RNC to the left of Giuliani and Romney

Amnesty Mel┬áThe Washington Times ran a front page story yesterday on how Republican National Committee chair Mel Martinez is criticizing Giuliani and Romney for being too tough on illegal immigration. That’s right, Martinez was not criticizing presidential candidates Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, or Duncan Hunter for their more conservative stances on illegal immigration. He was attacking two of the more liberal Republican candidates for being too conservative. Giuliani or Romney may very likely be the Republican Party’s only chance at keeping the presidency in 2008. The RNC leadership is hopelessly out of touch with Republicans if they are tearing down our two most viable candidates. What happened to attacking Democrats? The RNC has moved considerably to the left under the current leadership with Martinez as chair. If Hillary is elected, no doubt there will be some housecleaning done at the RNC. If they have become so liberal they can’t even get a liberal Republican to win, they’ve become irrelevant.


  1. Gee, this seems reminiscent as to happenings here in AZ lately. Is it a virus that everyone got in Minnesota?

  2. As Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman I can assure you no one in our delegation drank any of this virus while in Minnesota!

    Our delegation voted for stronger border enforcement. Our delegation opposed RNC support of “One Vote.”

    We have expressed the sense of where Arizona Republicans are on many key issues.

    Mr Martinez may be at the top of the party but the members of the RNC , over 150 strong , do not agree with him and we have spoken loud and clear to let the leaders of the party know where we stand.

  3. Actually its backwards of that here in Arizona. Here we’ve got the border security superstar of the RNC, Randy Pullen, who is leading the RNC in the right direction while Martinez pulls in the wrong (left) direction. Yet to read comments from others on this blog, they would have us believe that Pullen is a sellout, taking bribes from “monied interests”, and cutting his friends’ throats.

    What an ungrateful bunch… Keep up the good work Bruce and Randy. Most of us recognize that you’re working hard and doing what’s best for the Republican Party. That’s your job, even if a few others forget.

  4. The Beltway Republicans are hopelessly out of touch with the rest of America. This may sound simplistic, but shouldn’t the RNC be attacking Democrats?

    They are likely suffering from the Stockholm syndrome and have started to believe the stuff the New York Times, CNN and the rest of the liberal press says about them.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    I’m with Tim!

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