‘Reverse The Vote’ Will Help GOP in CD-8

Reverse The Vote!

Recently, we mentioned the website “Harry Mitchell Watch” and how that site is keeping a watchful eye on Congressman Harry Mitchell.

Now, thanks to the brilliance of radio talk-show host, Hugh Hewitt, a new political action committee called Reverse the Vote Victory Committee has launched utilizing new media to help conservative candidates across the country. The new website is called “Reverse the Vote.”

This site will specifically raise money to help the winners of Republican Primaries in 24 districts where a Democrat is vulnerable. Guess what congressional district in Arizona is being targeted? That’s right CD-8!

Here’s how this will work. The site will raise money nationwide under the theme of reversing the vote. Once the Primary Election takes place in 2010, whoever emerges victorious from the Primary on the Republican ticket will be the recipient of a divided pot of money.

What is your role? First, get out and help your favorite CD-8 candidate. There are already three Republicans running in CD-8. Next, give generously to this effort so that our CD-8 winner can get a larger share of the money raised.

Why is this important? Because in 2008, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pumped over a $375,000 dollars into the 2008 General Election to buoy Gabrielle Giffords up by tearing down Tim Bee.

It was a real travesty that the DCCC spent that amount of money to attack a good Republican candidate in order to shore up a substandard Democratic candidate.

Don’t expect the DCCC to bail out Gabrielle again in 2010. Other “more important” Democrats need the DCCC money and Gabby ain’t one of them. Besides, the DCCC is having difficulty raising money this time around (You wonder why).

Head on over to ReversetheVote.org and make your donation today.

And don’t forget about the other great conservative Republican candidates running for Congress here in Arizona!


  1. I am glad to hear that there will be a concerted ($$$) effort to to disenfranchise dear old Gabby. Then she can stop pretending she lives in AZ instead of Texas with her husband, and other lies.

  2. Well, I guess us private donors are just going to have to step it up for Gabby!

  3. BUD CLEMONS says

    Please send me your address and I will send you a check, I do not put my credit card info out on the net.

  4. Actually, there are 4 candidates presently running: Jesse Kelly, Brian Miller, Andy Goss, and Tom Carlson

  5. The R’s can’t get behind one candidate. They will spend their wad of cash and then be penniless to fight Gabby. Oh, and if the winner of the primary isn’t conservative enough, we will run a candidate against him — check November 09 NY23 for lessons not learned.

  6. NY 23 “Republican” endorsed the Democrat; was married to a union thug, and was to the left of most Democrats.

    Furthermore, she did not win a primary; she was chosen by some idiot apparatchiks.

  7. Donutwarrior says

    If you read the article above (or heard Hugh discuss it) Hugh’s idea is to give the money to the winner of the primary, thus avoiding picking a “winner” before people vote. Once the candidate is decided the money is used in the general election to help oust the democrat. Sounds wonderful to me. The money will all go to attacking the insanity of the current democratic plans for the country, and by next November it will be painfully obvious to nearly everyone (except the diehard lefties) that the word insane is very appropriate here.

  8. Terry Larson says

    Please send me a snail mail address to send a donation to for Reverse the Vote. I don’t use my credit card on the internet.


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