Rick Romley discovers we have an illegal alien problem

Temporary Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley has finally discovered that we have an illegal immigration problem.  According to his press release yesterday, which is not yet on the web, “Romley is developing a new and comprehensive strategy regarding illegal immigration enforcement.”

This comes after 16 years of inaction on illegal immigration during his previous tenure as county attorney as our illegal alien population swelled.  It comes after Romley criticized those who acted to fight illegal immigration as mondern day Joe McCarthys.  And it comes after he urged Governor Brewer to veto Senate Bill 1070.

Romley also says he is “very concerned that major criminal organizations are gaining a foothold in Arizona.”

That’s great, Rick, but where have you been for the last twenty years?  And will you now admit that a large part of the reason we have this problem is because of people like you?

Romley was a do-nothing politician on this issue while in office.  After that he was even worse, attacking people who actually did do something to address the problem.

Romley is obviously feeling the heat on this issue.  But he won’t fool the voters.  They will see that Romley’s belated action on illegal immigration is a phony conversion.


  1. Romley isn’t fooling anyone. This is all about political aspirations. In his heart he is with the open border advocates marching with Sharpton and co.

  2. listening... says

    “That’s great, Rick, but where have you been for the last twenty years?”

    Hiding behind McCain.

    PC’s, toss his petitions in the trash.

  3. The Mole says

    Don’t forget to use the “Recycling” trash can for the recycled county attorney’s petitions.

  4. Haven’t ever seen a law as effective as 1070, and it isn’t even in effect as yet – not for MONTHS!

    The conventional wisdom just got blown out of the water. Huge demonstations, wailing and shrieking against it, as predicted … in other states, so who cares? There’s a three month grace period, so those who don’t want hassles will be gone, exercising their ability to move on … to other states, back to their home countries, no big deal, a calculated, measured migration out, after school’s out, no confrontations, just gone for greener pastures before the law takes effect. Jan Brewer’s approval shot up, she’s on solid offensive in defending it and LO! guess who’s all noticed!

    Not only Romley, but all sorts of newly minted converts. McCain, one would think by his radical rhetoric, is about at the stage of marching down to the border to lay the first brick. Too bad for them a woman executive was the one with the balls to actually get actions implemented.

  5. Carlist says

    Don’t worry CofC gang!

    This is just the election cycle!

    If Rick survives he can be relied upon to once again plug his ears and cover his eyes!

    Magruder & Co. will see to that!

  6. Lighthouseblog.com did a comparison of Thomas’ & Romley’s mottos. It’s worth a read.

  7. EastValleyPC says

    If you want to stop Romley – get behind Montgomery. $10, $20 whatever you can spare to defeat open borders and stand for Arizona:


  8. Diogidog says

    Romley is a dirty rat! Open borders advocates pee’d in their pants with glee when the Maricopa County (Mafia) Supervisors appointed this souless creature back to his old stead. He is a pro at self promotion. And, on YOUR dime! Watch all the grandstanding and breastfluffling this peacock engages in over the next several months. Lord spare us all.

  9. ………….
    McCain, one would think by his radical rhetoric, is about at the stage of marching down to the border to lay the first brick.

    Right on cue, stern grizzled Navy veteran-manly guy McCain’s marching the thin … rusty, rickety “dang-it” border fence … line. Dag nab it.

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