Rogue prosecutor “Terry the Terrible” Goddard finally being called out by mainstream media


The mainstream media has finally awakened to Terry the Terrible Goddard’s systematic and highly partisan abuses of power. The East Valley Tribune recently published several articles extremely critical of his prosecutorial excesses, calling him a “partisan hack” and referring to him most recently in an editorial as a “21st century Barney Fife.” Before Goddard became AG, he had relatively little power as mayor of Phoenix. But since becoming AG in 2002, he’s developed a pattern of systematically abusing his power to advance his political career, most recently by engaging in fishing expedition investigations of high-level Republican politicians.

Not only has Terry the Terrible engaged in these highly visible partisan investigations that fizzled, but there are other examples of his demagogic abuses of power that have not yet received much close scrutiny:

  • The only action Goddard has taken in regards to illegal immigration is to seize wired funds from money transfers without any probable cause. Finding this to be such an egregious violation of civil liberties, instead of hiding under his desk like other liberals in Arizona including Kyrsten Sinema and Salvador Reza, liberal district court judge Kenneth Fields struck down the seizures on constitutional grounds. Goddard, who has a history of avoiding the enforcement of illegal immigration laws (in 2004 he issued an opinion gutting most of Proposition 200 which would have denied social welfare benefits to illegal aliens) went after the money transfers in order to bring large revenues back to the AG’s office.
  • Goddard’s sham investigations of gas companies. Every time gas prices go above $2.50/gallon, he announces an investigation. These announcements are clearly designed just to get headlines, because there are never any arrests or indictments. Nothing comes of his grandstanding except demands that he needs more power – which makes you wonder under what authority was he investigating in the first place?

The media should wake up to these other abuses by Goddard. He’s running the office like an arm of his campaign for governor in 2010.
Here are some recent quotes from the East Valley Tribune

His efforts have led to a series of plea agreements to low-level felonies and misdemeanors, as well as agreements from the politicians that they would leave office. But so far he has yet to prove more serious charges of public corruption like theft and fraud.

The attorney general’s office has thrown a massive amount of state resources into this and other highly publicized cases with underwhelming legal results.

But without exercising better judgment, Goddard risks going into his post-attorney general political future being viewed as a partisan hack or a Fifeesque character who can’t be trusted with a loaded gun.

The specter of widespread political corruption has grown with each new indictment of an elected official.

Those who contend Goddard is misusing his office, including many of those he has targeted, say he is using his power as a prosecutor to make headlines as a clean-government crusader to boost his own political career.

“It’s a whole other situation to manufacture cases, to indict people and then search around for a crime. That’s what (Goddard) has been doing.”

Media articles on this topic:


  1. Honestly, I love bashing Goddard and I LOVE THE NAME, Terry the Terrible, but when we go against him in 10 I think we need something stronger than this.

    When i first read this, i honestly did not see anything THAT damning in what you wrote and the articles you linked to. It seems like your reading more into this and almost forcing yourself to see something that is kinda there, but not really.

    Is our argument REALLY going to be ” We should NOT prosecute politicians”? Everyone loves seeing a politician goes down. Its like adding Karma back into the world. No one wants to hear, Terry Goddard went after too many politicians. And the fact that only Nappy and Terry the Terrible are the ONLY democrats elected to important positions, would be why the ones he went after they happen to be Republican.

    Instead, we should be saying HECK, he even screwed that up, he FAILED to get this corrupt SOBs. I maxed out to Kevin Ross and I have to say: he is a crook. He rubbed me the wrong way at first but doing my good GOP duty, I wrote him a check anyways and he is a friend of a friend, but if any of his employees had taken information that is public but no member of the public knew about it, and sold it for profit- they would be fired and brought up on charges- so only fair on Ross.

    And ARE WE REALLY GOING TO SAY: oh that Goddard, taking all those illegals money away, OWWW BAD MAN!? Is that really going to be our argument? What he did with Western Union was ingenious. If anything we should steal the idea not attack it. Seizing the smuggler money is a great idea.

    AND IS OUR ARGUMENT really going to be, oh that Goddard- going after high gas prices, owww, what a horrid Attorney General? No one likes gas prices, forget about it.

    And finally, is our conclusion going to be DAMN THAT GODDARD, he decided to not take the legislature’s failure to pass a common sense crime fighting tool and instead went around them by going to the cities and towns? The Republican U.S Congress passed the same bill he asked the cities and towns to pass. Is our argument really going to be that we stand with the meth cooks and the pharmacutical companies over the people?

    I think there are so many things to hit Terry the Terrible on but these fell flat upon first read…

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