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Robert Graham Announces for Governor

Robert Graham Announces for Governor

 I’ll admit, I didn’t see this announcement coming but Phoenix Business Journal has the story.

As someone who has been involved in Republican Party politics for twenty years, I’ve never heard of him nor seen him at any party meetings. I’m going to throw this one open to whoever wants to comment on Mr. Graham.

We should expect more of these announcements as Governor Brewer continues for a sales tax hike in a struggling economy. But as I speculated earlier, I don’t believe Governor Brewer will officially run for Governor in 2010.

Robert Graham’s website is GrahamforGovernor.com.

(And does this guy look like Sean Astin or what?)


  1. I just checked out his home page. No mention of him as a Republican. No logo’s nothing until you get into the site.

  2. Yah gotta be kidding. says

    Well, he is a fool.


    Surplus would require far more revenue than we have now.

    Mentions NOTHING about paring back any of the voter initiative expenditures.

    He is another carpetbaggin Fyfe Symington.

    All talk and no real action.


    Slick websites don’t tackle real issues.

    What a quote: “Willful deviation from priorities, overspending and disregard for public financial interest will not be tolerated.”

    Gee, how do you respond to our current Republican leadership which still does not have a budget?


    Go back to peddling annuities to schoolteachers.

  3. Nope. Just checked out his website and it looks like all flash.

    Shiny wealth management guy but not one for the facts. States that charter schools ‘outperform’ traditional public schools on AIMS — just one statement that is really far off base (over half of Arizona charters are actually ranked as “performing” or below), etc.

    We really, really, really don’t need another politician in this state that is short on facts. I’ll pass.

  4. Yea…not impressed with his “pre-announcement” interview on JD tonight. Lots of talk about how successful he was/is and that should qualify him to be Governor? He was almost insulting with his elitist motivation to rescue all of us from ourselves. Really…what has he done before to make him such a policy expert?

  5. Is Robert Graham better known as Cincinnatus?

  6. Symington (FIfe) was in Arizona since the 60’s, I think. So not a carpetbagger by most definitions, especially for AZ.

    Uh, I think K-12 is more than 34% of the budget. And that does not include prop tax revenue and federal income.

  7. I have never met Mr. Graham but I do think that some of the comments have been overly harsh – especially since no one has really met the guy. I’d give him a chance to make his case publicly (at the press conference) before rushing to any judgement. I’ve worked with plenty of candidates who are a little rough of presentation in the beginning but improve over time on the campaign trail. Let’s see how he does on Wednesday.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Other than “community organizer” prior to his very brief stint in the state legislature and an incomplete first term in the US Senate … gee, seems this guy’s background has about as much political depth as Barry O’s.

    Have to agree with DSW, Brewer not running in 2010 imho … who then for governor?

    (Treasurer) Dean Martin?
    (Imagine) John Munger?
    (NappyLite) Goddard?
    (in your dreams) John Shadegg?
    (even more in your dreams) JD Hayworth?
    (rotflmao) Karen Johnson?
    (only kidding now) Bill Konopnicki?

    Some selection eh? Maybe we should draft Howard Johnson??? …or Jose Cuervo 😉 “he is a friend of ours, brothers”

  9. I’m sure there are plenty of surprises around the corner…

  10. DSW, that’s just it. If the guy really was an amateur and came across as one that would be genuine. But he’s running a half-billion dollar fund made up of money from almost 5,000 clients…and he comes across as goofy, young, and full of cliches when he decides to turn his attention toward politics.

    Anyway I looked on the SOS site and a Robert S. Graham made some PAC contributions but his occupation is listed as a Ford Engineer. There’s also a Robert Graham that’s a Realtor that also made a campaign contribution. So it appears the guy in the post never given money to a state candidate, at least not since 1998.

    His concern for the future of the state is apparently quite new.

  11. Tucson Vice says

    Why is “will to lead” in quotations?

  12. Shane,

    I hear what you are saying. I can understand someone who has watched from the sidelines, engaged in deliberate thought as an active participant thru their role as a voter and taxpayer, then developed ideas and policy concepts based on that experience. That scenario represents the organic development of a very good candidate.

    But….before you express that idea on something as public as afternoon drive-time radio, you better have a better message than to say than your ability to acquire businesses, find efficiencies in those business, make them profitable, then sell them off for a profit.

    We are not for sale, nor do we need a wealthier, smarter benefactor to save us from ourselves. That is what I heard him saying. If I am wrong, I will say so. So far…web site and radio, not impressed.

  13. State Senator Jack Harper says

    Managing other people’s wealth and investing your own wealth in a race are two different things.

    If Governor Brewer does not run, there needs to be a candidate with his/her own high name ID. When the MSM starts running puff pieces in the paper and on Channel 12 for Terry Goddard, our candidate must maintain higher name ID.

    Dean Martin is a name that seniors will remember even when the MSM ignores whoever our nominee is. If it is not Jan Brewer or Dean Martin, it needs to be someone dedicated to infusing a small fortune in the race.

  14. James Davidson says

    I don’t know a thing about Mr. Graham but I am going to defend him against the carpetbagger charge. Most people in Arizona came here from somewhere else, the only question is how long ago. Those of us whose families go back in Arizona four and five generations find it all amusing. So judge him on the merits . . . as soon as we find out what the merits are.

  15. Isn’t Mary Peters going to run? She seems like she would be a strong candidate in the general election.

  16. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy….

  17. #8 roflmao – you have a point.

    Bill Konopnicki though…hmmmmm….

  18. Veritas Vincit says

    todd, Mary Peters… hmmmm, interesting though I forgot about her. Always associate her with Jane D Hull and Jan Brewer (and Mary Peters). Toss her name out there too!!

    Sen. Jack, how the heck are you sir! Dean would be a terrific selection from the list imho. An election between Martin and Goddard would be a classic.

  19. Gayle Rightwoman says

    At this point, I was hoping for someone who’s fun– let’s all ask Ron Burgundy or–is Ladmo still dead? Yeah–damn– NO I GOT IT!!
    I want the voice over guy from the Cheech and Chong deeply moving art of the bong ad constantly running on KFYI.. He’s highly pretentious and sounds just like character actor John Houseman-also dead-
    Oh Well–
    Voice Over Guy for Gov!!

  20. Gayle Rightwoman says

    If you ppl don’t find somebody soon, I’m gonna run for GOV and then we’re really in trouble. I mean I can’t even spell–

  21. kralmajales says

    Whomever runs for Gov. on the GOP side should be prepared to be ripped apart by their own party.

    And Sen. Harper’s suggestion that Seniors will remember Dean Martin…uh…are you seriously saying that he might get more support because a bunch of (implied “dumb”) seniors will think is the guy from the rat pack?

    I have met him once. A friendly, nice guy, Dean Martin. He is also responsible and moderate on most issues, which a liberal like me can live with if he had to live under his Governorship. He has more in common, seriously, with Jan than the far right. Thankfully! But, the rat pack similarity should never be implied, he can exist on is own ability, I think.

  22. kralmajales says

    One problem with Martin though, is that he is the Treasurer and is presiding over the worst budget catastrophe in Arizona history. The words, “former treasurer” only help the voter make that connection between republican faild budget policies.

  23. DSW maybe you can explain to me why a 25 year career politician in her mid-60s whose career is winding down as a politician would just leave??

    She has nothing else to go back to! She is getting older and will likely leave public life soon. Why when you reach the pinnacle of Arizona state politics would you just bow out?? She has a chance to be governor for a decade and leave her mark on the state…

    Now I dont like the woman butI dont see why she just doesn’t run. She might as well run and lose in the primary… She would be in the same spot she is in if she steps aside…

  24. kralmajales says

    I think she is running. She wouldn’t have taken on her party for any other reason…other than doing the right thing.

  25. Raising taxes as a Republican – especially during one of the state’s deepest recesions – is a political death sentence for a Republican. She has nothing to gain from Democrats nor Independents and has certainly lost principled conservative Republicans. What Brewer is doing is akin to a Democrat pushing for a Human Life Amendment to the US Constitution. She’s done because running for office is about addition not subtraction. Sorry, but the numbers will not be there for her. Finally, I’ll say what all the other consultants are discussing behind closed doors and that is that she cannot communicate and present her message effectively. When it comes to a verbal matchup against Goddard, she will have a very difficult time. Most political insiders are cringing whenever they hear her speak. There I said it.

  26. DSW,

    But if everyone is mad at her.. why does she care if she runs and loses?? It is the same as her stepping aside. Her career is over anyway why not run??

    The logic that she can’t win hasn’t stopped a lot of people before. I think a lot of republicans HOPE she doesn’t run but I do not see why someone with nothing to lose would listen to some political insiders…

    DSW what you guys seem to not see is that if her career is over anyway… what does it matter if she runs?

  27. That’s my point. She won’t run for election in 2010. If she has any desire to keep the executive branch of state government in the hands of the Republican party, she won’t run for the post and wish the strongest candidate the best against Terry Goddard.

  28. Tucson Vice says

    On the subject of Brewer running for governor, I will, in this rare instance, agree with DSW.

    She HAS reached the top and she probably would never have gotten there on her own. Worse, she has displeased everybody there is to displease. The only reasonable thing for her to do is quit while she is ahead.

    I would be SHOCKED if she ran, especially knowing as she does just how unpopular she is. She would only be splitting your votes.

  29. Tucson Vice says

    Splitting your fundraising effort*

  30. Tucson and DSW,

    But if everyone hates her and she thinks she is really doing the right thing and her career is over if she quits, then why not run? What allegiance does she feels she owes a party that she thinks turned its back on her?

    You assume she cares about the better of party more than she cares about what she thinks is right or what is best for her…

    But what is best for her personally is to run again since her career is over if she loses a primary and its over if she retires anyway. And if she feels she is doing what right then if I were here I would try and prove that to the party and run…

    But either way both of those conclusions come to her running…

    I dont think she cares about the republican party and splitting votes. If you are right and they hate what does she care about them?

  31. kralmajales says

    She will run. I can’t believe that she would do all of this and veto the budgets like she did unless she was running. She plans to, and hopes to, look completely reasonable in comparison. She may indeed win business support, moderates, and even some democrats who will see her as someone who stepped up to stop the bleeding as you all attempted to rip off another limb. She is running…otherwise…I just don’t see any reason why she would be behaving this way.

    I mean, DSW, what do you think is motivating her then? She can’t be just a RINO who believes what she is doing can she?

    If so, she is truly giving you all the biggest you know whatting you have ever gotten.

  32. kralmajales,
    I agree. When it looked like Napolitano was leaving I remember pointing out that I thought Brewer becoming governor would tear the party apart because she would need to distance herself from the hardcore right in the party if she wanted any chance of getting elected in a general election. This is exactly what appears to be happening.

    I think any GOP candidate for governor is in for a real uphill battle unless the Dems really screw up (ok, that is likely). I think people saw Napolitano as counter to the far rightwing in the lege so they figured she would block any of the real craziness.

  33. Tucson Vice says


    I see your point. To me though, she seems like a person playing with nothing to lose. I can’t imagine someone governing this way if they had intended on getting elected to that office in the near future.

    I could be wrong.

  34. You’ll know Jan Brewer is running if she increases the Clean Elections funds… she can’t win her primary with the current limits and no matching funds. If she increases the limits, she’s doing it to protect her own job. Suuuuure, cutting school budgets and raising taxes, but she’ll find taxpayer money for her own publicly funded campaign if she needs to. That’s how you’ll know if she’s running next year.

  35. Concerned4AZ says

    I definitely think we need more of a business type as our governor. Someone who understands the system and “budget”. I don’t think Graham is the guy.

    I heard John Munger speak the other day at a Rotary club and his message is in-sync with my ideas.

    We need leadership, sound ideas and solutions. We don’t need to just rehash the problems we need to do something about it. I sure hope Munger considers a run for office as he would be my top pick to lead this state out of this mess.

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