Right’s Fervor to Enforce Immigration Law Hijacked to Serve Leftist Agenda – Part II

Several weeks ago, I posted about how the right, in its vigor to try to stem the problems of illegal immigration, is actually advancing the leftists agenda of national id and north american integration.

This installment is to provide more evidence of the same.

In a March 8, 2010 Wall Street Journal article, “ID Card for Workers is at Center of Immigration Plan”, you can see that it is the explicit intent of the leftists (such as Schumer), globalists and RINOs (such as Lindsay Graham) to force anyone applying for a job to present a national id to obtain one.

What do you think e-Verify is?  It’s a web front end sitting on top of the US Department of Homeland Security’s national id database which integrates data from the US Department of Labor, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the State Department, pretty much every department, but most importantly and worst of all, from the states.

Why do the feds need the state data on the states’ own citizens so badly?  Because otherwise, the feds to not have all of the data they need to track each legal citizen uniquely.  Why? Because in the past it’s been ILLEGAL to do so.  Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no authority in the constitution for the federal government to track law abiding citzens, nor to expend sacred tax dollars on doing so.

How does the federal government get data from the states?  There are several ways, but here’s a summary of a few relevant ones….

1) 42USC666 (a)(13), implemented under the federal Deadbeat Dad’s law.  This federal statute required states to collect SSNs from all drivers’ license applicants and remit them to the federal government.  However, this information alone was still not enough to create a water  tight data tracking system for citizens (nor to obtain enough information on individuals to tie to legal gun purchases from dealers, but that’s another story.)

2) REAL ID. The REAL ID program was a federal mandate on the states to collect and remit certain information on their citzens in order for the federal government to complete building out their national id database.  The cost of compliance on states was very high.  Additionally, conservatives opposed this strongly on religious and political grounds and many states, such as Arizona, “opted out”.

3) A state voluntarily hands over the data.

This one is a tricky one.  For example, the state of Arizona, has always traditionally resisted handing over data from its law abiding citizens.  However, recently under SB1070, the anti-immigration law, SB1070 removes ALL RESTRICTIONS from sending and exchanging license data for ANY LICENSE for ANY PERSON (legal or illegal), with ANY AGENCY of the federal government.

SB1070 does not restrict the sending and exchange of law abiding Arizona citizens’ data with the feds to a police stop.  It removes ALL RESTRICTIONS and ALL PROHIBITIONS from the exchange of law abiding Arizona citizens’ license data with the federal government, beginning July 1.

That means any agency that has license data on Arizonans can send all or none, it can send the entire database of license data anytime it wants, beginning July 1, 2010.

You can rest assured that the federal government, especially Janet Napolitano and the US Department of Homeland Security, will amply incentivize the MVD and DPS to do so, so she can get her hands on the data she needs to track your gun purchases, among other things.

So, whereas Arizona opted out of the federal mandate program called “REAL ID” wherein the federal government attempted to pull data from Arizona to complete its national id database data on Arizona citizens, under SB1070, Arizona turns around and hands Janet Napolitano and G_d only knows who else, including the IRS, all data it has on you as a law abiding Arizona citizen.

Hmm… betcha didn’t know that was in the immigration law, did ya?

Read the bill – indeed.

So, how does that turn Arizona licenses into national ids?  Despite the cartoon picture at the top of this post, a national id is not a card, barcode, RFID chip, nor a magnetic strip.

It is the DATA the government has on you, such as your unique identifers, name, domicile, any biometric identifiers such as the digitized MVD photo on your license, which is also in your MVD data file.

So, if Arizona hands the data over to the feds and the feds promptly stick the data in their national id database and all of that data links directly to your drivers license, guess what?!?!?!?

VOILA…. your Arizona drivers license turns into something Clinton always pined for and dreamed of foisting on the country, A NATIONAL ID CARD!

The same card can and will be used to deny birth certificates for your children, unless you agree to a national id card check.

The same card can and will be used to deny you the ability to work, per the WSJ article above, to deny you work.  In other words, no citizen may work before the US Department of Homeland Security clears them to work (or doesn’t if you happen to be a political opponent.)

If you do not have your unique identifiers and national id on your mind or in your hand at all times,  you will be denied the ability to buy, sell, or engage legally in any commercial transaction, such as banking, buying/selling a home, opening a business (SB1070 does not exempt the exchange of business license data with the feds either.)

Conservatives have ALWAYS opposed national ids, since day 1 when FDR wanted them, in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan was vehemently opposed, in the 1990s the conservatives stopped every Clinton and democrat attempt at creating them.

Now, conservatives are supporting them.    Worse, it’s conservatives advancing the leftist globalist agenda, which has always been to number and catalog citizens as a form of control and……..




  1. REAL ID—Go to ACLU’s website–they’ve also opposed it. http://www.realnightmare.org. 21 states have passed legislation opposing it and 19 other states have pending resolutions/legislation opposing it. Defenders of Wildlife and the Sierra Club have legal challenges against it. This is not a “left-right” black and white issue.

    The problem is that, from what I’ve read, 30%+ of the undocumented immigrants here originally came here LEGALLY. Their coming was not a “border security” issue since they crossed the border legally. The problem is that they overstayed their VISA. How are you going to deal with that reality most efficiently without some kind of E-verify system for employment? JOBS/WORK is the main reason we have a large undocumented population. E-verify is not a silver bullet since people can illegally use someone else’s social security number, but what is the cost-effective alternative for the millions who overstay their VISAs?

  2. Oberserve says

    REAL ID is dead. National ID is the problem whether its created under the REAL ID program or via any other method.

  3. No doubt there’s a real danger here!

    The solutions that many on the Right propose, will be primarily used against them if enacted!

    Illegal immigration and the government’s refusal (under either party) to apply the rule of law to the process indicates that
    our concept of a nation state is on borrowed time.

    These people have a set agenda and the demographics which they intend for a new geopolitical entity are not those which presnetly exist in what is now the United States.

  4. Please sit down before you read the following sentence:

    I agree with Carlist above.

    (except for the last paragraph which is incomprehensible, so I can’t tell if I agree with it or not)

  5. I thought elected officials are sworn to uphold the Laws and Constitution of the USA. So, how come they are not being prosecuted for failure to enforce our immigration laws?

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