Response to Chuck Coughlin

First, “Chewie” would like to clarify a couple of things.

1) This site is for anonymous contributors. There is no one “Chewie” but rather it permits various people protection to provide information they might not normally be able to provide without retaliation. The liberal-leaning newspapers won’t print this kind of information.  So attacking “Chewie” doesn’t really make any sense, since it’s really attacking multiple contributors.

2) We strongly suspect that certain people written about in the posts or their close associates are the ones writing many of the most critical comments about Chewie and Sonoran Alliance. Which is fine, you are entitled to your anonymity just as much as we are, but attacking us personally instead of substantively (“Chewie is dragging down the reputation of this site”) shows you’ve lost the argument.

It is incredibly hypocritical for Coughlin to call for party unity and try to hide under the mantra of “we’re all Republicans, let’s play nice.” No one will forget the incredible smear ad Coughlin ran in the Attorney General race several years ago. With no real backing Coughlin ran an ad showing the other Republican candidate Tom McGovern behind bars. His basis? McGovern was arrested once briefly as a juvenile for allegedly smoking marijuana but nothing ever came of it, charges were never pressed. It backfired badly as Coughlin’s poorly served client John Kaites was crushed. And let’s not forget that a weakened McGovern lost narrowly to Janet Napolitano in the general election race for AG, and after that she became Governor, and…well, you know the rest of the story.

Anyone who led Governor Napolitano’s tax hike initiative is NOT much of a Republican anymore. Sorry. It’s one thing to be a squishy or moderate Republican. But if you’re a Sen Carolyn Allen kind of Republican and your views are just as liberal as the average Democrat, you should be called out. Coughlin’s response sounds more like a Democrat plan to “save” bloated government programs than a Republican plan.

Coughlin claims he’s not working for the governor in a “government” capacity but admits he works for her in a campaign capacity.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference here with Coughlin directing the governor to push for a sales tax on the ballot. This is why we’re concerned. A political lobbyist should not be running the governor’s office. Much less a liberal-leaning political lobbyist when a Republican governor is the one who’s been elected.

Coughlin touting party unity? Give us a break!


  1. Chewie, people like me attack you because you consistently bring down the credibility of this site and do it a disservice with your outlandish and sometimes blatantly false or inaccurate posts. Anyone who reads your stories comment section know exactly which ones I’m talking about.

    Liberal Leaning?? The same Coughlin who ran Russell Pearce’s recent election? Sounds real liberal to me.
    Since Sproul’s blog didn’t last very long, did he find a new home at SA under the Chewie moniker?

  2. Even Worse says

    Chewie is a collection of morons, instead of just one moron? That’s even worse. One person or a hundred, your posts are always the worst and full of misinformation and a clear misunderstanding of the facts. If you really have that many people posting under this moniker, post under your own blog, so we can avoid it.

    Don’t muddy up SA with your garbage.

  3. TIm Johnson says


  4. Chewie is Chewy says

    Coughlin is not a liberal. He is not a conservative. He has broken every rule, in every category. He has won awards, and earned and lost a great deal of money. He has earned a reputation, and destroyed it. He has been hired and fired umpteen times. He is an artist; he is an actor who is never out of character.

    He is no different than many of those (of us) who practice this treacherous trade.

  5. Look, back off on Chuck. When people want a good firm why not hire High Ground? Have you looked at results they get? Politics, no matter how you slice it is is about winning and losing.
    It is also about loyalty and relationships. Chuck has been there with Brewer before it was cool. Now everybody wants to sidle up to her, fine but trust is built over time and history. With Jan Brewer, now Governor Brewer, Chuck has made deposits in both of those accounts.
    There is a line from a Harry Chapin song that comes to mind-

    “Old friends mean much more to me than a new friend, cause they can see where you are..and they know where you’ve been”

  6. Whiskey Jack says

    If you ask me it is Coughlin who is bringing down the Republican party. And I’m not just talking about how he unwittingly helped launch Napolitano’s disastrous (for the state) political career.

    When Republicans act like Democrats we lose. Every time. We will never appeal to voters who lean Democrat because no matter what we do, they will always outbid us with higher taxes and spending. So there’s no sense in sacrificing our principles and trying.

    If you doubt this, take a look at Jan Brewer–has her call for higher taxes earned her a break from the legislative Dems and others on the extreme left? Of course not, they will pocket her concessions and continue to deride and attack her at every turn.

  7. I’m staying out of this one.

  8. First Chewie, I want to thank you for your informative and thoughtful posts.

    Second,please remember that posters like “Roger” and “Even Worse” engage in ad hominem attacks because they are unable to deal with facts or logic.

    So, keep up the good work and ignore the name-calling ankle bitters.

  9. Double standards are alive and well and promoted daily at SA by The Chewie Group.

    If it is true….and a big IF…. those posting in support of Coughlin are as you say “strongly suspected” to be his associates or friends….how does that make them wrong? If posts are filled with comments refuting the claims of the ubiquitous Chewie are they immediately deemed to be defective because those are the opinions of people who defend a “Chewie” identified and duly labeled “bad” guy/gal/thing, hence that person is bad and their thoughts worthless? Are detractors the only ones allowed to have a valid argument? Is it your side only that is always correct and truth just gets in the way?

    When Montenegro got called in to see Gov. Brewer, who did he call? CQ. Where was the outrage? The lobbyist, political advisor role is held by others and other elected officials are informed by their respective alliances. This is not a new development in government. The bigger the office, the more experienced the advisor. Think Karl Rove.

    This whole story was designed in hopes of being perceived as a sifting out, fact-filled expose’ when it is in fact a slam, smear, personal vendetta pile of crap example of the reason why the party is dysfunctional and filled with power-hungry, attention grabbing fools.

    So Chewie(s), who are you (all of you) supporting in the 2010 Governor’s race? Has your support already started? Is this your way of undermining Brewer so your candidate has a better shot? Start now before it is too obvious? Or are you a collection of a very few short-sighted, disruptive, divisive conservatives that will twist any story to bend the thoughts of others their way and wreaking havoc filled with collateral damage along the road to destruction of our party? Build up the conservative forces of good over evil! Call out the infidels!

    The Dems don’t need to keep their crAZy website up, Chewie(s) will do the same thing but on a site read by conservatives. Slam-Dunk for the libs! Respectfully, there is no staying out of this. Advancing the agenda of incensed individuals is not a passive action. If this keeps up, we will never have a chance of defending the cause of life, limited government, and personal liberty…but Chewie(s) will feel like they made a difference. And they did.

    Circular firing squad READY! AIM! FIRE!

  10. Sorry Chewie, but which Republican Governor was elected? I might still be dizzy from your “liberal-leaning” accusation, but I could swear you were talking about Jane Dee Hull?

  11. Veritas Vincit says

    Veritas has noticed in the original blog (where I spoke directly to Chuck), in this reply to “Chewie”, and in the responses a pattern.

    I believe someone has already spotted it, arguments ad hominem. These are a form of falacy, that while not direct falsehoods, have the effect of distracting participants from the focus of the discussion. Nice call #9.

    Oh, and Julie? If Chuck’s results led (even indirectly) to the asention of Nappy, than shame on Chuck. The game means more to him than the party.

    I am concerned that the same sphere of influence that found its way around Jane Dee Hull, has encircled Jan Brewer – and I an aprehensive as to the same outcomes as well. Jane wasn’t the best of governors.

    Whisky Jack? You’re absolutely correct; when Republicans act like Democrats they loose. Why? Because if a voter wants a Democrat they’ll simply vote for a Democrat. Why bother with a Republican?

    In marketing its called brand differentiation. A clone is just that, a copy; not ‘The Real Thing’. American’s usually always support ‘The Real McCoy’.

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