Republicans Clean Their Own House

Mark Foley

Florida Congressman Mark Foley is officially out of the closet. With the shocking revelation and evidence that Foley expressed sexually explicit emails with at least one Capitol page – a 16-year-old boy, Foley was forced to resign.

This is a great example of how Republicans are far more likely to clean up their own house than Democrats. For years, rumors have swirled that Foley was a closeted homosexual. In 2003, Florida columnist, Bob Norman, attempted to “out” Foley citing various quotes including one from Tracy Thorne, a homosexual activist who asserted that Foley brought a boyfriend along with him on a visit to the activist.

Foley has also accepted political contributions from the Human Rights Campaign and has voted for a number of pro-homosexual bills in Congress.

So it should be no surprise among conservative Republicans that Foley lacked the self-discipline to control his urges to pursue young boys.

But what I find most disturbing is that the man was chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children! Why the Republican leadership did not recognize the potential for hypocrisy over this man’s personal life and position with this sensitive and important committee stuns me.

Like the bizzaro former GOP California Senate Candidate Michael Huffington, I for one am pleased to see this Republican go because he blemished the principles of the party.

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  1. redcardphreek says

    Clean house? HA HA HA!

    The page worked for Rep. Rodney Alexander (news, bio, voting record), R-La., who said Friday that when he learned of the e-mail exchanges 10 to 11 months ago, he called the teen’s parents. Alexander told the Ruston Daily Leader, “We also notified the House leadership that there might be a potential problem,” a reference to the House’s Republican leaders.

    AP 9/29/06

    Sounds like the REPUBLICAN leadership sat on this. 10 to 11 MONTHS ago?!?

    So much for cleaning house.

  2. Eph - the PRO LIFE JEW !!! says

    Speaking of closet gays – how’s Janet faring these days????

  3. redcardphreek says

    She is looking pretty good, going to be the Gov for the next four years, you know improving the state and all that.

  4. Eph - the PRO LIFE JEW !!! says

    “you know improving the state and all that. ”

    Please explain????? Thought not…

  5. redcardphreek says

    For one thing serving as an effective brake on the right wing nuts in the legislature.

    She has you all riled up, which is a victory in my opinion, although apparently in your esteemeed opinion Gays should not serve in the Government.

  6. Eph - the PRO LIFE JEW !!! says

    …only if they are not punks asses and tell us the truth about who they are.

    Ms. Janet – tear down that closet !!!

  7. Frankly, I am disappointed that the GOP leadership in the US House did not head this off earlier. Foley should have been taken to the woodshed a looooong time ago. However, at least the GOP still is much better about cleaning its own house. The Dems are so accepting of behavior like this that it does not come across as abnormal until mainstream America speaks up. This the whole reason why Dems keep losing – they simply are living in another very bizarre world.

  8. Nice intolerance Shane… Glad to hear that gays shouldn’t be in the GOP. Guess you’ll out Ken Mehlman next. Any other groups you want to discriminate against?

    Actually, why do you care about gays? Seems to me it’s straight people causing all the abortions you’re so concerned about. Maybe we should kick out all the straight people and keep all the gays? Then we’d know that no Republicans were having abortions – just thise liberal Democrats!

    Danforth ’08

  9. The GOP simply does not want potential pedophiles in the party.

    You see, we like to avoid moral confusion unlike some liberal groups and the leadership in the Democratic party.

    These people would push “anything goes” down our throats (excuse the pun) including sexual behavior with multiple people, children and animals. I think it is imperative that we take a stand against this type of sick social behavior which ultimately threatens our culture and republic.

  10. Mike Triggs says

    As Bush would say….”you’re do”n a heck of a job Denny!”

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