Romney wins Maine

I’ll admit it’s not a lot but the AP is projecting that Romney will end up with all of Maine’s delegates.

update: Rasmussen has Arizona numbers posted. McCain is in the lead but below majority.


  1. The Governor of Utah has endorsed McCain.

    Apparently Mr. Romney is a quite a “quid pro quo” guy and offended a majority of the Republican Governors when he was the head of the Republican Governor’s Association in 2006. His hard work was not seen as supporting the Governors but as feathering his own nest and associated with a request for a reciprocal something of value.

  2. Precinct Committeeman says

    McCain’s lead has waned by more than half in a week. Last week he was ahead by dd points and now it is in single digits – 9 points. has been a McCain booster for a long time. Romney is making headway – probably not enough, soon enough – and the anti-Romney folks are rolling out whatever they can. This is from the article.

    Phil Musser, who served as RGA executive director, says Romney’s dearth of gubernatorial support is less revealing than it appears. “With his peer governors, he is very popular and well-liked,” Musser said. “There wasn’t much grousing from anyone.”

    Instead, Musser points to a variety of factors that might have led some governors to sit out the presidential primaries — the volatility of the GOP field, the reluctance of newly elected governors to take sides and deference to Huckabee, who was familiar to many of them as the former chairman of the nonpartisan National Governors Association.

    To even write about “quid pro quo” from a leader of a political organization is a joke. Does anyone think the Giuliani will be appointed AG or DHS head in a McCain Presidency? Does anyone think that he wouldn’t if he had endorsed Romney?

  3. I have no delusions about the realities of politics. Mitt is no exception. The entire article, your excerpt is the nicest part, does not paint a picture of a man who is a servant as much as he is a master. A manager not a leader.

    The pumping up of Mitt has been one set of attacks after another waged at whoever stands in his way. Be it Huckabee, Thompson, or McCain. He has spent more time and money on negative ads than all others combined. This is not a reflection of his huge self-funded war chest as much as his character and MO. So many things are covered up in an effort to make the other guy look bad. Keep as much focus as possible on the negatives of the other guy so no one looks at him.

    I hear all about how horrid McCain is, yet very little about how great Mitt is. Hard to do, I guess.

    People do not want a President out of default. They feel they have had that. Mitt, the venture capitalist, is hoping they will change their mind and he will be more than ready to take them up on the offer. America, one more acquisition.

  4. Ann,

    Does that now mean that McCain will lose Utah by 50% instead of 55%. The last poll I read had Romney at 84%.

    Lot of good endorsements did McCain in Maine. He had both U.S. Senators behind him there.,5143,695249479,00.html

  5. I am loving this back and forth between the McCain conservatives and the “true” conservatives. It’s even more reassuring, looking at the schism within your party, when I consider the record turnout in all of the Democratic caucuses and primaries and how comparatively easy it will be for Democrats to patch up their differences and reunite.

    Your nominee will either be:

    -a former governor of a liberal state who ran one campaign when he tried to take out Senator Kennedy, another when he was elected governor and yet another this year as he seeks the presidency. His inconsistencies are the only consistent thing about him and he is the picture of expediency and calculation. Yet, he is being hailed as the person conservatives must rally behind because the other option is…

    -…a firebrand senator whose outbursts of temper and pique in the Senate have caused many of his colleagues to recoil at the thought of him being commander-in-chief. he can’t get the party is his home state to wholly support him because many here have also seen his intemperate behavior and know well the scant attention he has given to state issues. Plus, he has dared to defy your expected orthodoxy on certain issues, so that makes him someone that will cause diehards on your side like Ann Coulter to vote for Hillary! He ran against the Right in 2000, referred to some of their chief spokespeople as “agents of intolerance,” watched them attack his war record, wife and adopted child in response…and now has his nose so far up the asses of those same people that he has made a spectacle of himself.

    So, at this point, how many of you folks wish there was such a thing as a time machine so you could counsel George Allen before the word “macaca” left his lips?

  6. The M words play a big part in determining support or opposition for McCain and Romney. Mexicans with McCain and Mormons with Romney.

  7. Rex your nominee will either be a Clinton or the most liberal senator in 2007.

    Obama would be tough to beat but Hillary at the top of the ticket would be the greatest Republican GOTV program ever.

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