Ron Paul, Wrong Party

Here’ the YouTube of Ron Paul blaming America for the September 11th terrorist attacks and Rudy Guiliani calling him on it.  Way to go Rudy!  To bad you’re not pro-life.

Perhaps Paul should consider joining Hagel in that third party.  In a way he’s perfect.  He’s adopted the Democrat’s top item – national security weakness peppered with the “blame America first” attitude – and combined it with one of the Republican’s key priorities – reign in government spending and cut taxes. 

The question is, would any Democrats join them?

I doubt it.  They are united in their blind hatred for George Bush and rage in being out of power for so long.  I do wish there were Democrats who would take back their party from the nuts who took it over.  Having two sane, “I love America” political parties is a good thing.

Looks like Ron Paul has a challenger for his congressional seat. 


  1. Bush was the first Republican since Lincoln to start a large war. Large scale wars and nation building are not traditionally conservative or Republican. Paul never blamed America, he blamed foreign policy mistakes in dealing with the irrational Islamic world, there’s a difference. Though there is a legitimate argument against Pauls view within the party, to say he’s not a Republican, or a Conservative, is foolish.

  2. “Bush was the first Republican since Lincoln to start a large war.” Are you saying we should never have sought to preserve the union and end slavery? Or would President Ron Paul have let the Democrat South freely break-away to form the Confederacy and continue slavery?

    Not sure of your point there. I do know Paul’s position (and the Democrats) is to pretend that radical Islam is not a serious problem and if we do nothing, it won’t bother us. That strategy didn’t work against Nazism in the 1930’s. Confronting communism did work in the second half of the 20th century.

    A few of large scale wars:

    * Bush I — liberates Kuwait from an Iraqi invasion (1990)
    * Kennedy/LBJ — Vietnam
    * Truman/Eisenhower — defense of Western Europe, 1946 to present
    * F. Roosevelt — declares war on Nazi Germany after Japan attacks the US
    * Wilson — enters WWI despite campaign promise

    This ignores other recent “adventures” such as
    Clinton bombs Iraq (1993, 1998), Serbia (1996) and failure in Somalia (1993) and Waco (1993).

    I did not say Paul was “not a Republican or a conservative.” He’s a fusion of what is best in Republicans and worst in Democrats.

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