Romney on message

A lot has been said about Romney’s chances against a Democrat. If he keeps talking like this I would respond “excellent.”

Romney does jujutsu on Russert.


  1. The Romney lovefest on Sonoran Alliance continues.

  2. He was impressive and much less “stiff”. His answers were pretty good. I just wish he didn’t sound/look like he is on the verge of a full blown whine when he speaks.

    It is like he wears a shock collar and if his answer doesn’t measure up, someone is going to push the button sending a shiver through his body.

    Or is that an true internal passion that is rare and not as experienced being made public; unlike Huckabee who spent his life telling people the what and how of life as a pastor, McCain who has been a politician for a generation, and Giuliani who never met a camera he didn’t like?

    Oh, what am I to do? I’ve got to figure this out soon!

  3. Awh Ann, I thought I could count on you to help me out, what AM I TO DO? Klute- can you help a sister out?

    I believe it is coming down to Romney and McCain. Has there been any talk on who they might choose as their running mate? That would make a big difference to me.

  4. Mr. Smith,

    You are always free to tell us about your favorite candidate and why you support him/her.

  5. Well, to quote Xander Harris:

    “Who’s up for a swingin’ chorus of the ‘We told you so’ Symphony?”…

    All snark aside, I’ll say what I said to Ann:

    [If you like Thompson, choose Romney] “Romney’s going to need someone to reenforce his conservative bonafides. He’ll need someone to give him the South, because he can’t pull it off on his own – and he’ll need a big name. Thompson would be his first choice, my guess is Haley Barbour would be his second (although Barbour’s got some baggae that might cost them the Great Lakes – cozying up to the CCC, sending his kid to a school that was founded by segregationists, going to an all-white country club).”

  6. Cactus Wren says

    I really don’t see all that much difference between McCain and Hillary; they probably even wear the same size BVDs.

    McCain is also waaay to tied to Bush in the public’s mind and if AZ Republicans think that selecting Bush-Lite is going to warm people’s hearts and win the WH, they are sadly mistaken.

  7. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I read today that McCain took Paul Rodriguez, that slimy “my friend” guy, as one of his campaign advisors. This guy has dual citizenship, and has stated that Mexican Americans should consider “Mexico First”? What was McCain thinking, taking on this piece of unadulterated sleaze?

    Having said that, whoever the nominee is would do well to pick Michael Steele as his running mate. He is a straight shooter, strong speaker, and, yes, it doesn’t hurt that he is a person “of color”.

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