Rio Nuevo update.

Here is a recent conversation that took place in Arizona between a persistent child and a parent.

Child: But I want it.

Parent: What exactly are you going to do with $600,000,000?

Child: I told you, it is for a science project. I am going to revitalize downtown Tucson.

Parent: I remember. But how are you going to revitalize it? On what will the money be spent?

Child: You are so unfair. You always give money to my big brother but never to me.

Parent: I did not say I would not give you the money. I just asked how it would be spent.

Child: I told you. The University needs it for a science center and Tucson is going to revitalize downtown. You have to support the University!

Parent: OK, if you cannot tell me how the money will be spent then tell me when you will start all of these wonderful projects.

Child: Sometime between when the University raises the cost of tuition and Tucson can get around to deciding the specifics of the plan.

Parent: Are you sure you need this money even if you don’t know how it will be spend.

Child: Of course. It is so important the future of Southern Arizona depends on it. And it’s for science!

The parent acquiesced and now we have … well I am not sure what we have because before securing the funding no one decided exactly what Rio Nuevo entailed. The whole project has now become a joke even among the left. Read the sarcasm laced comments of Nintzel in the Tucson Weekly and see the cartoon from Fitzsimmons of the Arizona Daily Star.

The Tucson Citizen has a well-written article about Rio Nuevo. It will be great if they ever build the Convento and Gardens. Several other things have been loaded onto Rio Nuevo but these two items would do the most to preserve the character of Tucson. The schedule calls for the Gardens and Mission to be finished in 2008 and 2009. We’ll see.

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