Republican Winning Equals Democrats Losing

By Jake Brown

How bad are things for the Arizona Democratic party these days? Apparently, it’s bad enough that they are celebrating Republican victories.

Democrat party chairman, Andrei Cherny, wrote of the recall of state Senator Russell Pearce, “Doesn’t it feel good to start winning again?” Sorry to rain on your parade, Andrei, but conservative Republican, Jerry Lewis, won that election. In fact, Democrats didn’t even bother to field a candidate against Russell Pearce.

I was always told you can’t win unless you play the game, but apparently that’s not how things work if you are an Arizona Democrat.

It is far-fetched to say the least that Democrats can claim this as a victory in Arizona, much less interpret the November 8th election results as foreshadowing Democratic victories in the 2012 election. No Democrat won in LD 18 because no Democrat ran in LD 18. Someone needs to help Andrei connect the dots.

Let’s be clear: Pearce lost because he’s an unlikeable guy who ran a lousy campaign fraught with dirty backroom games like recruiting sham candidate Olivia Cortez. Voters of all parties see through that—and no voter should stand for such tactics. Jerry Lewis’s victory was one for Republicans, who last week welcomed a thoughtful, fresh voice into their fold.

So, Andrei, celebrate our GOP state Senate victory all you want. We just hope you’ll be as thrilled when Jeff Flake gets elected to the U.S. Senate.


  1. chickenfarm says

    Are people allowed to do guest commentaries when they chose not to be truthful?? How many times does it have to brought up that Pearce DID NOT Recruit Olivia Cortez? How many times will it be ignored that Olivia filed for candidacy BEFORE Jerry Lewis?
    Just get the facts straight Mr. Brown. You owe it to yourself and the rest of us.

    Pearce did not lose because he’s unlikable. That’s your own opinion, and it its weakly grounded since thousands of people in Arizona, and across the country LOVE Russell Pearce..

    He lost because the recall election was an “open Primary” where democrats could vote between Republican candidates. If Jerry was a real man, who truly believed he was the “fresh voice” of Mesa that the majority wanted, he would have waited until the fall to run. But he ran in this recall, knowing that this would be the only way he would succeed. Now, If he had won in the REAL primary than that would be a victory indeed.

    If you don’t see this as a victory for the democrats you have never been exposed to the man known as Randy Parraz. He orchestrated this, became thousands of dollars richer off the process, and has been gloating about his trophy kill ever since.
    Parraz is now planning on going after several more Republicans, and has said as much on mainstream new networks. He,and his followers, are starting a revolutionary trend of political upheavel, and they aren’t going to stop. You must be unaware of these state elected officials that have already been threatened with Recalls if they step out of line with Parraz’s expectations.
    You must be oblivious to the actions of the East Valley Patriots, or Citizens for a Better Arizona, or Progressive Democrats of Arizona, or Citizens United for Progress.

    This recall is more than just a republican vs republican scuffle. It is the foreshadowing of terrible things to come.

    • Please….Pearce and his family recruited and paid for Cortes, you know damned well that is true.

      And, if I read the comments here correctly, the posters said that Lewis is an uber liberal! LOL

      Whatever, SA is goofy-land.

      Pearce got his ass whupped, get over it. The voters (most of them Republicans) have spoken.

  2. You’re kidding, right Jake?

    This would almost be funny if it weren’t for the fact that it’s actually true and you know it.

    Lewis was bought and paid for by leftist Democrats. Yes they DID contemplate running a Dem (and Libertarian) but they both backed out knowing that the strategy (courtesy of the Mormon Lawyers and Parraz) would be to run another Republican as LD18 wasn’t “winnable” by a Democrat.
    Why WOULDN’T the Dems claim victory? Parraz initiated the recall. Parraz’s buddies (Promise AZ, PDA, Moveon) did all of the hard work knocking on doors and gathering signatures both for the recall and for Lewis. These same buddies collected money from groups like Unite Now, Campaign Money Watch (funded by Soros and Tides) to pay their staff and for Lewis campaign literature.

    So, in the words of Joe Wilson, “YOU LIE!”

  3. Mike Triggs says

    Whine all you want Chickenranch and Mark Davis. The voters have spoken and you were on the losing side and need to get over it.

  4. I’m not in need to “get over it”. I am clearing up a fabrication that Lewis people seem to keep throwing out there thinking the electorate are too dumb to find out the truth.

  5. Here’s a piece of truth that Pearcers can’t handle: Lewis won among Republicans. As much as Russell Pearce wants to claim that he would for sure have won in a primary, the data doesn’t back that up. The Capitol Times poll showed Lewis with a slight edge among Republicans. The 12-point thumping in the majority-Republican LD18 didn’t happen off Democratic votes. Pearce doesn’t mention that he drew well over a third of the Democrats to him. Lewis would likely have won in a primary. The majority of ALL groups wanted a change. For Republicans it wasn’t a rejection of conservatism, as Cherny wishes; it was a broad, non-partisan rejection of extremism and nastiness.

  6. Well, Jerry Lewis and the Democrats winning the mayoral races in Surprise, Tucson, and Phoenix, a bunch of city commission seats,etc. But yeah, Democrats didn’t win nothin’.

  7. Lets stop the lying.

    Lewis is a tool of Randy Parraz and the Democrats have a right to celebrate, their tool won.

    Lets face it, Pearce ran a pathetic campaign.

  8. B Ellsworth says

    Jake is exactly correct on the reasons Pearce lost. But I’m sure the Democrats feel a bit of a victory, not because Lewis is their man but because Pearce is out and they initiated the process.

    Pearce did run an amazingly inept campaign. Lewis is no one’s tool.

    Pearce may be popular across the nation, but those folks don’t vote in LD 18 and the voters of LD 18 resoundingly rejected Pearce.

    All the talk about how it would be a different result if this were a primary is fantasy land talk. It is totally, completely, absolutely, definitively, irrelevant. This was not a primary election and how it would have turned out if it had been a primary is of no significance. I agree with Poor Johnny that it is very questionable that Pearce could have won in a primary. It’s an interesting question, but it is complete speculation. It’s kind of like Mike Tyson saying: “I could have beat Holyfield if he would have been a real man and let me bite off his other ear.” Who cares? In the end, it’s all just sour grapes, crybaby, poor loser talk.

    I find it, okay, unpatriotic, that Pearce and his supporters continue to try to denigrate the election outcome because it was a vote in which ALL registered voters were eligible to vote rather than an election in which only a limited number of voters were eligible to vote, i.e. a closed primary.

    According to his numbers, Pearce is 16-0 in past elections where the outcome was decided by a closed primary. He is 0-1 in the only election where he was not protected by a closed primary and had to face a vote of all registered voters in his district.

    Pearce and his Patriots think it is unfair that he had to face a vote of all eligible voters in his district. Try explaining that concept to one of the original founding fathers.

  9. Of course the Dems are cheering the recall. Their candidate won. What galls me is how stupid, stupid, stupid the Republicans in the State Senate are to allow Lewis to caucus with them. It only shows that my decision to re-register as an independent after 45 years as a registered Republican was correct.

    • Poor Johnny says

      Lewis won among Republicans…he earned the right to have the “R” after his name and caucus with the Republicans.

      And guess what? He gets to vote! And they have to earn his vote. So it makes sense that they treat him well.

  10. This is amazing—Mr. Cherny slips up & utters a truthful statement in public, and all of the libs go ballistic, hastily shoveling mounds of manure over his words to hide their truth.

    Everyone knows by now who the real backers of Lewis are, and that the money flowed into his recall efforts from international sources as well as our own domestic libs just to beat Senator Pearce.

    Sen. Pearce has a long history of winning open elections in his district, and that is why this global effort was necessary to oust him. This is now the new lib election strategy (check out Wisconsin).

    Many thanks to Senator Pearce for his service; God bless Senator Pearce, and God bless America.

    • Poor Johnny says

      Get your facts right, LEO. Lewis did not start nor participate in the recall. He simply ran in an election once one was called. Pearce is raw that everyone got to vote in that election (how bad does that sound?) but it doesn’t matter, because Lewis won among Republicans, so all his whining doesn’t make sense, unless you look at the true reason for it: Pearce is trying to salvage his reputation by claiming that he lost because of impossible conditions created by outsiders from the left. That just isn’t true. Pearce was tossed out for being an obnoxious, hateful, windbag who ran a dirty, inept campaign (anyone in a hurry to hire Constantin Querard now?) and because his singular fixation on the immigration issue was to the neglect of education and jobs.

      • Lewis may claim he never participated in the recall but he sure knows those who did. Why did he make an appearance at the Wright House on election night and have his picture taken with Chad’s family member? Why was Don Stapley, his son and Don’s pal Merwin Grant at the Wright House on election night where Parraz, Snow, Domingo Garcia, Promise AZ, Raquel Teran and numerous other leftists who perpetrated the recall effort were celebrating? Why were people like Todd Landfried, Martin Quezada, Dee Dee Blase (who, by the way, was the first to file to recall Pearce and later combined efforts with Parraz) and Jose Penalosa and misc. Libertarians at Lewis’ Election night party? Surely Lewis knows who they are and that they participated in the recall effort. I mean, he had his picture taken with them.

        Do you honestly think no one would notice?

        Well, we know now.

        • Ooooooh…Mark, you’re on to something! The people who recalled Pearce wanted his opponent to win! And some of them even showed up to his election night party that was open to the public! Wow…what a smoking gun! Who would have ever thought of it? I think you proved a conspiracy!

          Did a black helicopter deliver Jerry Lewis to the Wright House on election night to thank some people who voted for him?

          Is having your picture taken with a supporter now proof that you are in cahoots with that person and you totally buy into that person’s philosophies, then I have some pictures for you:

  11. I think many of you are missing the point of the article. The fact is that Democrats are so weak in AZ, and specifically in LD 18, that they would not even field a candidate. That is pretty low on the Totem poll.

    I think that we would all agree, at least I hope we do, that Pearce’s loss does not indicate that Democrats are strengthening in AZ. This was a very local election that put another Republican in office. It does not mean that voters are more liberal or that Democrats are gaining power. This is a very conservative state, and electing another conservative when the district was tired of Pearce does not mean that Democrats are getting stronger. Pearce did a lot of good, let’s just all admit that and move on.

    As for whether Lewis is a Repupublican, come one. He might hold a different view on one issue, immigration, but that does not make him liberal. Look at every other issue- abortion, pension reform, limited government, taxes, etc. and you will see that he is a very conservative Republican. The election is over and we now need to move the conservative cause forward. We can continue to do that if we keep in mind who our friends are.

  12. True Conservative says

    Well stated argument, an excellent article.

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