Ron Paul, Herman Cain win Tea Party poll to run against Obama

The national Tea Party Patriots convention or “Policy Summit” occurred this past weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Here’s a snippet from Reuters:

Rep. Ron Paul and Georgia businessman Herman Cain were conservative Tea Party activists’ top picks to run against Barack Obama for president in 2012, leaving former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in third place (click here for whole article).

“In a ‘presidential straw poll’ of nearly 1,600 conservative members of the Tea Party Patriots released on Sunday, 581 voted for U.S. Representative Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, to run against Obama next year

“Herman Cain, a Georgia businessman and talk-radio host, came in second with 256 votes.

“Palin, a favorite of the conservative movement who was Senator John McCain’s running mate against Obama in 2008, trailed in a distant third place with 149 votes.

“‘Mr. Cain and Rep. Paul’s positions resonated with Tea Party Patriots this weekend,’ said Mark Meckler, the Tea Party Patriots’ national coordinator, of the poll taken at the group’s policy summit in Phoenix over the weekend and online.”


  1. Ron Paul is the Champion of the Constitution!

  2. SociallyConservativeToo says

    Ron Paul is for legalizing drugs.

    Get real.

    • Stephanie Martin says

      Ron Paul understands the absurdity in the drug war. It is a waste of money and an attack on basic liberties. The war on drugs has caused such a chilling effect that even life saving news that CANNABIS CURES CANCER is swept under the rug. This is a disgrace.

  3. Steve Calabrese says

    You know, I can find lots of faults with every Presidental candidate. However, Ron Paul is the only one to consistently attack the corruption that is eating away at our countr, especially at the Federal Reserve.

    As for the drug thing, I think that should go to the states – and I’m not alone. Justices Sandra Day-O’Connor & William Rehnquist both agreed that our current anti-marijuana laws are an abuse of the Interstate Commerce Clause – in other words, the Federal Government is drastically overstepping their bounds.

  4. Ron Paul is not for legalizing drugs. That’s absurd. Ron Paul is for one thing: adherence to the WORDS of the constitution. Does the constitution say anything about drugs? NOPE. Therefore, per Ron Paul, the federal government shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean the states can’t, because the 9th and 10 amendments are in the constitution too. Meaning the states are there to regulate drugs should their citizens and representatives so choose.

    So, stop spouting nonsense out one side of your mouth, then saying you’re a “constitutionalist” out the other.

    You either ARE a constitutionalist and agree with the STRICT WORD of the constitution like Ron Paul, or you DONT.

  5. Ditto that we have allowed ourselves (the states) to be excessively ‘governed’ by the Feds. The joy of unabated power!

    But back to the topic. I was at the the Tea Party this weekend. I love Ron Paul’s correct analyzations of the Fed’s role, but as for Pres., too late.

    Herman Cain is another matter entirely! Take a closer look folks. He could be just the man we need to foil Obama and all of his insane policies.

  6. Paula Pennypacker says

    sociallyconservativetoo —

    Ron Paul is for decriminalizing drugs not legalizing drugs. Big difference.

  7. I have never seen or heard him say he is PERSONALLY for legalizing or “decriminalizing”.

    He ALWAYS says, that the federal governement should ONLY execute its authorities and powers as stated WORD FOR WORD in the constitution, which was the founding fathers’ intent.

    Since the constitution does not delegate power nor authority to regulate drugs (or food, or water or pretty much anything) to the federal governemnt, the federal government shouldn’t be doing it.

    Paul supports states rights. In other words, if the STATE decides to do it, he certainly wouldn’t oppose it. Since that would be perfectly constitutional.

  8. I can see Ron Paul running a third party campaign in 2012, especially if Romney ends up as the Republican nominee. I think that’s very possible if both Huckabee and Palin run for the nomination and split the social conservative/tea party vote.

  9. American Patriot says

    The real united goal here is to defeat Obama. Period. Right now, the GOP has many excellent choices, not all perfect by any measure, but definitely a great ‘GOP’ buffet. My bets are on Herman Cain right now. This guy is coming from outta nowhere and blowing GOP establishment choices away in many recent polls after his first appearance at CPAC.

    Independent’s and Tea Partiers will be the deciding factor in who receives the final GOP nod. These voters will also determine the 2012 POTUS. I was a huge Ron Paul fan, still am, and would still vote for him. It seems though that Tea Partiers are over-whelmingly beginning to like what they hear from Herman Cain as well. Ron Paul is being relegated to 2nd class right now. We can keep guessing for the next year who will eventually win the GOP nomination. Whoever this candidate is, we better make damn sure he or she can garner the Independent AND Tea Party vote to defeat Obama. Independent’s and Tea Partiers sent a loud message to the establishment in D.C. back in November by ousting many incumbent, established politicians. This appears to be the continued mindset of Independent’s and Tea Partiers. They’re showing they do NOT want another politician. This is the trump card Herman Cain is holding right now. This is why I said my bets are on him.

  10. Oberserve says

    Of course Herman Cain was the chairman of the Kansas City Fed.

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