Romney/Huckabee 2012?

OK, I’m really going to go out on a limb with this one.

Actually I’ve already told quite a few people that I believe the only team that could have led the country out of this mess would have been Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. (If only they would have avoided their sectarian differences!)

The latest straw poll released at the Value Voters Summit reveals that Huckabee would come in first among faith-based conservatives with 28% of the vote. Romney, Pawlenty, Palin and Pence all tied for 2nd place. (1,800 votes were cast.)

Extrapolating that poll to include a broader base of center-right voters, I believe Romney would jump out ahead with his name recognition and economic experience. Huckabee would move into 2nd place and voila we have the 2012 ticket!


  1. Goodyear GOP says

    Hmm. That’s quite an extrapolation. Huckabee is winning with the core voters so you predict a second place finish for him. Romney is in a four-way tie for second, so you predict a first place finish for him.

    You might have the pairing right, but it seems more likely Huckabee/Romney then Romney/Huckabee. Oh well, as long as its not Obama/Biden, I’ll take whoever else they offer.

  2. Huckabee will never win in the lead because of his personality and who he is. A majority of Republican voters could probably handle his as #2 but will never as the lead candidate.

  3. Rightwoman Gayle says

    I was intrigued at how the audience at a recent women’s group roared at the mentioned of Mike Pence. A southern audience predominantly,they LOVE him.

    We need a woman on the ticket– not a Kay Bailey Hutchinson abortion supporting woman, probably not Palin, though I still wish it could work– we need Bachmann. We need the deeply conservative member of the ticket to be a woman.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see Kyl as a possibility too? He’s been overshadowed by Sen. McCain too long.

    Or, what of Rick Perry/ Michele Bachmann? I do not think Romney will work. It’s also too early to really tell. 2010 is the focus as we need the Congress back and some check and balances returned to DC.

  4. Romney is a RINO!!

    Palin-Paul is the real conservative ticket!!!

  5. Huckabee will never make it to the ticket… A guy who openly talks about how the earth is 6000 years old does not have the appeal nationally to keep the independents that Republicans are getting because of obama’s ridiculous spending. There is just no way he gets on the ticket.

    I think its going to be hard enough in the end for America to vote for a Mormon when most of America does not know much about them yet putting Huckabee on the ticket would be a big mistake.

    I do agree on Romney to a point that his economic experience could be a huge asset. In hindsight if Romney had been picked for VP by McCain, when the collapse happened could you picture McCain coming out and saying economics is not my thing that’s why my VP the guy who started Bain capital will head my economic team.
    The race would have been a lot closer.

  6. I, too, appreciate Sen. Kyl as my Senator and feel he is one fo the wisest and most Constitutionally correct members of all our Congressional delegation.

    Bachmann has made too many gaffes and will be subjected to a media portrayal that will make Palin’s onslaught look mild. A woman who is certainly making her way as a top tier GOP leader is Marsha Blackburn. She backs down to no one and has avoided the pitfalls of proving her conservatism that Bachmann fell into head, or mouth, first.

    With that said….I would hope we are as past the gender factor as we are the race factor and can concentrate on who is truly the leader we need for the time we are in.

    Romney/Huckabee could be it.

  7. Romney, the guy who hoodwinked Massachusetts into more government healthcare will be the economic solution for the US eh? You are kidding us, right?

    Huckabee, the guy who thinks that a national sales tax and stimulus spending will improve the US economy. Again, kidding, right?

    Neither of these two politicians can identify the biggest impairment of the US economy which is out of control US government “defense” spending (Iraq/Afghanistan/South Korea/Pakistan).

    Too much government spending and too much government borrowing is sucking the life out of America.

    Ann, I am sorry to tell you but Kyl thinks the Federal Reserve system is protecting us against inflation. He is better than some Republican US Senators but where was he when George Bush and the US Congress was borrowing like mad from 2000-2008? The US government went from outstanding debt of $5.6 trillion in 2000 to $9.9 trillion in 2008. Mr. Kyl uttered not one peep about out of control government spending and borrowing then.

    Debt may be constitutional but it isn’t a solution – have you hear the line “you can’t borrow your way to prosperity”?

    Bachmann has been given the treatment by the in the tank liberal media, the task is to figure how to outwit them.

    • ah, the democrat super-majority in both the senate in the house of mass had 52 ammendments, I would hardly call that a Romney care bill. Get your facts first.

  8. Basil St. John says

    Bachmann on the ticket would be awesome! Palin-Bachmann, maybe? Too much to ask for?

  9. It takes about 1200 delegates to be the nominee. Romney will win one of the first two heavily publicized primaries, in NH.

    From there, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, New York, New Jersey, Massachussetts and Michigan have over 500 delegates and all but Mass. are winner take all or virtual winner take all. Romney owns these states, no other potential candidate can touch him in any of them. He also owns the Mountain West states, even with Palin in the race and they have 250 delegates and are almost all winner take all. He can pick off other states all over the country (i.e. Florida, Maine, Ohio). He has unlimited money, by far the strongest organization, the lowest negatives, does not make a lot of mistakes, is collecting a lot of chits and the crisis at hand (the economy) plays to his strengths. He has led every national poll for the last six months, polls even with or within single digits of an incumbent president in his first year in office(unheard of in my life time) and leads Intrade by a wide margin. He’s the one you want to bet on as the nominee.

    It is important that conservatives support him early, so that he owes conservatives big time and so they have maximum leverage with his people. Romney/Huckabee could be a very strong ticket (I love the thought of a Huckabee/Biden debate), but I have a difficult time seeing Huckabee accepting a slot as Mitt’s #2, although perhaps I am misreading him.

  10. No to Huckabee…absolutely NO to Kyl…probably no to Romney. We need someone fresh and CONSERVATIVE!

    When Kly said that that the role of the republican party was just to get republicans elected and raise money and not to concern themselves with the issues concerning the party platform…that lost any vote I would give him.

    From his interview “I always have the view that the role of the state party is to elect Republicans to office. Period. The role of elected officials is to take positions on issues and to represent the people of the whole state. The political parties are more to represent the people within the party in a political context. What that means is, they need to register voters. They need to raise money for the candidates. They need to get-out-the-vote on Election Day. Those are the main things a political party does.”

    Well the party is not the slave of the candidate and our candidates are suppose to support the platform of our party. We are suppose to be a TEAM and one responsibility of the Party from the State Chair to the PCs is to hold our representatives accountable. Not just working our butts off to get them elected!

  11. C’mon folks do your homework, Huckabee and Romney are both criminals.

    Huckabee Exposed as New World Order Puppet –


    Conclusive evidence that Romney’s policies are CFR policies and that he is supported by the CFR –

  12. Let no one forget that Huck is as fiscally liberal as they get

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    Huckabee / Palin 2012

    ‘Mittens’ is about as slick as any plastic credit card and just as phony.

    Ann, “… he [Kyl] is one of the … most Constitutionally correct members of all our Congressional delegation.”
    That’s not saying much is it?

    Johnny re: #5 above … you haven’t watched the Discovery Chanel much have you? Time is relative from the point of the observer. Therefore, under current cosmology, from where the earth is the Universe is very old … but from the point of origins of the Big Bang, the Universe is very young.

    Three cosmologists have calculated that from the point of origins, due to the elasticity of time, it could be only six thousand years old.

    Interesting observation, that’s all. Discovery Channel

  14. Mitt “Masscare” Romney/Mike “I love illegals & huge government” Huckabee or vice-versa would be a disater! Four statists as the major party candidates would be even worse than last year when there was at least one conservative. Paul/Bachmann 2012 would work for me.

  15. I’m calling it Perry/Palin.

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