Romley unveils amnesty program for illegal aliens

Fresh on the heels of his demand that Governor Brewer veto SB 1070, recycled, interim County Attorney Rick Romley today announced a new amnesty program for illegal aliens.  It’s simple: even if you’re an illegal alien who has broken our law against human smuggling, Romley won’t prosecute you.

Our human smuggling law is pretty clear, if you smuggle an illegal alien into the country for pay, you have violated it.  And just is if you pay someone to steal a car for you that makes you guilty of auto theft, if you pay someone to smuggle you into the country illegaly you are guilty of human smuggling.  It’s called a conspiracy, a simple concept that Romley doesn’t get.

Normally the prosecutor works with the Sheriff to ensure that the guilty are held accountable.  In Romley’s case, when it comes to twisting the law to protect illegal aliens he throw up barriers.


  1. What a disgrace! I just hope Republicans get the word about this guy. If they do he’s toast in the primary

  2. Don Bivens and the Donkey party hardly needs to run a candidate when they have a RINO that does their bidding for them.

  3. I’m boycotting Rick Romley. Word is he is having problems getting money and signatures.

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