Respect/Respeto: the organization that funded Gascon’s trip

After receiving criticism for being paid by a stealth group to fly to D.C. to testify against illegal immigration enforcement and Arpaio, Mesa Police Chief George Gascon returned the reimbursement to the organization, Respect/Respeto. At first, he would not identify the group. The organization’s purpose is to reverse laws against illegal immigration. One of its most prominent members is Lydia Guzman, outreach director for the left wing (and now defunct) Clean Elections Institute. This website also notes that she is a member of the radical group MALDEF, League of Latin Citizens, NALEO, and is VP of Somos America. Their Reform not Raids summit agenda reads like a who’s who of left wing illegal immigration activists.

Respect/Respeto is affiliated with the Golden Door Foundation. One of their projects is Secure Borders for a Secure Country, which is a client of Gordon James. The title is deceptive, because it’s clear the initiative takes the business approach to illegal immigration, calling for more work visas as the economy improves. This press release quotes Jason LeVecke, the open borders business owner.

With this cadre of open borders activists and groups behind Gascon’s trip, he should have never accepted their trip to D.C., it obviously colored his testimony. At least he has returned the funding – but he can’t return his testimony. He wasn’t serving the interests of the citizens of Mesa when he testified, he was serving the interests of a few wealthy business interests and some radical far left organizations.


  1. Hey Chewie, get out your tin foil hat!


  2. Did you read his testimony? I did. You can too for the first time at

    It was really dumb to accept the travel reimbursement. But to say his testimony was for the benefit of open border folks, you may want to reconsider the statement after reading his testimony.

  3. “Did you read his testimony?”


    Chewie’s the kind of person who reads bookjackets and says “DONE!”.

  4. “Chewie,” can you tell us why you deliberately chose to post under a name that is the acronym of Howie Fischer?

    Secondly, how seriously can anyone take anything written by someone named “Chewie”?

  5. Reagan Coalition says

    Dan & The Klute,

    What are you talking about? The East Valley Trib reported here that Gascon’s testimony to Congress slammed Arpaio & his illegal immigration enforcement:

    Gascón, an Arpaio critic, said police officers targeting illegal immigrants breeds distrust with minority communities.

    “The impact on local law enforcement in this politically charged environment can be devastating,” he said.


  6. “Dan & The Klute,

    What are you talking about?”

    We’re suggesting that anything Chewie posts is worthless, because it’s normally filled with massive gaps in comprehension, the misunderstanding of 4th grade reading level words, and vituperative commentary presented as fact.

    Vertias Vincit, Rightwoman, etc. I disagree with, but they at least think out their posts and engage in the debate. Chewie barfs up commentary like a sick dog and then runs and hides – I wouldn’t trust Chewie if he said ice cream was delicious and water was wet.

  7. I watched his testimony and as you can see by his testimony (which Chewie Shofir references) he doesn’t say anything about Arpaio. He was questioned but I wouldn’t necessarily call it slamming Arpaio.
    No one can dispute that if you target a class of citizens it could breed distrust. It has happened in other areas. Chinatown in SanFran for instance. Police do not go there.

    I did a little research Chewie and I couldn’t find where Respect/Respeto was affiliated with the Golden Door Foundation. Can you please source your information?

  8. Smarter than a 5th Grader says

    Sorry Dan, looks all you are going to get from Chewie is the sound of crickets.

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