Republicans, recalls and misplaced priorities

Mother’s Against Illegal Aliens (MAIA) has kicked off a firestorm with her email calling on Senator Kyl to resign.

Open thread.  Should Kyl resign? Should Republicans who agree with MAIA direct their anger against Democrats such as Napolitano who are unitedly pro-illegal immigration?  If one-fourth of Kyl’s supporters abandon him, will this change his stand on the issue or will it help liberals get elected the way Ross Perot elected Clinton in 1992?

From the MAIA press release:

Mothers Against Illegal Aliens demands the Immediate Resignation of Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ).  Senator Kyl has personally met with and made promises to members of MAIA and the President/Founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, Michelle Dallacroce, that he did not and would not support Amnesty in any way, shape or form or consider “rewarding” those who have broken our laws and violated our sovereign territory.


…Senator Kly does not represent the 80-90% of Arizonans who do not want, and in fact – openly oppose Amnesty and REWARDS of any kind.   His very secret, yet flagrant and public disregard of existing immigration statutes and the Rule of Law sends a clear message that White House Campaign dollars really DID and DO play a role and have important influence in the position that Senator Kyl has decided to take on this and related issues.  That he chose to be the water boy for the President and Senator Kennedy, flies in the face of the promises he made which got him re-elected.  The people of Arizona are disgusted, outraged and humiliated by such a “sellout!”




  1. Jon Kyl is too my right ideologically, but he is not (and never has been) blindly ideological. Unlike Arizona’s other senator, he is consistent and mature. His quotes in today’s Star were right on the mark and he is showing leadership by working with others who are also willing to compromise, including Gabrielle Giffords, in order to get a sound immigration bill passed.

    In the end, the only voices against this bill will be on the far Left and the far Right. That suits me since those folks are never completely happy unless they get their own way and refuse to see politics as “the art of the possible.” That way be a particularly apt characterization when it comes to the topic of immigration, where there are so many differing points of view.

  2. Iris Lynch says

    There is no compromise in surrender! This bill, if passed, will exacerbate the problem, not fix it. Anyone who believes that the business interests are looking forward to paying the soon-to-be-legal workers all the coverage they have avoided by hiring illegal wage slaves should stop ‘using’. Employers will still need the new tidal wave of illegals poised to come as we breathe. We have ample immigration laws, but when it comes to illegal aliens, no laws are applied, unless they kill or rape someone.

    As for Kyl and his ilk, if he does not resign from the Republican party, there will be a lot of new Constition Party members.

  3. George of the Desert says

    People can be angry with Senator Kyl all they want, but there’s precious little they can do about it.

    There is no process for recall of a federal elected official. People can start a petition drive to do that, but it will amount to nothing because the US Constitution does not allow for it. In fact, the very idea of having a Senate in which the members serve six year terms was created – in part – to have a legislative body in which members could make potentially unpopular decisions with fewer worries about political pressure. It’s the House of Representatives where members are expected to respond to more immediate and passionate outcries for change to public policy.

    Sen. Kyl will not stand for re-election until 2012, and I suspect he will retire anyway.

    The one thing that does get the attention of elected officials is a bunch of phone calls to their offices. If you have enough people calling in and it requires the entire staff to stay in and do nothing but answer phones and order in pizza for lunch, then they take notice.

    Since Sen. Kyl is all-but-immune to that plan, your efforts at getting your voice heard on this matter are best directed at your congressman / congresswoman. Unlike Kyl or McCain, THOSE people will have to justify their vote in 18 months and they WILL have to respond to public pressure.

  4. George of the Desert says

    By the way, those of you calling for Kyl to resign need to keep something in mind:

    1. He’d never do it.

    2. If he did, Gov. Napolitano would appoint a new senator. He or she would have to be a Republican, but do you think someone like Grant Woods, Chris Herstam or Jack Jewett would be an improvement?


  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    Can you imagine where we would be on this issue if Pederson was our senator instead of Kyl?

    My theory is that this bill might not even reach the presidents desk. Pelosi and Reid both want to make the plan more liberal. Once they pass an amendment that changes the original deal conservatives might be very happy that Senator Kyl is in office. Kyl has been at this a very long time. He is a master strategist. I am not ready to give up on him when we are still in the first round.

  6. Has anyone seen the language of a bill let alone a vote? Are we counting our chickens before they hatch?

    There is still a lot of time and a lot can happen before a final vote – largely, making our elected officials feel some heat.

    Demanding a resignation is way too premature!

    I suggest a protest on June 14th – Flag Day!

  7. If I had to ask for someone to resign I would be much more inclined to want George Bush gone than Jon Kyl. Then Dick Cheney and Kyl could work to really secure the border.

  8. OVD & DSW are right on. This is not even to the floor and the gnashing of teeth is running rampant. Senator Kyl has more at stake than re-election; he is man who cares deeply about his personal integrity. It will see a lot of revision before it ever gets a vote. The rules of the Senate are very different than the House; all it takes is a few R’s to hold it up anyway.

    By all means voice your concerns; give them a reason to make changes not just a bunch of wailing without purpose.

  9. ThinkRight says

    OVDad, you’re a good man and right on.

    Elections have consequences and the Dems have control of the House & Senate with Prez Bush willing to sign it. The bill that Kyl got involved with is much better than the Kennedy Bill…things could’ve been much worse.

    Those going after Kyl need to take a deep breath and think about how the bill would look without a strong conservative’s voice (Kyl ranked 95% conservative by national Journal). I haven’t had a chance to read through it, but I trust Jon Kyl to do the right things for Arizona.

  10. I agree with OV Dad. And, George, I believe you’re wrong about El Napo having to appoint a Republican. It didn’t happen in GA when Paul Coverdell died and the governor was a Democrat.

    That’s why the Dems are so concerned about the South Dakota seat if Johnson resigns due to health problems. The governor of that state is a Republican.

  11. Make no mistake about it, if Kyl did resign (and George of the Desert is right, he won’t) Napolitano would be required to appoint a replacement of the same party (Republican). And yes, she’d appoint a RINO who would be much, much worse than Kyl.

    It’s right here in 16-222(c) of Arizona Revised Statutes:

    16-222. Vacancy in the office of United States senator or representative

    A. When a vacancy occurs in the office of United States senator or representative in Congress by reason of death or resignation, or from any other cause, the vacancy shall be filled at the next general election. At such election the person elected shall fill the unexpired term of the vacated office.

    B. For a vacancy in the office of representative in Congress, if the next general election is not to be held within six months from the date of the occurrence of the vacancy, the governor shall call a special primary election and a special general election to fill the vacancy. The special primary election shall be held no less than seventy-five nor more than one hundred five days after the occurrence of the vacancy, and the special general election shall be held not less than thirty-five nor more than forty-five days after the special primary election.

    C. For a vacancy in the office of United States senator, the governor shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy. That appointee shall be of the same political party as the person vacating the office and shall serve until the person elected at the next general election is qualified and assumes office.

  12. Leah Rae says

    I don’t think a recall is premature at all, our representatives need to know that we mean business, they need to represent us, and it’s really sad that in order to make them do so we must remind them what their job is, (to represent the voting majority – we want our current immigration laws enforced.) or to actually show up to congress to vote on bills. I have read this bill and it will make people who are here currently illegally, legal. It is in NO uncertain terms amnesty… they have to pay a small fine, yes – but they are no longer illegal, so what will make them pay – they already have the reward.

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