Rotting the Mind and the Body: UNT Texas University Serves Up All-Vegan Cafeteria

Mandate morphing from education to four-year resorts, state universities drain state resources and families’ budgets to woo students with trendy food courts, spa-like amenities and luxury rooms, not academic excellence or useful degrees. Worse, putting politics over science and in-loco-parentis duty one major state university has put a huge stamp of approval on one of the most body-damaging diets ever invented by devoting an entire cafeteria to it. The media is proving itself to be complicit in conveying it approves of the spread of deadly Veganism by reporting only positively on Veganism and a state-funded cafeteria to promote it, without any dissent allowed to spoil the digestion of this toxic and dishonest combination.

Reuters this week published a gushing and approving report on a new development in which Reuters hopes will catch on with other universities:

“The University of North Texas in Denton, known for its jazz program and hipster vibe, has opened an all-vegan full-service campus cafeteria that it and animal-rights activists say appears to be the first in the nation.
After just a week of school, the lines at “Mean Greens” – a play on the UNT Mean Green football team name – snaked out the door.
Students balanced plates of paninis made with fresh focaccia baked at the cafeteria, roasted vegetables, vegetarian sushi, bowls of asparagus soup, glasses of flavored vitamin waters and shot glasses of bananas foster. The hall doesn’t serve any animal products including meat, milk or eggs.
“It’s healthy. I was trying not to gain the freshman 15, but I actually like it,” said Rebecca Arroyo, a freshman from Paris, Texas, who isn’t vegan.
The university food czars who masterminded the unusual venue in one of five campus dining halls are finding many of the students who eat there are not vegans but simply want to eat healthy meals.
“Animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals agreed, and gave UNT its Compassionate Campus award this month for responding to student requests and supporting veganism, said Ryan Huling, manager of college campaigns for PETA2, the college arm of the organization …” 

Hard to know what’s worse here. The state sanctioning a politically religious cult by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to give the cult a showcase for their “approved” way of eating, or Reuters’ soothing portrayal of it without a syllable of critique in order to give it wider publicity, or that children, teens and college-age students are the most vulnerable to the damaging effects of Veganism and that the UNT university ought to have a nutrition department that can testify to that fact, or that state universities as institutions are shape-shifting into nothing more than four and increasingly five years of high-end resort living complexes with season passes to sports games in state of the art stadiums, courts and fields.

This is not isolated to UNT, but has become the pattern across the country as state universities invest in non-educational frills to sell themselves instead of a solid educational product. They are promoting a comprehensive “lifestyle,” not market skills. Useful degrees are no longer the priority, but milking students by any means out of hard-earned money, which for many will manifest later as over a decade of steep debt payments for their four years of luxury, high-end, catered living. The state universities do not care. They got the cash and they’re constantly off looking for more. Students graduate out of the bubble with a degree the market can’t use, no way to pay to maintain the spa lifestyle they became habituated to and now take for granted.  Add Veganism to the mix and more than few students can now graduate with permanent nerve damage, weaker bones and skin problems.

Surrounded by spare, lower middle class neighborhoods from which come some of the taxes to finance this, ASU, typical now for state universities across the nation, is a bubble of upper middle class Liberal Left living, with the “correct” décor, mass transit, “green” “green” that magic color, funding massive food courts with elaborate menus and all the “right” foods for “progressive people,” investing millions to expand on-campus housing square footage with more student apartments, making ASU “Big Landlord” while bored students sit in classes in front of computers drearily dragging and clicking through monotonous on-line instruction they could do just as well at home for a practically nothing when they’d signed up with what is turning out to be a naive expectation that they would be taught by an actual human being faculty professional who actually knows his or her subject.  Across the country at state universities,  the statistics now say the staffer in the button-down sweater and clogs  puttering down the hallway with a Starbucks latte in hand is an administrator, not any teaching faculty member.  All those amenities need managers to manage them.

State universities continue to feather their luxury nests without any budgetary restraint while the rural areas of the state remain rural, unpaved roads that could have been paved, rural schools close unable to meet costs. The universities love that word, “sustainability” but they do not practice it. They spend a million dollars to save three hundred a month. They epitomize “un-sustainability.”

And for the “intellectual rigor” universities claim, it is chillingly informative to find that Vegans defend their lethal diet by attacking actual nutritionists, much the way the Soviet Lysenko attacked actual agronomists who disputed his half-baked “agro-biology” a sort of scientific sounding complete fraud that destroyed Soviet agriculture, and by that condemned millions of Soviets to poverty and hunger.

Meanwhile, young women under pressure to be “good people” damage their growing bodies by denying them essential proteins and vitamins. Vegans preach that they aren’t “moral” unless they don’t eat any animal products and make them feel guilty if they are literally hungry for a better diet, a philosophy which is blatantly religious in concept and expectations. Movie stars and celebrities preen and preach Veganism across the media, a means to “eat healthy” and “get slim.” Vegans teach that people who eat a normal, varied diet are inferior in morals, goodness, and health and  thus are accepted targets of mockery and distain.

How confusing is it then for many women who imposed a strict Vegan diet inexorably gaining weight because they start to compulsively snack. If they understood their bodies were desperately trying to amass essential proteins out of empty calories, the weight gains wouldn’t be a surprise. They don’t talk about the literally unnerving symptoms they develop, looking everywhere but at their dinner plates for an explanation as to why they don’t feel “healthy” the way they were told they would feel. But Veganism proponents, in classic religious cultishness blame the practitioners, not the diet for the failures, and like the insecure fawning elite in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” Vegans choke down Vegan concoctions all the while telling everyone they “like it” when it’s plain by their own faces they don’t.

While university health units are reporting cases of early signs of kwashiorkor amongst young, affluent college women, UNT a major Texas university, home to tens of thousands of students has enabled increasing manifestations of this damaging malnutrition by providing a three meal a day restricted diet cafeteria. The Liberal media promotes this when it should be condemning it. The lack of intellectual, nutritional and moral honesty in all this is staggering.

UNT university opened this cafeteria as a marketing ploy to attract students. It did not pour that money into better professors who can actually teach and convey information and skills. The media wants more of it; PETA has an extreme and hateful agenda, which they are selling to naïve young women in particular who then become physically harmed by the PETA-approved Veganism. PETA has always been against human beings, their world view is of people being no more value than cockroaches. That’s SHOULD have raised some doubts and a critical analysis amongst the university administration making this funding decision, but obviously not.

Greedy state universities making decisions based on valuing students only as cash cows while installing crippling Veganism as a marketing plus, then suppressing information that exposes the truth of Veganism are together a cruelly ironic combination. The goal is to make this the “new normal” at state universities across the country.   The educational establishment is already advanced down that route;  truth, knowledge, responsibility and quality education are being left at the curb.


  1. Universities sell out student health and well-being for marketing gimmicks.

  2. Conservative American says

    A lot of topics rolled into one article, Wanumba! Please permit me to address some of them individually.

    1 – It is possible to get adequate nutrition through a vegetarian diet but that takes knowledge, discipline and planning. The average person won’t do that. Just eating in a vegetarian restaurant isn’t sufficient to guarantee adequate nutrition but neither is eating at a steak house. Since this is only one of five eateries on campus, I don’t think that the situation is too grave.

    2 – I agree completely that state universities have become one of the major pieces of pork in any state budget. State universities and colleges have become city states living off taxpayer dollars.

    3 – I agree that too many degree programs are offered which have no value for the state or for the students who are state residents. Programs should be offered in areas where qualified individuals are needed on an ongoing basis within the state.

    4 – Too many state colleges and universities are breeding grounds for the next generation of Marxists. Retired Judge Vaughn Walker showed portions of what was to have been a sealed videotape of the Proposition 8 trial during his visit to the University of Arizona. When B. Hussein Obama came to town, the U of A bookstore ordered Obama T-shirts from a company in California while California was calling for a boycott of Arizona over SB1070.

    I’m wondering what all of this says about Governor Perry, especially since Perry has permitted illegal alien students to pay in-state tuition rates at Texas state colleges and universities.

    • Thanks.
      A quick note… veganism is not “vegetarianism”. Vegetarians will eat either eggs and/or milk, which protects them from the deficiencies that lead to kwashiorkor. So, you are very correct in pointing out that vegetarians who have well-organized vegetarian diets have done fine. Remove the animal porducts and it’s a whole new ball game. Indians are known for their vegetarianism, but they rely heavily on milk and eggs, decidedly animal products. So, they survive, and putter around fine, though you might notice that out of a billion Indians, they have yet to bring home a single Olympic Gold Medal in any sport.

      Veganism is an extreme, politically/religiously formulated (ie NOT from actual science or real health studies) diet … zero eggs meat or milk products.

      Vegans are claiming that in other countries that people do fine without all these animal products, it seems the Vegans have that socialist, anti-capitalist bias as they talk about meat producers in the same paranoid way the Left talks about “evil corporations,” thus Veganism deserves also the political tag.

      I worked for two years with severely malnourished kids in Africa. Children suffering from Marasmus and Kwashiorkor were the two major types of cases we had to rehabilitate through diet alone. These are the worst and most shocking , and our cases were the most far gone. A lot of kids died, their systems too degraded to be able to digest food anymore, or their weakened bodies too vulnerable to disease.

      So, it’s quite the revealing display to hear Vegans talk about “in other countries” when the reason in those countires a person is not eating eggs, meat or milk is from extreme poverty. Poor people fill on cheap carbs, which is all they can afford, but although their belleis are full, there are no proteins, Vit A and B to build, maintain or repair muscle, skin, nerves and bones. The body starts to literally disintigrate.

      Every single person I have talked to who’s offered to me (without me asking) that they were Vegan nearly had heart attacks when I explained what they were doing themselves. They were conditioned not to listen to “meat-eaters” but got scared, because I had listed off early warning symptoms that they were already manifesting, but hadn’t told anyone, including me. Once I told them the secret they were hiding, that barrier had broken down, they listened hard and took notes. They themselves can testify their symptoms disappeared when they added eggs and milk back in.

      I found early onset kwashiorkor amongst girls at high school boarding schools, and went through the history and found that it was a problem once often found especially in Southern prisons and baording institutions due to high carb no meat, eggs or milk inputs for inmates. Pervesely, affluent girls were manifesting kwashiorkor because they didn’t eat the cafeteria meat because it was “nasty” and they didn’t eat the eggs because they were processed and had cheese thrown on top, and the girls didn’t eat the cheese because they were “lactose intolerant.” So, some girls weren’t declared Vegans, but because of an unusual combination of institutional food mediocrity and lactose intolerance, they were actually eating like one This has in fact confused doctors trying to evaulate girls coming into with myterious aliments. They say they aren’t Vegans, and that’s the truth, but they actually haven’t put any animal protein of ANY kind in their mouths for three months, and boarding schools are not surveying kids the way parents would at the dinner table, so by the menu, who would suspect?

      So, this Veganism as cafeteria at a boarding institution is actually more dangerous to gullible students than being at home. Parents would notice the change in their daughters (and it is overwhelmingly girls) when the college won’t, until they crawl into the health unit.

      AS for universities, to save education in this country, I would strip them down to classrooms only, and force everyone into private-owned housing and get OUT of the nanny room & boarding. Students would have to live like their non-university counterparts – as adults, responsible for their own meals and rent and upkeep. Sports should go European club – independent. Research shoud be independent..
      Student tuition should go back to where it’s supposed to be – for educating the student, NOT subsidizing all these other functions which are perfectly capable of standing on their own.

      Subsidized state university students already manifest like Europeans when cuts loom – why not, it’s a cushy, sheltered artificial cocooon with no old people or children to inconvenience them, and no other political views tolerated. The current system is actually stunting their intellectual growth, now it’s poised to stunt their physical growth, too.

      • Conservative American says

        Even if we don’t always agree on each and every point, Wanumba, I always appreciate your thoughtful and articulate posts.

        A small point. Strict vegetarians, as opposed to lacto-ovo vegetarians, can get adequate nutrition without animal products. The trick is in protein complementation where all of the various amino acids are ingested by combining multiple vegetable protein sources in the proper amounts and ratios. You can find this on the net or you can refer to the classic book on the subject, “Diet for a Small Planet” by Frances Moore Lappe. That is not to say anything about “Vegan” ideology or poltical movements, however.

  3. Gads. What’s with the pompous university robed dude who tweeted “this is what we’re up against” in true cult leader paranoia-feeding dismissal? Obviously he doesn’t like girls because he’d rather see them die than upset the weird “cause.” It’s time these posuers cough up their credentials to talk about these issues. They throw ’em around, then scurry away when they are asked to prove they actually have some background in real life or just in classroom blah blah blah.

    • I’m curious, do you actually know any vegans? Or are you comparing your experiences in Africa, which suffer the double-whammy of lack of resources and lack of availablity to those lack of resources to the United States of America, which suffers neither.

      I’m not a vegan, but I try to replace a meal a day with a completely vegan alternative, and I don’t think anyone’s suggesting from the University that they “go vegan” but rather have the healthy alternative.

      The options aren’t only- “eat only twigs and berries” and “like Rush Limbaugh, treat your temple like your sewer”.

      Why do you have such a Manchiean worldview? What screwed you up so badly?

  4. Anyone who supports Veganism is supporting an un-natural diet that will damage and kill – in the US – usually girls who are more influenced by the two arguments of 1) being “good and moral” by not eating “meat” and 2) being unhealthily skinny.

    This is a FACT, no matter where in the world it is stated. Unlike the blatent lies the Vegans use to promote their damaging diet, the diet of no eggs meats or milk is called “abject poverty slow starvation diet.” Because no one in this generation has actually SEEN this unless they did work in the Third World, most Americans have no prior background and thus are not aware of the real life effects of malnutirtion, especially this kind.

    There is a truth of human nutritional requirements. Veganism is a vile lie. To deny it or to try to belittle the messenger is actively enabling a brutal deceit that is being preached to naive, and vulnerable young girls and women, actively blocking vital information to germane to these girls’ survival and long term quality of life.

    If a man or woman saw someone put poison into the soup of another man or woman or child, and the other came and put their spoon in, what would the entire world expect the observer to do? Stay silent and let the victim ingest the tainted food or knock the spoon and bowl to the ground?

    People dismiss the danger of Veganism because they DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT REALLY IS.

    I am a PRIMARY SOURCE. Because people snark one has to credentials to make statements, then I have always given my field and direct experience, not remote and theroretical classroom book or research paper third party source links that are the extent of “experience” for people who sit in chairs and sip lattes in the local Starbucks, surfing the internet.

    But since my background was gained in Africa, it just isn’t good enough for the Racist White Jim Crow, George Wallace and KKK Robert Byrd Liberals in the Democrat Party. Instead of sparking intellectual curiosity to investigate further, desires to research further to confirm the TRUTH, important since actual LIVES are at stake, I get snarky comments from Liberal Whites to dismiss my commentary that allude to concepts of Africa that seem to have been derived from 1930s cartoons.

    Evidently my experience is too Black to be valid and the comprehensively sinister and human-hating Veganism is almost a perfect vehicle and metaphor for the rotten intellectual dishonestly promoted by the Left.

    PETA approves Veganism. They believe humans are “blight” on the planet, the fewer the better. What ELSE would they be expected to promote, an actually HEALTHY lifestlye?

    I believe all humans are meant to be here, have value and have each has a genuine purpose which has meaning, and I happen to know what no eggs, meat and milk actually DOES to the BODY. I have seen it, I have held children dying of it, I have worked to keep kids from dying from it. It isn’t pretty. So I challenge the LIES.

    Take or leave it. But from now on, all who have heard this cannot deny that some stranger came by once and told the truth about it and no one listened.

    • Aw, I’m just glad you’re reading, wanumba, just like I said you would, just like you lied and said you wouldn’t.

      A man who can’t do that small thing he promised has no credibility whatsoever.

  5. THe first step is to reject the narrative that Vegan is the “healthy alternative.”

    LIE number ONE. It is the UNHEALTHY alternative. A little olive oil and chilly peppers sprinkled over a carb just makes it easier to fill up on empty calories. Veganism is 100% no meat no eggs no milk, meal after meal, day after day, not just a lunch choice. UNT has now enabled a 100% day-in-day-out Vegan eating , making it MUCH easier to keep essential animal proteins OUT.

    I don’t even know why I’ve bothered. The second parents hear from the doctors why their daughter collapsed with weird nerve symptoms, brain confusion and muscle loss as the body eats itself, the multi-million dollar class action lawsuits will shut it down fast enough.

    As for our so-called healthy living: Gweneth Paltrow, mega rich with all the world’s best acess to healthy info and the world’s best food suffers from rickets, the gullible fool listened to ignorant fast talkers who told her to stay out of sunshine and she “eats HEALTHY” – ie she eats VEGAN a lot.

    Rickets. Pathetic. Scrawny Natalie Portman dropped her “healthy food” Code for Vegan during her pregnancy. Unlike her Liberal Arts diploma, obviously, her doctor who actually got a useful degree in medicine read her the riot act on Veganism to SAVE her and her baby. How does a baby build bones and muscle if the mother isn’t ingestiing any protein and calcium to do it?

    These are serious nutritional diseases associated with poverty and the richest women in the world are getting them. Self-inflicted “healthy choices.”

  6. It’s official, wanumba has lost his mind. I’m far from a vegan, but done right (like any diet) it has little to no chance of being detrimental physically, mentally, emotionally, or nutritionally.

    • How much real money are you willing to bet on that?
      The quality of my mind is completely irrelevent.
      How much are you willing to bet your life on Vegan as harmless?

      Natalie Portman was PETA’s biggest saleswoman, using mass media to spread the word of her “healthy” lifetsyle to young, impressionable girls. She got pregnant … and Lo! How come if Veganism is so healthy she couldn’t maintain it through her pregnancy?

      She WANTED to eat Vegan, to have a “Vegan baby” but found out by her own physical condition, that was going to be dangerous to her and her child. SHe’s too much of a coward to retract, worried the Vegan thugs will harrass her.

      You’d rather call me names than face truth. What does that say about your mind and morals? Veganism hurts people, especially growing youth, but the priority is to make fun of me.


  7. So one actress stops the vegan diet because she’s pregnant and that means that veganism kills people?

    I’ll put money and my life on the bet. That’s how confident I am in winning. Veganism is not a dangerous diet if done properly. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for kids or pregnant women, but it is not life-threatening.

    Your mental quality becomes priority when you say the most ridiculous things that are way outside the bounds of reality.

    • You have not offered your nutrition credentials to back up your opinion.
      It is important since this is a matter of health and nutritional FACTS, not just “whatever I think.” I have 7 years of this, but evidently, my politics are the “wrong” sort, so progressive people are not supposed to listen, even if it’s good, life-saving advice. That closed minded. That bigoted. That narrow-minded. That intolerant.

      IF Veganism is healthy, THEN PROVE IT. Scientifically. Go THREE MONTHS without milk products,eggs or any meat of any kind. NO CHEATING. Cheating is proof positive it isn’t healthy. Who cheats on good, yummy, body-satisfying food? Not necessary, is it? HOW COME you DON’T RECOMMEND IT FOR KIDS or PREGNANT WOMEN? That’s PROOF Veganism is not a well-balanced diet. Babies feed on milk for the first year of their lives and grow like crazy, but suddenly milk is “baad?” See the Vegan couple who tried to Veganize their poor baby? Dead.

      PROVE IT. NO CHEATING. NO cheating like UNT is doing by their own admission, artificial vitamin drinks. If Veganism is “healthy” what’s with the totally artificial and totally cheating vitamin drinks – which actually are lousy, fake sweetner crap anyway, so it won’t change the outcomes any.

      SOMEONE is LYING to you about the reality of Veganism, but it’s NOT ME.

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