Right’s Fervor to Enforce Immigration Law Hijacked to Serve Leftist Agenda

The left has wanted Americans to register with the federal government and obtain a national id card ever since Franklin Roosevelt tried (and failed initially, until he stacked the court in 1937) to get the Supreme Court to rule that the Social Security system was constitutional.

Ever since then the left has been pushing the idea of registering Americans particularly in order that the federal government can dictate who can work.

In the 1990s it was the Clinton Goals 2000 program that resurrected the concept which conservatives vehemently opposed and prevailed, building upon Reagan’s vehement opposition to national ids in the 1980s.

However, today, national id has been resurrected both on the left and on the right.  On the right, it is being touted as the only way to tell who is here legally and who is not.  However, the actual animus behind the proposals being put forward by the right as the “solution” to the illegal immigrant problem comes directly from the left.

According to beatthechip.org

Legislators talked into surrendering privacy for security in the past by signing onto the Patriot Act and the Real ID Act (2005) seem content to move another form of national identity forward. The mandate would require all citizens to provide their biometrics [fingerprints, iris scans, DNA] on an ID card to work in America. This national ID initiative is the latest on the stack of many attempts to legislate the market for identity in America.

Interestingly in the 2000s, it was the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (read: amnesty) supporters such as John McCain, Jon Kyl and Senator Bennett (now defeated), who first put forward the concept of law-abiding Americans needing to get prior permission and prior clearance from the federal government before getting a job via Homeland Security’s e-Verify system.

Why would the left be touting something the right believes in so strongly as a solution to the illegal immigrant problem?

That’s the wrong question.  The right question is:  Why would the RIGHT be touting something the left believes in so strongly as being the solution to the illegal immigrant problem?

First of all e-Verify is the implementation of Hillary Clinton’s proposal from the early nineties: school-to-work, Goals 2000, federal government tracking of students through school and federal government targetting of who should be able to work and where they should work.

Secondly, e-Verify was first touted by the Council on Foreign Relations (the very same people who brought you the North American Union) as the system to use for amnesty, i.e. for employers to use to see who is employment eligible and who is not.  I.e. once amnesty passes, all of those who registered for amnesty would – POOF – overnight gain employment eligibility as verified via the e-Verify system.

At some point along the line since the early 2000s, either the right has been duped into adopting this federal top-down driven verification system as a solution, or they knowingly did so because, despite protestations to the contrary, they actually support the concept of a national id.

Further, beatthechip.org reports:

Over 2 years ago, the release of national ID card regulations in drivers licenses challenged advocates in new and unusual ways. Regulations had a tangible reach into State’s coffers as an unfunded mandate due to national law, the Real ID Act. The law became controversial through its association with the border fence, immigration, surveillance and tracking technologies, and its ability to deny citizens the ability to bank, to travel or enter federal buildings based on identity prerequisites….all 50 states are still being held to benchmark compliance deadlines. Many of these States will receive grant monies towards standardizing drivers licenses after appropriations were passed for Homeland Security operations.

So, I think as conservatives we really need to ask ourselves, why were our predecessors in our movement so vehemently opposed to national ids or Hillary Clinton’s school-to-work employment eligibility idea?

Do you know?  If you don’t, find out, or else you’ll find yourself in a position where you are betraying the hard work and dilligence of the hard-core conservative, limited government patriots who came before you.



  1. We need to do more to combat illegals. If we need id cards, so be it. A better idea would be to make those illegals wear some kind of symbol so we can sort them out.
    Then we can work on the muslims and the blacks.

  2. When republicans work with Dems everyone gets screwed

  3. Bob, I hope that you’re not in the Republican Party. Not even a big tent can accommodate bigotry. For the same reason, I hope you are not actively involved in the Conservative movement or Tea Parties.

    Plus, if you already know that someone is here illegally for purposes of wearing a symbol, why wouldn’t you just either imprison or deport the person (or do both in that order). Bob, you show that bigots are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

    If we have good border enforcement and SB1070, we don’t need national ID cards to control illegal aliens. We certainly don’t want to give up our rights as citizens and become subservient to the government in order to deal with the illegal alien problem.

  4. Bob Says:
    May 11th, 2010 at 5:13 pm
    We need to do more to combat illegals. If we need id cards, so be it. A better idea would be to make those illegals wear some kind of symbol so we can sort them out.
    Then we can work on the muslims and the blacks

    I’m surprised you didn’t think to sign it “Billy Bob.” But maybe that would have been too obviously fake. Stick with subtle.
    Oh … well, the “muslims and blacks” was a bit you, know “clumsy.”

    Have you ever questioned why this sort of thing comes oozing out of your brain, that it might not be good for your mental stability to just blanket assume people you don’t know are “racist?”

  5. Oberserve says

    Um Hunter, SB1070 does precisely ZERO to enforce anything at the border.

    Have you READ the bill? No you have not.

  6. As long as foreign nationals can find work here, they will come. If you are against e-verify, REAL ID, etc., what do you propose for dealing with this problem???

  7. Oberserve says

    ccburro, ummm, maybe enforcing the border, not increasing burden on Americans nor increasing regulations on businesses.

  8. Oberserve–I agree with you–they need to strengthen the border security big time. However, last time I researched this subject (a few year ago), it was estimated that 30% to 50% of the undocumented immigrants here are “VISA overstays”. Foreign nationals had come here legally for a “temporary” stay and just didn’t leave. It takes huge amount of resources to track down VISA overstayers.

    Thus problem cannot be taken by just strengthening border security. Similar to the “War on Drugs”–if the “demand” for undocumented workers goes down, the “supply” will respond. Not a panacea–but you have to admit that economic opportunity/survival (not political or religious freedom) is the top reason for the large undocumented population in the U.S. This situation needs to be addressed on several fronts.

  9. Oberserve says


    #1 I’m a Reagan Republican

    #2 Reagan was for a REDUCTION in regulations on business, not for increasing regulations on business

    #3 Reagan was AGAINST national ids, not for national ids as you are

    #4 Reagan was FOR border enforcement as I am.

    The preservation of our liberty and of the constitution takes precedence over whatever compromises of liberty and the constitution you are willing to make.

    The “demand” argument that you use is just a pseudo argument for internal federal policing of law abiding Americans, which is anathema to liberty and is contrary to Reagan Republicanism.

  10. Guys, I think Bob was being sarcastic 🙂

  11. Stephen Kohut says


    The AZ drivers license indcates that you are a citizen which is why is can be used as ID to vote. I have not an issue in the world to show that I have the legal right to vote and do not want unqualified people to vote. I do not want unqualified people to collect government benefits, receive an education at our expense, displace legal residents from jobs, trash pay scales by providing illegal labor for cash, …

    All that is doable without the national ID that many are rights against and can be accomplished using existing identification, such as any of the documents used for voter ID, and the current systems if we vigorously enforce existing law.

    S1070 happened because existing Federal law was not being aggressively and uniformly enforced. S1070 creates equivalent state law and requires enforcement by local authorities removing the sanctuary city mentality and filling the gap left by nonexistent Federal enforcement.

    This is not rocket science.

  12. Oberserve says


    That’s fine at the state level. Not at the federal level.

    SB1070, per Russell Pearce, uses national databases to verify your drivers license. What the heck does that make your driver’s license, huh?

    Besides, it seems you missed the entire point of the post and you may be one of the ones who finds himself in the position of betraying the hard work of the conservative patriots that came before you.

    An old crotchety JBSer told me back in 1986 that “we need to do SOMETHING” is the worst thing you could do if it’s the WRONG thing.

    Seems you might fall in that category.

  13. Oberserve,

    I wrote that Border Enforcement AND SB1070 would handle the illegal immigrant problem in Arizona without using RealID. I did read the bill. Unfortunately, you didn’t read my post very carefully. SB1070 will not solve the problem at the border, but it does deal with illegal aliens who get past the border. We also need effective border enforcement which is definitely preferable to imposing onerous Federal ID requirements on citizens. Also, validating a SSN with the Federal government is not the same as a national ID, but it is not very far away. The fundamental problem, though, is all of the government programs that require government IDs at the Federal level.

  14. Oberserve says


    The post wasn’t about REAL ID.

    But if you read the bill you can see right in the bill that “no state agency or political subdivision of the state shall be prohibited nor in any way restricted from exchanging and sending data related to a drivers license to any federal agency.”

    That means the MVD is sending DL information to the feds who promptly put it in the national id database.

    State law cannot dictate to the feds what the feds do. Once we hand over the data its theirs.

    As soon as the feds obtain the data and integrate it in their database it turns the Arizona DL into a national id.

    So, you’re wrong. SB1070 creates a national id out of the Arizona DL. Actually, the feds do it, but we hand over the data and enable them.

  15. Yeah, right. says

    I am sick of the black helicopter crowd sabotaging a real identification system in this country. Without a real id system, nothing is gonna change.


    Until you have a real id- which would not infringed upon your rights- what the right to remain silent? The right to have a job?

    What rights are infringed on by a real id- based on the state records, that would stop so much crime-including illegals getting benefits?

    Grow up. When you assume that most of Europe is not free because they have national id paper what kind of idiots are you?

    After all, there is no national ID system in Somalia- so they must be really free, right?

    We can already learn more about the average american through PUBLIC RECORDS that are available on the internet. After all, you pay taxes, don’t you? And they know far more about you than your neighbors, right?

    Ah, I am just sick with the stupidity that seems to come from the JBS loony toon crowd.

  16. ……………..
    D Says:
    May 12th, 2010 at 10:11 am
    Guys, I think Bob was being sarcastic

    Aren’t there TWO Bobs? The “HEY! I’m Bob,” and the other one?

  17. ccburro Says:
    May 11th, 2010 at 10:37 pm
    As long as foreign nationals can find work here, they will come. If you are against e-verify, REAL ID, etc., what do you propose for dealing with this problem???

    Uh, applying for visas, resident and work permits, like everyone is supposed to do? Abiding by the system in place that many many many many foreigners from many many many countries abide by?

    Most foreigners come in thru our ports, air and sea; not to board at the place of embarcation without a valid visa or other State Department issued approval. In contrast, our southern border is wide open, so people are walking in without being processed by any immigration control, so much of the dodging the system is there. Too easy.

    Fence, official entry points. The border is the correct place to determine whether someone is legal or not, NOT in Flagstaff or Denver or Virgina.

  18. Yeah, right. says

    epic fail time- millions have played the overstayed visa game.

    We need a national ID, period.

    Everything else is just pap.

  19. Oberserve says

    Black helicopter crowd?

    Ronald Reagan opposed national ids.

    Conservatives throughout the 90s opposed the Clintons on national ids.

    Yeah right, you are just proving the point of the author of the post – you are a betrayer of the conservative patriots who came before you and all their hard work.

    Therefore, I cannot trust and must oppose you and your political opinion.

  20. Requiring people to have a biometric ID is a horrible idea. I have yet to see a good reason for it, including the hysterical rantings of the anti-undocumented immigrant crowd. Unfortunately the right is providing the justification. Perhaps the best opponents of National ID who present well-reasoned arguments is the ACLU. I would suggest going to their site and doing a simple search.

  21. Rosco P Coltrane says

    A national ID will do nothing to help the illegal immigration problem. All IDs can be forged.

    National IDs are wrong. It starts slow with a single voluntary reason for having them. Then they make it mandatory. Soon you’ve gotta have the ID to do anything.

    We’ve seen it with social security numbers. SSNs used to only identify you as a participant in the social security program. Now it’s your tax ID number, you need it to open bank accounts.

    We’ve seen it with drivers licenses. Drivers licenses used to only be proof that you were qualified to drive a car. Now look how ubiquitously they are used.

    We do not need yet another ID, especially at a national level. Some of you think it will help solve the illegal immigration problem, but it won’t. Then we’ll all be stuck carrying another ID around and before you know it we’re showing our Papers Please to the fascist government just to get on a bus. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

  22. Yeah, right. says

    And oberswerve- you are an illegal Canadian!

    Must oppose me?


    Right now you worry about your rights when Shurf Joke had people arrested for applauding at a public meeting?

    Spare me. You would love fascism, as long as it was “your” fascism.


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