Republic’s black out of County Attorney race coverage continues

The Maricopa County Attorney’s race is one of the most important races this election season, yet it has received almost no coverage from The Arizona Republic.  It’s a critically important office, but it’s an interesting race also because it pits conservative Republican Bill Montgomery against a couple of RINOs, Rick Romley and Boyd Dunn.

Since being appointed temporary County Attorney, Romley has rolled out the red carpet for illegal aliens in Maricopa County with his amnesty plan.  Boyd Dunn rolled out some red carpet of his own.  He’s the Mayor of Chandler, which has long been a sanctuary city despite Dunn’s weak, 11th hour attempt to change this in order to cover up a bad record with “tough on illegal immigration” talk  in an election year.

Montgomery had a pretty powerful hit on Romley last week, pointing out how many opponents of our employer sanctions law are raising money for Romley and how Romley seems to be responding to their desires by scrapping workplace enforcement of immigration laws.  Unfortunately this was not enough to break through the Republic’s embargo on press coverage of this race.

With decent name ID, the less news about the race the better for Romley.  This is surely why Romley is ducking debates.  Is the fact that Romley’s soft on illegal immigration policies are in line with the Republic’s views driving the Republic’s coverage, or lack thereof, of the race?



  1. EastValleyPC says

    Montgomery can overcome the lack of coverage. He is one of the hardest and smartest local candidates I have ever seen and I state now that I’ve been on the bandwagon from early on. He has the base and I am now running into people in Republican circles who have seen, heard, or run into others who know he is the future of our party. I predict now that he won’t retire as Maricopa County Attorney. he has higher office potential out the ears.

  2. Steve Calabrese says

    Bill Montgomery doesn’t need the Republic. He just needs Romley to keep making an ass of himself. Regretably for those of us who once respected Romley, the man shows no sign of regaining his marbles anytime soon…which is good news indeed for Bill Montgomery.

    Every time Romley opens his mouth lately he comes off as a fool; every person who speaks with Bill Montgomery comes away with respect for the man.

  3. Agreed. Romley is making the case against Romley. The paper can’t protect a RINO from goring himself

  4. Romley needs to step up to the plate and debate Bill Montgomery. He is acting like a (cluck cluck cluck) CHICKEN.

    Is that because he is feeling SAFER hiding?

    Bill Montgomery IS the ONLY candidate

    everyone should write the AZ republic
    demand news coverage


    Greta van Susteren who had Romley on (who misled the whole SB 1070 issue)

    She should have Bill Montgomery on to “SET the record (straight) ON the record”


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