Rich Trial Lawyer’s wife targets Al Melvin.

David Diamond.jpg     District 26 resident are receiving hit a hit piece on Al Melvin sent by a group caller Moderates for an Accountable Democracy. The address listed on the mailer, 4850 N. Camino Escuela, belongs to David J. Diamond and Diane L. Diamond. According to documents filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office Diane Diamond is the treasurer of the independent expenditure committee. She shares the house with David J. Diamond a lawyer with the personally injury firm of Goldberg and Osborne. Al Melvin beat trial lawyer favorite Toni Hellon in the primary so it is not a surprise that the wife of someone involved with the American Trial Lawyers’ Association would go after him.

     Sonoran Alliance is just starting its investingation into this group and we will have more information on this story as it becomes available.

Wednesday 10-25-06, 4:50 pm

Update. The group targeting Melvin calls itself Moderates for an Accountable Democracy. Mr. Diamond does not appear to be much of a moderate. He gave money to Jim Pederson’s campaign on 1-5-06, to Gabby Giffords’ campaign on 6-12-06, and gave $1,000 to the Arizona Stare Democratic Central Executive Committee on 9-28-2004. Sound more like a Democrat activist.

This report has been modified due to updated information.


  1. You talk about the source of the “hit piece”. What did the group “hit” him on?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    One of the patently false claims is the he would cut student aid and funding for the U of A. Al would not do that and if the U of A is tight for money maybe they should stop wasting millions on bridge study projects over I-10.

    It also claim Melvin would do nothing to “reduce out-of-control” healthcare cost. That one is really amazing since the trial lawyers paying for the hit piece are the ones driving up the cost of health care, not Al Melvin. They trot out the tired claim that Al would vote “lockstep” with the Phoenix Republican leadership. That’s pretty absurd since Al will be supporting Tim Bee for President of the Senate. Last I checked Tim be was very much from Southern Arizona.

  3. Randall Holdridge says

    I’m sure you must have seen that Tucson’s Repiblican newspaper today endorsed Charlene Pesquiera over Al Melvin?

    They think that Melvin’s proposal for Arizona taxpayers to fund new state police force to patrol the border and to build at Arizona’ expense a double fence along the border and to help pay private school tuitions for the rick people who can afford the balance — well, they seem to think these might budget busters, leading to tax increases.

    Go figure! Those darned Republicans.

  4. Oro Valley Dad–

    Thank you for the explanation.

    There are probably many elements driving up healthcare costs. Part of it may be malpractice premiums. But I would bet that the largest increases over time have to do with increased use of technology, new expensive pharmaceuticals, poor lifestyle choices of the populace, etc.

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    cc burro

    You offer some other good exploitations for the rising cost of health care. None of which have anything to do with Al Melvin.

    Are the trial lawyers blaming Melvin for MRI machines, Lipitor, and obesity?

  6. Oro Valley Dad–

    My concern is that when asked about what Mr. Melvin would do re healthcare, high costs of healthcare, the large number of uninsured in Arizona–he mainly just stresses medical tort reform–implying that it is the top reason for our healthcare accessibility problems in Arizona. I agree that something needs to be done regarding lawsuits against doctors [reduction of jury awards for medical lawsuits would require amendment of the state constitution]. But there are also other reasons for high healthcare costs–namely, increased use of technology, the high costs of pharmaceuticals, etc. Mr. Melvin has mentioned health savings accounts–HSAs may be okay for the middle class that can afford to save money in HSAs but not the lower middle class or those with chronic disabling health conditions.

    One thing which the legislature COULD do to expand accessibility to healthcare insurance is to get rid of the 6-month required “bare” period for small businesses to join the state-administered very affordable Healthcare Group of Arizona [HGA].

  7. Oro Valley Dad says

    You raise some excellent points and your thoughts contribute much more to political discourse than the thinly veiled hit-piece from the trial lawyer / abortion on demand crowd.

    I have no problem with public policy discussion that is meant to move the ball forward. Perhaps you should mention your concerns directly to Mr. Melvin.


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