Robert Graham wins Arizona Republican Party Chairman post

Congratulations to newly elected Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, Robert Graham!

Graham won the biennial contest with nearly 70% of the vote against little known Doug Little who offered very little threat and caused plenty of confusion leading up to today’s election.

Robert Graham actually entered the race in September, 2012 racking up endorsement after endorsement. From Senators McCain and Kyl to the rest of the congressional delegation to a plethora of state legislators, party elected officials and a phalanx of grassroots organizations, Graham’s unifying momentum was unstoppable heading into the final contest.

As we prepare for the upcoming election cycle, Robert Graham will bring new and energetic leadership to the Arizona Republican Party with his strong background in fundraising, strategic planning and commitment to deploying the latest campaign technology.

I am proud to be one of Robert Graham’s earliest and biggest supporters. He has my full support and I pledge to help him in moving our party forward and victorious!


  1. We already started a pool for when Graham steps down to run for Governor.

    • Tell The Truth says

      @Pete. Common Pete, it’s time cut out the digs and grow up! You’ll be in less pain if you do. Join in or get out! There’s work to be done. First thing is to think for yourself and stay away from the Breyer Groupie. They’re still going at it. Sore losers.

  2. Oh Pete, if only you knew what was really going on…

  3. I think Robert will make the next two years a mix of grass roots and establishment politics. Robert has support from both sides of the isle, and people that is exactly what we need. Someone who can bridge the gap, raise the money to support the Republican’s in the race. We kept hearing he did nothing for certain candidates, if that was really true, why were those candidates supporting him? I did not listen to runor and inuendo, I spoke directly to the Candidates, found out he did support them in many ways. Roberts PAC had to spend half the money raised on education and raising awareness about the Arizona and California propositions is considered education, contrary to what is being said.

    I am hopeful the GOP can come together, stop the infighting and again become the Great Party it once was. Lets welcome the opposition back in the fold, lets seek them out and see if we can bridge the gap and find our areas of agreement.

    • Tell The Truth says

      Nice positive note Suzanne C.. The Breyer Groupie just can’t seem to handle defeat well. AFA is a totally worthless, unprofessional site. A “wannabe” site. They mean nothing. They supported a candidate when they state clearly that they” DO NOT SUPPORT CANDIDATES”!

    • Suzanne,
      I admire your positive view of the GOP world. But as I see it, when people brag within the party that they had the support of people like McCain, then yours is only a view of what could be. You see, some of us understand that people like McCain want to reach across the isle so they can keep the career rolling and pull in some votes from the more left leaning. But in reality, any 50 / 50 deals with the left is a concession on every level. Both sides give in and get something, and the tax payer looses. It’s not a deal if there is concession of any of the core conservative principals of the party.
      The GOP said they woulnd’t support any tax increase. But the buckled for an increase.
      The GOP said they wouldn’t support raisning the debt ceiling. But they caved again.
      Now even Brewer is holding meetings to expand medicaid / AHCCCS. Instead of finding ways to increase taxes and expand coverage, they should be finding way to get people off AHCCCS and self supported. We all know there is fraud and abuse but have we started any personal accountability programs, like drug screens? or smoking cessation? or any other program to weed out the ones milking the system? No… let’s just incrase taxes and cover more people.
      Then there is the voter fraud of the Democrats in the last elections… TONS of evidence but the GOP followed some old settlement and didn’t say a word. So did the GOP fight to protect our vote. Not hardly. And until you clean out the people that will accept spending that doesn’t accompany cuts and increases the deficit; until the GOP stops giving in to the liberal left, the party is doomed to more of the same inability to do anything that matters to the core conservative republican.
      Time to stop the “political games” and get something done.

  4. Tell the Truth

    I saw what happened yesterday, I know you are correct in your assesment of what Breyer did and said. But as somone with a birds eye view of this race and its election, we need to stop the crap some are deliberating trying to keep in the air and ruin another elected Republican they disagree with. I know exactly where the whisper campaign started, it was not from the Ludders team or the Graham campaign. But lets stop the gossip from both sides and work forward, but if I get another trash email from the AFA website I will go after Lynne Breyer myself.

  5. Through Sleet and Hale says

    Team Graham took the high road and stayed there through out the entire campaign. Getting behind the winner is the right thing to do. Those who choose not do proceed do not yet see the vision, energy, strenght and leadership skills of ROBERT GRAHAM. The big winner Saturday was the Arizona Republican Party. Let’s all get behind Chairman Graham and move the GOP to ACTION.

  6. S n H thank you, it was a positive campaign with ideas and solutions, no recriminations.

    All these good wishes for Robert is warming the hearts of many Republican’s. Lets hope we can bring back into the fold the opposition, to make a cohesive party state wide. One of my good friends in the oppositions came to me and said I know Robert is going to win this, but he expected me to keep Roberts feet to the fire. I told him I can’t do it without him and he agreed. I am so happy that we had worked on differnt sides but it never got personal, we spoke our minds and still walked away remaining good friends to each other.

    I had a few I thought were my friends, but I was to respect their opinion but they did not have to respect mine. Both of them talked about principles but it was only the principles they held and of course the opposition could never have any. In my lifetime I have disagreed with many people, too many to name, but at the end we kissed and made up and stayed friends. Principles mean many things to many people, even the Democrats talk about their Morals and principles. But we Republicans become so self-righteous and opiniated we refuse to see the others point of view. What I will not respect is a politician who campaigns one way and votes another.

  7. So, it’s no big deal that Graham and his group have been charged with money laundering in the 2012 election in California? This fact is never included in any of the Graham PR on this site. I dare you to post this. I am interested in your answer. I see more dirty tricks on the horizon.

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Our answer Pamela? Suck eggs…

      • How childish…

        Here’s what the State of California says about the scandal:

        “Under California law, the failure to disclose this initially was campaign money laundering. At $11 million, this is the largest contribution ever disclosed as campaign money laundering in California history.”

        I doubt it “goes away”

        • Tiny Elvis says

          Yes, a non-elected, appointed Board that serves under Democrat Jerry Brown. Nothing partisan at work here… To paraphrase what VV said, “CA can suck it.”

          That being said, you fail to recognize a key component of the very press release you quote: “..failure to disclose this INITIALLY was campaign money laundering.”


          ARL disclosed their donors (the State of CA still didn’t like the answer, but ARL complied). Point is they disclosed, therefore even under the FPCC’s very loose definition of “money laundering”, those accusations have been addressed and satisfied as far as my basic level of reading comprehension provides.

          Pamela / Pete – you’re either sore losers and purposefully obtuse or you have difficulty evaluating the political dynamics at work here. Either way, that makes you both unqualified to be taken seriously.

          BTW – why is it that the NEA and other unions also gave high-dollar, anonymous donations to the No on 32 side, yet the CA Supreme Court and the FPCC didn’t pursue them? Hmmmmm.

          Why is it that the Yes on 204 and yes on 121 sides made huge deals out of this in AZ, yet both sides received anonymous donations from the NEA and the We Build AZ, neither of which disclosed their donors?

          Couldn’t have anything to do with selective enforcement and self-righteous indignation, could it?

    • William B. Ide says

      They have been accused of “political money laundering” by DEMOCRATS in California. They haven’t been legally “charged” with anything.

      God forbid that we elect someone chair of the Arizona Republican party who is hated by the liberal Democrats and big labor unions in California…

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    On Saturday’s wonderful outcome a new chapter has begun! But lets not forget we welcomed back two very dear friends of mine to the posts they are so good at keeping … Timothy Lee as Treasurer and Linda White our Secretary. We truly have a solid team with Robert at the helm and Timothy and Linda his crew. This long time AZGOP’er couldn’t be more pleased with Saturday’s outcome!

    As for the two other candidates…

    I could not believe the speech Lynn Bryer gave Saturday. I may not know here, but from the notes she struck and the sour chords she played, I don’t think I wish to know her. Also, Mr Little clearly demonstrated in his remarks many of the reasons he was not elected Saturday. If I knew nothing else of these two persons, their nomination speeches Saturday would have precluded me from considering them with my vote.

  9. Pamela.

    Why you are joining the Democrats in their incessant degradation of Republican’s. Do you know the difference between a civil suit and criminal indictment? NO, I thought not. Please quit listening to those poor losers, The lower courts ruled in Robers favor, the Democrats did not like that, so they kept suing him till it got as far as the California Supreme Court, they ruled without a hearing. They wanted Roberts donor list, something in his PAC did not need to be released. Why do you think they wanted that, ti intimidate Republican’s. Instead of appealing Robert went to his donors and asked if there was a problem releasing their names, they all agreed. What don’;t you understand about that. Oh I get it, you too inflamed to be bothered with facts. They were not satisfied with that, they then asked for his donors donors. I am not sure what is being doen about that. It was not money laundering, please Warrior tell them the truth. Why stroke the fires of hate?

    Why are the Republican’s eating their own? Why are we constantly deserting each other on alegations most are clueless about. I might say someone is a liar, will you turn your back on them and say yes this person is a liar with out any information or facts? That is exactly what you all are doing. Even if someone is indicted it does not make them guilty of a crime, especially in a Liberal California Court hell bent in destroying Republican’s.

    Lynne Breyer gave the worse speech Saturday of any candidate, she accused all of us of being elites and not really conservatives. She came across as malicious. Little was so unprepared for the job the people who went to him and asked him to run should be ashamed, ashmaned of their nasty vile campaign of rumor, lies and inuendo, half truths and heresay.

    The enemy is the Democrats, not our own.

    I am more than happy about the outcome of the election, everyone I voted for won.

    • The enemy is a party that has forgotten that the party is the interface between the people represented and the elected. The party should listen to the people, relay and emulate that message into the elected and thereby influencing our government.
      The GOP isn’t listening to the people these days. They are too busy fighting the Democrats and conceeding many things that should never be conceeded. As far as I can see, the GOP is good at talking the talk but they won’t fight for or even speak for the very values of their core voter. The GOP hasn’t fought for any actual conservative ideas in decades.
      Why do we have a budget deficit? Not just becasue the Democrats like to spend… it’s because the GOP allows it. It’s being run from the top down… Old Dogs like McCain calling the shots, when it should be the people telling him what to do. Clearly, the party needs a Reformation to once again become relevant.

  10. So what does Chairman Graham think about the amnesty program being proposed by our two RINO Senators?

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