Revolution In The Air!

I don’t know about you but I’m beginning to sense a revolution brewing.

Within the last week, the State of Kansas informed its citizens that they would not be receiving tax refunds – never mind the fact that Kansans can’t demand interests or late fees on the money the State owes them.

Then there’s California. It’s a disaster already occurring and Californians won’t get their refunds on time and tens of thousands are being informed they won’t have a job.

To add insult to injury, the President and Democrats in Congress are enslaving our children and grandchildren to debt that will never be able to pay back without massive resentment. Remember the “Spread the wealth around” comment Obama made in Ohio? Homeowners looking for a way out of paying their mortgage just got a golden ticket so what’s the point in making payments if you know Uncle Sam is going to bail you out?

And let’s not forget about all the “transparency” with this new administration and the liberals running Congress. The “Stimulus” bill dropped a bomb on the American people on how Washington, DC intends to push through more costly, more controlling and more conniving government on a center right nation which got hoodwinked by some slick-talking Chicago-made politico repackaged as a JFK wannabe. Ask not what you can do for your country – ask what your country can do for you.

As the unemployment lines grow and States literally go bankrupt, stand by as revolution begins to unfold. Half of the country is becoming mad as hell. It’s only a matter of time before they’re not going to take it any more.


  1. Basil St. John says

    You might not have noticed, but the voters in this country have been mad as hell for a while now. That’s why they kicked Republicans out of power. The economy didn’t get wrecked overnight.

  2. When Democrats took over in January 2007, the stock market was above 13,000, then economy was growing over 3% and unemployment was less than 5%. I’m really scared for the next two years of Democrat rule.

  3. The reporter may have mentally left his post but let’s face it, he is right. This is insane; people need to get Mad as Hell and not take it anymore.

  4. Coup d’état in Washington D.C.
    Yes, a coup d’état! My congressional representation in Washington has been removed? I want my representation in Washington and as a citizen I am entitled to it! Why am I being disenfranchised? Doesn’t the Constitution still exist?

    Friday, February 13th, the House and the Senate were forced to vote on a 1,000+ page stimulus spending bill without the time to read and digest it. Why? We were told by President Obama that this bill had to pass immediately, because the country could not wait another day.

    So the House, driven by powerful Speaker Pelosi, voted helter-skelter to pass the stimulus bill. At least she knew what was in the bill – she put most of the pork in it. The Republicans in the House, not offered the time to understand the bill, exercised their constitutional right to vote no, while the Democrats in the House overwhelmingly deferred to Speaker Pelosi and voted blindly for a $780+ Billion plan – the largest spending plan in the history of the world – based on the say so of one person – Pelosi. The Senate also was not permitted by Senate Majority Leader Reid any time, personally or with staff assistance, to read and digest the bill. In the Senate, three well meaning Republicans – not smart, but well meaning or perhaps for other reasons – voted yes and eleven Democrats voted no.

    The breakneck speed and extreme lack of transparency, of which we were promised by Mr. Obama, made it impossible for the Senators and Congresswoman representing me and you to make an informed and representational decision. The speed, again, we were told was necessary because the President needed the bill immediately.

    If this was so immediate and urgent, then why did Mr. Obama signing the bill on Tuesday, the 17th of February, in Denver?

    If our Congress had until Monday evening to deliver the bill, then why was the vote taken late Friday?

    My constitutional representation in Congress was not afforded the opportunity to read and review this gargantuan bill from Friday through Monday – WHY? Why was I denied the proper representation that I am afforded under the constitution, in this democratic republic? Every American, whether they be a democrat, republican, independent, or of other party affiliation, was seriously disenfranchised by the leadership of this country. In this Republic we send our representatives to Congress and these representatives do our bidding for us and are supposed to make informed decisions on our behalf. Why then was this circumvented? Yes the Houses of Congress are permitted to make their own rules, but the Constitution also calls for representation of the people. How can I be represented if the rules are designed to give controlling power to the oligarchy ( now running this country? Where are the checks and balances?

    I am confident that this subterfuge and lack of transparency was intentional and a conspiracy. There was no desire on the part of our ruling oligarchy composed of the civilian junta, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, to allow the bill to be read or dissected – this was the conspiracy! This is hypocrisy at its most brazen and it represents ignorance or loathing of the ideals of this nation’s founders. Americans be forewarned – the Democratic Party leadership just stole your democratic republic. While we have been sleeping, this oligarchy found a way to seize absolute control of this nation and snuff out our Constitution. What’s next?

  5. Yesterday I heard a Democratic Congresswomen talking about the Obama Mortgage Relief Plan. She ascerted that millions of Americans are in these bad sub-prime mortgages. Someone needs to clue her in. Mortgages are not sub-prime. People who have a history of not paying their bils are considered sub-prime: they are sub prime borrowers. I should know, as I spent a 35 year career at the senior level in consumer finance. We had another name for the sub-prime of the sub-prime.We called them sub-terranean.

    The mind set of our representatives is bone chilling – for they know not what they do.

  6. Those of you able to understand the words in The New York Times should read conservative David Brooks’ column, “Money for Idiots.” Excerpt:

    The stimulus package handed tens of billions of dollars to states that spent profligately during the prosperity years. The Obama housing plan will force people who bought sensible homes to subsidize the mortgages of people who bought houses they could not afford. It will almost certainly force people who were honest on their loan forms to subsidize people who were dishonest on theirs.

    These injustices are stoking anger across the country, lustily expressed by Rick Santelli on CNBC Thursday morning. “The government is promoting bad behavior!” Santelli cried as Chicago traders cheered him on. “The president … should put up a Web site … to have people vote … to see if they want to subsidize losers’ mortgages!”

    Well, in some cases we probably do. That’s because government isn’t fundamentally in the Last Judgment business, making sure everybody serves penance for their sins. In times like these, government is fundamentally in the business of stabilizing the economic system as a whole.

    Let me put it this way: Psychologists have a saying that when a couple comes in for marriage therapy, there are three patients in the room — the husband, the wife and the marriage itself. The marriage is the living history of all the things that have happened between husband and wife. Once the patterns are set, the marriage itself begins to shape their individual behavior. Though it exists in the space between them, it has an influence all its own.

    In the same way, an economy has an economic culture. Out of billions of individual decisions, a common economic landscape emerges, which frames and influences the decisions everybody makes.

    Right now, the economic landscape looks like that movie of the swaying Tacoma Narrows Bridge you might have seen in a high school science class. It started swinging in small ways and then the oscillations built on one another until the whole thing was freakishly alive and the pavement looked like liquid.

    A few years ago, the global economic culture began swaying. The government enabled people to buy homes they couldn’t afford. The Fed provided easy money. The Chinese sloshed in oceans of capital. The giddy upward sway produced a crushing ride down.

    These oscillations are the real moral hazard. Individual responsibility doesn’t mean much in an economy like this one. We all know people who have been laid off through no fault of their own. The responsible have been punished along with the profligate.

    It makes sense for the government to intervene to try to reduce the oscillation. It makes sense for government to try to restore some communal order. And the sad reality is that in these circumstances government has to spend money on precisely those sectors that have been swinging most wildly — housing, finance, etc. It has to help stabilize people who have been idiots.

  7. Just like we liberal commenters stabilize Sonoran Alliance!

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