RNC agrees with Pullen.

Randy Pullen’s resolution passed by RNC.


  1. Randy Pullen jumped the shark tank of relevency a long time ago. If you are a follower of RP (aka Mr Irrelevent), don’t forget your life preserver…iceberg ahead! Randy, Sean & Brett will play tons of music for you all the way down to oblivion.

  2. Good job Randy! Nice to see he’s still fighting the good fight for us with those D.C. folks… Poor ThinkRight, still having a hard time letting go I see…

  3. Iris Lynch says

    OBVIOUSLY, the voters agree with Randy’s stance, having overwhelmingly voted for every anti-illegal immigrant law we could get on the ballot, with more to come. Every ‘victory’ by the illegal immigrant supporters requires lawlessness, as exampled by the Judge on the Hazelton case. ANONYMOUS ACCUSERS? Is that categorized as fascism OR?

    It is so refreshing to have a GOP leader who REPRESENTS THE CITIZENS instead of the invaders.

  4. Tim S. have a great weekend, I see you’re still drinking the kool aid.
    If the voter reg numbers & the lack of funds continue, that’s all they’ll be able to give ya…oh & poster boy Pearce.

  5. Boy, the SA can’t handle the truth & unlinked me…wow. I actually don’t care, but just wanted to to let any readers know how the operate.
    When they start losing, they take their ball and go home. [that’s a great “conservative” quality].

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