Rick Romley resigns as Terry Goddard’s lobbyist and “Special Adviser”, eyes return as County Attorney

The Arizona Guardian has a piece on Rick Romley’s recent resignation as Terry Goddard’s lobbyist and “Special Adviser”. The Secretary of State still lists him as an active lobbyist for Goddard, but Romley says he quit the day he applied to replace Andrew Thomas as County Attorney, just last Thursday. The Board of Supervisors will name a replacement soon.

This may not be the type of credential that endears Romley to his fellow Republicans, and this news did not sit well with Arizona Republican chair Randy Pullen, who blasted Romley. Whether or not he gets the nod to head up the County Attorney’s office, clearly Romley is a leading candidate to head up Republicans for Goddard this fall. Romley even said Goddard is a man of “unquestioned integrity.”

A Goddard endorsement would be consistent with Romley’s recent history. He’s made news more for his endorsements of Democrats than Republicans in the last few years. He endorsed ultraliberal Chris Cummiskey for Secretary of State over Jan Brewer when she ran for and won that office, and more recently endorsed Dan Saban and Janet Napolitano’s lawyer Tim Nelson over Sheriff Arpaio and Andrew Thomas.



  1. This is outrageous!!! I hope our allegedly REPUBLICAN board of supervisors sends Romley back to where he belongs-in Goddard’s office. Maybe he can get his old job back with Terry

  2. A sworn enemy of Joe Arpaio, Romley would be counted upon to defend Stapley and Wilcox while ensuring the transition of Maricopa County to a sanctuary status

    He knows his masters!

  3. It’s too bad someone woke Romley up. It has been nice with him not trying to be in the spotlight. Now here we go again. Hopefully they won’t pick him.

  4. It’s good that Romley is willing to reach out and endorse liberal Democrats for key state and county offices, and that he is willing to work with liberal AG and Democrat gubernatorial nominee Terry Goddard.

    I think we need more of this kind of bipartisanship in the party

  5. The Guardian article says that in addition to being Goddard’s lobbyist he was some kind of “legal adviser” to Goddard. Romley needs to disclose RIGHT NOW whether any of the cases he was a “legal adviser” on were any of Goddard’s witch hunt investigations of Sheriff Arpaio. http://azcapitoltimes.com/blog/2010/04/06/goddard-feds-looking-into-sca-allegations/

  6. Funny, I thought Romley had actually become a Democrat. Are we sure he hasn’t already switched his voter registration? He was never very conservative when he was County Attorney, now he’s probably no different than one of the Democrats running for County Attorney. I think once you come out and start endorsing Democrats over Republicans in races over Republicans, you have no business running for office as a Republican anymore. I realize the Supervisors are liberal Republicans themselves, but the backlash against them if they appoint that turncoat will be huge.

  7. Romley is a two-fisted, tripple dipping renegade who has raided the pocket$ of the taxpayer$ across Arizona; especially in Maricopa and Pinal County for the past several years. He has caused wide skeptical concern as a result of his so-called multiple hundred thou$and dollar investigation$ and the puny results therein. He is a glutton for a buck. Now that his main squeeze is presumably leaving office he needs a new gig from the taxpayer$. Isn’t enough of these old sacks enough?

  8. Terry Goddard has not resigned his position to run for governor…anyone know how he is able to remain on the job?

  9. Romley has said for months he has a lock on the job. Appointing him should clear up any doubts regarding the supervisors corruption. He will be their lapdog and all their problems will disappear.

    If there was ANY integrity left on the BOS they would appoint someone closer to the one the voters put in the office. Not some with the opposite philosophy. We just pass the strictest laws in the country on illegal immigration and the BOS wants an open boarders guy.

  10. Putting Romley in confirms their guilt! The stupidvisors are sociopaths. They will do this without a second thought. It what’s best for them not the County. They don’t give a rats ass about the voters.

  11. This is an unconfirmed rumor, but apparently Susan Bitter Smith is the consultant that is out collecting signatures for Romley. Talk about betrayal, you would think that Joe would send her packing.

  12. It true Conservative 2 the Core. It was at one of her fund raisers where he was bragging about it and what he will do when he gets it.

  13. Outrageous!

  14. Cola drinker says

    Goddard is in the final year of his term so does not have to resign.

    For Romley to call Goddard someone of “unquestioned integrity” says a lot about the blinders he’s wearing. I don’t know anything about Goddard’s integrity, but the integrity of elected officials should be questioned daily.

    I am very skeptical of former politicians that try to get back into the game. They’re addicts. Romley was county attorney for 16 years. He should grow up.

  15. “This is an unconfirmed rumor, but apparently Susan Bitter Smith is the consultant that is out collecting signatures for Romley. Talk about betrayal, you would think that Joe would send her packing.”

    Joe would send her packing? LOL! More like Bitter Smith decided to send Joe packing when she became a trustee of Don Stapley’s legal defense fund!


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