Republican State Senator Linda Gray, LD10, Defies Will of AZGOP


At the January, 2009 Arizona Republican Party state convention, the party expressed its will and resolved to oppose photo radar.  This is the body that sets policy for the state Republican party.  State Committeemen from all over the state convened to conduct its business.  Among other things, it unanimously passed the resolution you see at the bottom of this post.

In defiance of the will of the body of Republican State Committeemen comes Republican Senator Linda Gray from legislative district 10.  Linda Gray is the sponsor of SB1443 and SCR1059.  These two bills are the same bills.  They ostensibly are being run to “correct” technical problems and “improve” the state’s photo radar program. 

SCR1059 is a referendum version to put on the ballot to confuse voters, presumably if‘s efforts are successful and they get their citizens’ initiative on the ballot to end photo radar.  SB1443 is merely the floor version of the bill.  Catcalls also go out to self-proclaimed pro-liberty Republican Frank Antenori from LD-30 for sponsoring these bills in the house.

In fact, these bills are being run at the behest of Redflex‘s lobbyists. 

If you don’t already know (thanks to for the info!), the “cameras” are not photo cameras, but they stream surveillance video 24x7x365 to computer servers belonging to a foreign corporation.  Redflex has the ability to identify the license plate that passes each camera (anywhere in the world they operate!)  The “corrections” these bills will implement are:

  • automatically ticket you for failing to register your vehicle
  • automatically ticket you for failing to renew your insurance on time
  • automatically ticket you for texting on your cell or talking on the phone (like California, that ban is in the works already)
  • automatically ticket you for failing to buckle your seatbelt

The bottom line is that a foreign corporation is spying on Arizonans’ movements 24x7x365.  Not even 20 years ago, any elected official even suggesting such a thing would have been labelled a communist and driven out of office.

Today, disgracefully, Republicans (or those who like to call themselves that) kowtow to lobbyists of foreign corporations to help them pass laws to spy on Americans, in this case Arizonans.

On February 10th, Linda Gray along with recently appointed (and self-proclaimed) “conservative”  Republican David Braswell from LD-6 voted with Democrats to pass SB1443 and SCR1059 out of committee. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your state legislators in the House and in the Senate to voice your strong opposition to these bills SB1443 and SCR1059.

As far as Republicans Linda Gray, David Braswell and Frank Antenori go, why do we even have a Republican party, if these Republican state senators and representatives push their own personal agendas and those of the lobbyists of foreign corporations against the will of the Arizona Republican Party and against the interests of Arizonans?

It’s time to hold our elected Republicans accountable.  Just calling yourself “conservative” or “pro-liberty” doesn’t cut it anymore.  We want to see CONSISTENT ACTION, no more chin music.  

Teaparty, anyone?

(Ironically, David Braswell was the state GOP Resolutions Committee chairman at the time this resolution passed out of the party committee before it went to the whole of the state committee.)

RESOLUTION Photo Enforcement


  1. Law A. Biding Citizen says

    OVERserved…. yup… just about every thread that CF posts is either flat out lies, half truths or innuendo… seriously, if you dont know about their site then either look into it yourself or shut up….

  2. L.A.B.,
    You know why you were banned from CameraFRAUD and it was because you repeatedly threatened members of the group on the message board and in the comments section.

    The last of which was where you mentioned an AK-47. At that point we had enough and reported you to police, ironically because your brother is an elected Sheriff.

    It’s funny because members of our group at one point even offered you a spot as a guest blogger to take up the Pro-photo Radar position, but your discourse continued to be caustic and even threatening.

    I see your test comments every once in a while and keep them saved in our archives just in case you ever post crazy threats again or threaten people in our meetup group.

    Whomever is the moderator on this blog should probably take note.

    Thanks and good day to you all.

  3. I was really surprised when I saw this post on Sonoran Alliance. I have been a relentless advocate for the elimination of photo enforcement since the day I set foot in the legislature. I have already voted this year, in committee for two bills that will essentially eliminate photo enforcement in the state.

    So as I read the post I realized there must be a disconnect somewhere because I would not support any legislation that expands the use of photo radar.

    As I looked into the bill I realized that I was asked to co-sponsor this bill under the premise that it was a back-up for setting limits and controls on the use of photo enforcement in the event that the ballot initiative to ban the cameras failed at the ballot.

    In the hectic week before the bill submission deadline I was approached by dozens of legislators with hundreds of bills requesting co-sponsorship. In the short time presented, there are times when you have to trust the sponsor’s representation and summary of the bill. In the case of SB1443, I was led to believe that the bill set guidelines for city, county and state use of photo radar and was a bill to significantly limit their use, not expand them.

    As I had time to review the full text of bill, I came to realize that I was not presented with all of the provisions contained in the bill, and as noted in the original post, the bill does in fact expand the use of photo radar for the purpose of issuing citations for other infractions besides speeding.

    Therefore I am pulling my support from this bill and will actively work to defeat it in the State House of Representatives.

    I read all bills that are before me in committee hearings and before I vote on them on the House floor. In this case I trusted the person presenting me the details of this bill and did not thoroughly read the bill before offering my co-sponsorship.

    When I make a mistake, I admit it. In the future, I will limit my trust and ensure that I read the bill before offering sponsorship.

    I would also like to thank those that brought the hidden details of this bill to my attention so that I may be able to take corrective action. If you ever have a question or believe that I should be aware of any issue in the future, don’t hesitate to email me or call my office.


    Frank Antenori
    State Representative, District 30
    VICE CHAIRMAN, Transportation and Infrastructure;
    (602) 926-5683 Capitol
    (800) 352-8404 Toll Free
    (520) 398-6000 Tucson Office

  4. Frank Antenori seems to be a stand up guy. Now, let’s see him produce against his words!

  5. Law A. Biding Citizen says

    Applause !!! in fact you get a standing ovation for straight forward honesty. None of us can imagine what it is like to be an elected official unless they have in fact, done it. Your honest ( why else would you admit to a mistake) explanation on what transpired certainly gives some insight as to just exactly what you go through. Even though we differ on photo radar I again commend you for your honesty. Whatever they pay you guys, its not enough. With honesty in mind, if a bill was introduced that would not expand PR but rather close the loopholes that have allowed it to be not as successfull as it could be would you vote yes or no on that?

  6. Law A. Biding Citizen says

    CF Mod, Really? Is that really the steaming, stinking pile of dung story that you want to stay with? Please allow me to unleash my ak 47 and shoot multiple holes in it. “Ironically because my brother is an elected sheriff”!! really ? are you sure…. i am an only son, i have 2 sisters and i have zero step brothers…. nor do i have any adopted brothers…in other words…. i am brotherless!!! i only wrote that I had a relative that was a sheriff!!!!go ahead, produce the post where i claimed he was my brother!!!

    ok lets take a breather so that you can wipe that egg off of your face!!!! while you do that i will reload, i have holes to shoot in the rest of your lies….( you really should fire the guy that did the sheriff research for you, unless it was your research, then fire yourself) ok reload complete….

    Now, your little buddy, RPr claims i threatended to use an ak 47 on those that did not agree with me…. is that your story also? then the moron posts it here and it reads nothing like that ( i always thought RPr looked just as stupid as he is)… of course he has not been heard from since i pointed that out ( cowardly lion )….. and i noticed that you did not mention that the next day I emailed you clowns and asked to have it removed…. i offered an apology and explained it was wrong and in poor taste.. IN FACT…. i sent 4 emails over a 2 week time period for its removal…yet it was never removed and i heard NOTHING from you..for all i know it is still there..i will have to check… so i ask of you… if you felt so threatended by it to the point you called the police… why didnt you remove it? well….if you in fact did call the cops then you must have given them my “brothers” address for where to find me because i NEVER, EVER, EVER, had a visit from any law enforcement agency….

    yes it is true, early on someone invited me to write a weekly, monthly ( not sure which) blog…. to which i did not hesitate to say no thanks…. i made it clear in my first few visits that i was there to expose lies… i dont think that is what you were looking for…what you WERE looking for was someone to argue the pro camera point of view beyond the “just slow down responses” ….. sorry… i am not your huckleberry!!!

    so… i was banned for making threats against the members? well we now know the ak47 comments were not a threat to anyone..just reading the post makes that clear….. what about doc from prescott and mark? they routinely threatened me yet last i checked they are still posting!!!

    and scam…. he can state the murdered van driver “deserved what he got” and yet….he is still around spreading his hate!!! is it not true that your members all the time make hatefull comments to those that work for ats and redflex? and have even suggested that they be killed?

    please….. go find your morals and when you do come back here and admit to the lies, innuendo and half truths that you wrote!!! and reinstate me so that i can continue to beat down in words all 10 members at your site that give a crap anymore…. i really enjoyed making them look the fool!!!

    you know where to find me…. unlike you ..i am not hiding!!!!

  7. WTF LAB? You shouldn’t drink the koolaid. I think you totally lost it this time.

  8. Law A. Biding Citizen says

    OK Jett….. you just read the truth….. you believe in lies….thats a you problem…… your boy wrote lies…..

  9. Law A. Biding Citizen says

    OK, I am done discussing this matter at this site…. I am sure they dont appreciate the bickering…. I can be reached at… of course that would force you cowardly lions to reveal your email address….. we know that wont happen!!!

  10. Gerald Williams says

    This post is really unfair and is misleading. While everyone assumes that at least the highway photo enforcement cameras will go away, we have been assuming that since Gov. Napolitano left for Washington, D.C. In the interim, citizens and the courts have every day real world problems with this unfair system.

    I, and other judges, have worked with Senator Linda Gray on these bills. She is not trying to save photo radar. She is just trying to be responsible and make a bad statutory system as good as is possible in the event the cameras stay.

    Attached is one of the columns I wrote on this issue.

    Judge Gerald A. Williams



    You’re wrong. The words of the bills SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.


  12. Judge,

    Unfortunately the standard on this site has become that it matters not what your level of education, involvement in the issue, or personal knowledge of the facts….disagree with the rabid ranters and you are wrong.

    Thank you for your comment.

  13. Give it a rest, Ann. I’m not going to take your word for it and I’m not asking anyone to take mine.

    The bills are linked in the post above. Go READ THEM.

    They speak for themselves.

    BTW, I find it interesting that you are for the surveillance cameras when the party CLEARLY resolved their opposition to them.

    Now, YOU apparently are going aginst the will of the party.

    (But we always knew that.)

  14. Oh no, I hate those cameras. If you notice I did not weigh in on the topic but spoke to the judge.

    Drive down any road, look at the cameras everywhere. I am not a tin foil wearing, black helicopter fearing gal..but we have no privacy, none. At intersections, on top of buildings, in stores, restaurants, everywhere you look…if you look.

    Who has access to that information? For what purpose can it be used?

    Oh no, I hate those cameras. But I also believe respect should be given where it is due.

  15. Law A. Biding Citizen says

    the fact is everytime a new freeway opens the cops just got spread a little thinner… something is needed!!! if not PR then what? the cops are so outnumbered that i think they have given up…example… drive west on US 60, for the most part everyone is going 65 to 75 but none of these jerks going 90 plus…. then get off on mill ave and go the other direction where there are no cameras…. its a free for all!!!! if you are not going 85 you are in last place ( ok maybe not that bad) but it is a joke…. the cameras are needed…. i drive the 60 west every morning and pass 4 cameras…. i have never received a malfunction ticket….. why? cause i go 65 !! most people can not handle more than 70 mph anyway!!!! and dont get me started on motorcycles….. those guys get what they deserve!!!

    judge… we need speed and red light cameras only….. any other wording needs to be sent back… i dont have a problem expanding the cameras ability in the future.. but lets fix the issues we have now with what is in place before we over expand….. krispy cremes over expanded and where are they now? they had great donuts!!! but a terrible business plan based on over expanding!!!

    2 weeks ago my bosses wife got in a car accident…. the other driver was going 65 IN A 25 !!! SHE DIED… AND DESERVED TO !!! she put other peoples lives in danger but this time karma caught up to her….. people need to slow down…. a life taken due to an accident involving speed or something speed related is the most senseless loss of life EVER !!! it is controllable and it starts with individuals!!!! but there are lots of people who will do whatever they want, whenever they want as long as they think they wont get caught…. the cameras even the odds !!!!!

  16. jeff sutter says

    She is no more stupid here than she is on SB 1306. Senator Gray is the champion of SB 1306, legislation introduced with the
    purpose of discouraging woman from donating their eggs for therapeutic
    medical treatment for infertile couples. She is also the lead sponsor for SB
    1307, a complicated piece of legislation which attempts to grant human rights
    to microscopic embryos while attempting to ban somatic cell nuclear transfer and
    human-animal hybrids.

    Since both pieces of legislation have a
    direct and immediate negative impact on reproductive endocrinologists and the standard of care for
    the medicine they practice in the state of Arizona, I would have thought that before sitting down to draft
    any legislation, her first call would have been to reproductive
    endocrinologists who treat Arizona men and women suffering from infertility. Or perhaps she could have reached out to infertility patients to ask what they
    thought of legislation to limit their treatment options.

    course, she could have asked her own daughter, a mother through IVF.

    Shockingly, not once did she or any other sponsor of these two bills consult with any practicing reproductive endocrinology and infertility
    physician in this state. Nor did they consult with anyone from American Society of
    Reproductive Medicine or from RESOLVE: the National Infertility
    a patient support and advocacy organization until AFTER they had
    passed the legislation.

    Even worse, she admitted both during
    committee hearings and during floor debate that she was uncomfortable with the legislation. Clearly, this is a sign: if you are not even
    sure about voting for the legislation that you, yourself sponsored, maybe it would be wise to let it go. Table the legislation and take time to study the
    area and any issues. But she voted to pass it on. After the Senate vote, I
    understand that she met with some of the physicians from the
    infertility community. She did not
    understand why they had not
    provided her with the vast amount of documentation that they brought
    to that meeting. Documentation that is a daily part of their
    practice: guidelines from their governing body and FDA regulation. The doctor
    commented that he was a doctor not a lobbyist. He did not know what he was
    supposed to bring to the committee hearing. Her response? You need to get a

    Here is an elected official, telling a doctor with twelve years
    of post graduate school and residencies, a private citizen with a
    medical practice, helping patients in the community, that he must
    retain an expensive lobbyist in order to be able to keep his practice and fight her legislation.

    And let’s be clear: this is
    legislation that she failed to do any background research on but
    instead just accepted, already written, by a religious special
    interest group, Center for Arizona Policy. All the Senator had to do
    was add her name. I understand from her quote in an interview, that she did not even read it first.

    Is anyone else outraged?

    Oh, and that lobbyist you need to hire, probably used to serve in the

    Identical legislation was introduced in both the
    House and the Senate at the same time. Then, both chambers
    scheduled committee hearings on the same day at the same time. What a
    coincidence! And conveniently arranged the meetings so the
    professionals hired to
    testify for the proponents of the bill could
    speak at both hearings. The physicians and patients who testified
    against the legislation were accorded no
    such privilege.

    Then I heard Senator Gray tell the Senate Committee and those in the room about her own struggles with infertility. She said that she
    too had
    been a member of RESOLVE many, many years ago. That she was so happy and fortunate to be a grandmother. A grandmother through IVF.

    breathed a huge silent sigh of relief knowing then, that she would no longer push the legislation and that it must have been some sort

    But, Mr. Smith goes to Washington this was not.

    She went on to say how she believed that research on embryos was wrong.
    That she could not allow such research to happen. That every embryo
    was a child.

    And I realized that she wanted it all. She wanted to
    be able to keep her pro-life, personhood core group of voters,
    believe in personhood for
    embryos and at the same time be OK with the fact that her grandchild was born through IVF.

    If only it
    was just that easy. Most of us we all know someone who has a family
    through IVF. It is a wonderful therapeutic medical
    treatment that has been perfected over the past thirty years since the birth of the
    first IVF baby, a little girl, in England. But it did not happen in a
    vacuum. We did not go straight from practicing and researching on animal
    embryos to the same success rates we see today. There was research. Embryo

    And Senator Gray has a grandchild, who she proudly
    tells the world is through IVF. And at the same time she is pushing
    legislation to try to
    shut down future infertility treatment for other families
    with infertility. And maybe even more hypocritical, she will not even entertain the idea that maybe
    we should pursue all forms of research in the area of regenerative medicine with elegant and ethical
    oversight. Not just the type that she feels is moral. Other families deserve to be able to have research that will potentially end their
    suffering as well. And judging from her own level of hypocrisy in
    this area, I think the good senator misplaced her moral compass quite some time ago.

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