Republican Women Leaders Endorse Robert Graham for Second Term as AZGOP Chairman

PHOENIX – Robert Graham today received endorsements from two longtime Republican Party women leaders who have been active in their support of the party and our candidates. Both voiced support for Robert Graham’s quest for a second term as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Graham is up for reelection at the biennial meeting of the State Committee on January 24, 2015 at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.

Joan Lang, President of the Palo Verde Republican Women and a Precinct Committeeman in Legislative District 23, said, I first heard of Robert Graham about two and a half years ago when he announced his run for State GOP Chair. I did not know him at all, but I did know that Arizona needed to elect a strong leader for that position. We needed a person who could fundraise,  a person who could help bring the State into the IT world, and a person who could speak well and represent our State with honor.  I found that Robert had all of these qualities and more.

“After speaking to him and hearing what his plans were, I decided that he was the right person for the job. I do not believe that I was wrong with my opinion. Robert has done everything he told me he would do as Chairman.  Under his guidance Arizona did use the internet to keep up with the Democrats, beating them at their own game. He raised much needed money. He went out and got involved with minority groups here in Arizona and showed them why they should look at the Republican Party for the change they need within their neighborhoods. He built up a good reputation in the State and has always made us proud.

“Ultimately, Robert’s accomplishments can be summed up by looking at the election results for 2014. The Republicans won the State by big margins. We gained a Congressional seat. Arizona went from purple to red. We are looking at another difficult campaign in 2016….why in the world would we change horses mid stream? Robert has the momentum, let’s let him continue the job.”

Donna Alu, President of the Tucson Republican Women and former Chair of Legislative District 9 Republican Committee, said, “I am supporting Chairman Graham in the upcoming election. Because of his leadership, Republicans have retained all six statewide offices. As Chair of Legislative District 9 during the past election, I have observed the cooperation southern Arizona received from the state party: the state office, the telephone system set up in Pima County Headquarters where over 40,000 calls were made. I believe this was a key factor in the election of Martha McSally, only the second candidate to be elected to Congress from southern Arizona since statehood.”

Joan Lang President, Palo Verde Republican Women

Joan Lang
President, Palo Verde Republican Women

Donna Alu President, Tucson Republican Women

Donna Alu
President, Tucson Republican Women

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