Romney update.

While we were busy sniping at each other about who would lead the state party Mitt Romney was putting together his Arizona team. While it is a little skewed toward Maricopa County (what’s new) it is an impressive group.

If I was supporting the current Republican front-runner I would be more worried about this crew than about a certain district chair or even the state chairman.

Thanks to Espresso Pundit for alerting us to this development.


  1. honest abe says

    I like Mitt Romney, however,his affiliation with the Latter Day Saint movement will prove to be insurmontable.So, McCain is still who I believe will be the next President.

  2. I’m not sure why Rudy (current Republican front-runner)would be concerned about the district 11 chair…

  3. Smart voter says

    Latter Day Saints are not a “movement.” This is a bona fide relgion. Rembember when the same concerns arose about John F. Kennedy when he ran for president? There were some who foolishly thought he would be taking orders from the Pope.
    Romney has served as governor of Massachusetts. His father was the governor of Michigan and was also a cabinet member. Was the government service of either one compromised because of their faith?

    This is 2007. Let’s get past the bigotry.

  4. Smart Voter,

    I think most of us are past it. Apparently a few mossbacks are stuck.

    If Romney keeps up with his current fundraising pace he will be able to define himself the way he wants to a large number of voters. I have noticed that being the first to define your own image to the mass audience is a big help in politics. Mitt is defiantly a contender.

  5. What I don’t think many evangelicals realize is that any club that they fashion to beat Romney with will look familiar as it is used to beat them at a later date.

    Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be much controversy about Harry Reid being a Mormon from the Democratic side, who should be far less tolerant of religion, or so I thought.

  6. I’ve noticed more evangelicals supporting Romney rather than tarring him. If anything, they are more enclined to take shots at McCain.

    And if it came down to a pure choice between Romney and Giuliani, evangelicals take Romney in a landslide.

    Electability might be another matter, however.

  7. The Vestar guy gave to the State D party, I’m pretty sure that makes him a RINO and would therefore make Romney a RINO by association.

  8. I just don’t know if conservatives are ready to risk it on Romney’s new found conservatism.

  9. I understand that Jason Rose has joined the Romney camp and just wrote a check for $10k to Randy Pullen. Looks like Randy may get some funding after all as long as Mitt’s people believe he will help them derail McCain. Now let’s see if DeMenna has to eat his words and write a check.

  10. Rob,

    You bring up a very interesting point.

    Randy is the chairman of the state party. Even if some people do not care for him (and will not donate) someone else might be very happy to become his new best friend. First one on the list will really make an impression.

  11. chairman pullen called me thursday regarding a contribution. i was happy to contribute and in fact sent a check as decribed above for 10k to the state gop on friday. after the recent chairman election state republicans can choose to do an impersonation of sunnis and shias, or resemble obrador’s buffoonish alternate government attempt after losing to calderon in mexico. or, ranks can be closed. i prefer the latter. additionally, pullen’s fundraising efforts during the very difficult 2006 cyle belied some of the criticisms about him. i respected the fact that when everyone was running from randy graf in the general election pullen ran towards him, making calls and raising bucks despite the odds. look, if the pullen administration hires goofy people, fails to raise money or can’t execute politically it will deserve all of the criticism some now prognosticate for it. i’m just from that silly school of thought that elections matter and winners of them should be given a chance. jason rose

  12. Smart voter says

    Well said, Jason. And thanks for putting your money where your mouth is.
    Although we can’t all emulate his generosity, let’s each do what we can to assist the party and fill its coffers to assist Republican candidates in upcoming elections.
    Isn’t electing Republicans what it is all about?

  13. Did Randy Pullen really go get a big contribution ($10,000) from the same guy (Jason Rose) who is trying to get Janet Napolitano and her cronies out of a scandal? Interesting….

    I thought that we, as Republicans were trying to hold ourselves to higher standards than this. And more importantly shouldn’t Randy hold his donors to the same standard that we do of our PC’s? I think that there should be a series of questions drawn up to make sure that donors are only giving to help Republicans. For Randy Pullen to turn to a man who is apparently close friends with Janet Napolitano…something just does not seem right (pardon the pun).

  14. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Lordy Julie, you are truly dazed and confused.

  15. Sonoran Truth– Not quite- did you check the link? Or perhaps you checked the link and refuse to acknowledge it. Seriously- why would Randy Pullen — with all of his conservative contacts- turn to the man who is connected to Janet for financial support? Is he just a donkey in elephant clothing? (after all he did give $$ to Democrats). I think I have raised a valid concern.

  16. As a pro-life conservative, I would have been inclined to support Romney, but I was sent this video and have definitely changed my mind.

    People say he’s changed his position on abortion, but this is too much.

    Judy Connell

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