-10-14/news/election-eve-nightmare/

  2. I’m so relieved that the Supervisors are being held accountable for their initial vote to hide the data. They should all be voted out except Ray Carroll.

    Especially Ann Day. Good lord, why doesn’t she just retire? Can she just not stand it that she’ll never be as famous as her sister?

    If it’s recognition you seek, Ann, I’ll buy you a trophy. I’ll make it 24-karat gold if you’ll just retire! It’d be cheaper than having you spend all my money!

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