RNC Ad: President Obama’s Debt-End Bus Tour

The Republican National Committee recently released the following ad:

If things continue to worsen for President Obama, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Democrats pull a “Johnson” and pursue another candidate in 2012.

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  1. Conservative American says

    An excellent and very effective ad. Unfortunately, I won’t be donating a single dime to the RNC. Why not?

    The RNC has appointed R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of the “Log Cabin Republicans”, to it’s Finance Committee. Cooper has pledged to help re-elect “pro-equality” Republicans and to recruit new “pro-equality” Republican candidates to run for office. That translates as candidates who support homosexual “marriage”.

    Romney, Santorum, Bachmann and Perry have all signed the Marriage Pledge of the National Organization for Marriage which stipulates that signers will seek a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. It also sets up a mechanism for protecting individual religious freedoms in the face of the promotion homosexual “marriage”.

    When Governor Perry recently signed the Marriage Pledge, Mr. Cooper had this to say:

    “It is unfortunate Governor Perry decided to turn to a big government, anti-conservative position by signing the National Organization for Marriage’s pledge. This pledge is out of step with America and the general electorate the GOP needs to win the White House.”

    So according to Mr. Cooper of the RNC, supporting traditional marriage is now “anti-conservative”. Mr. Cooper claims that the Marriage Pledge is “out of step with America” even though each and every time that homosexual “marriage” has been put to a vote of the people it has been defeated.

    With all of the front-runners for the Republican nomination for president having signed the Marriage Pledge of the National Organization for Marriage, who is out of step, the leading Republican contenders or Mr. Cooper and the RNC?

  2. The media is already dropping “subtle” suggestions for Hillary Clinton who has been AWOL as Sec State, a job for which she has zero credentials and it shows. She has no, has never had, credentials for POTUS, either.

    No one else can get CEO jobs based on “wife of old CEO.” Well, rich, connected people do, and then they screw things up because they’re all ego and no substance.

    Symptomatic of the rot inside the Democratic Party. They are not promoting qualifications and experience, but inner circle power connections. If they were serious, they’d be grooming governors, not senators for POTUS …. provided they could find a succesful Democrat governor who didn’t run his or her state into a budgetary wreck.

  3. Conservative American says

    It is interesting to note that B. Hussein Obama used $2.2 million of taxpayer money to purchase two luxury buses for his tour. There would have been some value if his purchase had helped to create jobs for Americans but the buses were built in… Canada!

  4. Liberal American says

    The second bus has been purchased for the Republican presidential candidate.

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