Republican Professionals Host Secretary of State Ken Bennett


The networking group, Republican Professionals, is proud to have Ken Bennett as its guest speaker for an event to be held, tonight, at the FireSky Resort in Old Town Scottsdale. As secretary of state, Ken Bennett has won acclaim from all sides of the Republican Party’s big tent.

We invite you to join us and fellow professionals to network and mingle at the beautiful hotel. The event is being held at the hotel’s Taggia Restaurant from 6-8pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Beth Hoel

Thomas Galvin
Executive Vice President


  1. kralmajales says

    I hear that he is running for Gov. Excited?

  2. LOL!

  3. No, not exactly excited, but where did you hear that?
    From anyone who is really REAL? Or from a poster who is only twittering from behind cover?

  4. Did anyone show up at the event? This is the splinter group that is run by Jeff Dial, Ryan Ducharme, and Brett Mecum. Notice their names are nowhere to be seen. Unlike Politics on the Rocks, hardly anyone has been showing up to their splinter events.

  5. Roger Ginge says

    I’ve got it that both Republican Professional groups are the Republican-Light crowd. McCainiacs. “We have to get real squishy with our platform to attract more voters.”

    The 2008 elections proved the very opposite is true. I certainly hope their politics are on the rocks! And stay there!

  6. R.G. We do not need to get squishy at all, just cut the B.S. out of the platform.
    I went to the first Professional event the one that is organized by those who have put a little [spirit]uality in their logo where the elephant is holding a glass in its trunk and it looks not like cool aid or holy water. That event was wall to wall people. I saw a lot of real McCain supporters. If that makes us McCainiacs, so be it. Sounds much better than Pachydoodles to me.
    But now to the earlier question by poster #4, Did anyone show up? Any One?

  7. Richard Wayne says


    Exactly what B.S. would you like to cut out of the Platform? Oh yeah, I remember. The parts that say Republicans should follow the guiding principles of our founding fathers.

    BTW, I thought you liked Pachy clubs since you tried to start one. Did any one show up? Anyone?? Guess we know the answer to that one since you disbanded due to lack of interest.

  8. Dear Richard Wayne or by whatever moniker. An honest question, directed to me will always generate an honest answer.
    I would be perfectly comfortable with a Republican Party Platform that read: “Government shall only do that what individuals can’t do as individuals when it comes to protecting our liberties, our freedom to pursue happiness and our borders from enemies.
    Government should be as small as possible and taxation as low as possible”
    All the other fluff, permit me to just list a small sample [for illustration only, not necessarily real examples] like mandatory strap downs in automobiles for our safety, counting and recording the number of dust particles one may stir up while one may wish to walk for 40 days through the desert, enduring waiting periods and needing to watch mandatory ultrasound video presentations before one may have a hair transplant or a new wick or a pair of elevated shoes to overcome small man syndrome, or in the case of a woman getting a tooth capped or a molar extracted should be none of societal or governmental concerns.
    Getting into each citizens wallet, kitchen or bedroom need not be a part of a political platform.
    On second thought I may consent to have government have some little say on curing small man Syndrome.

    In the matter of the Grand Canyon Pachyderm Club, that was formed as an affiliate to the Grand Order Of Pachyderm Clubs and was aligned with the R.N.C, it enjoyed immediately 40 plus card carrying members. Pachyderm clubs, predominately in the southern region of the U.S. are social in nature, provide a setting for candidates and support dissemination of Republican news and events.
    Growing the Canyon State Pachyderm club into a viable civic organization here in Maricopa County appeared to become a recruiting problem because of a group with a like sounding name. Whether the other group had a tarnishing effect on our name, we do not know. After careful deliberation we concluded we can serve real conservative Candidates better by rendering individual support direct to them, and we dissolved the Pachyderm club in an orderly manner.

  9. Richard Wayne says


    This post explains why you lose credibility with others. You started off with an off the wall comment that we needed to cut the B.S. out of the platform. I asked for specific examples of your definition of B.S. and you write some tripe that doesn’t make sense.

    In addition, you state that you would be happy with a platform that secures our borders, yet you support candidates who support illegal immigration. Duh!

    Thanks for educating us as to the depth of your arguments.

  10. Mister Richard Wayne,
    You asked me a question and I gave you a precise answer. I outlined what I would be satisfied with in a Republican Platform and I clearly stated that everything else is fluff that we can do without. If you can read, you know what I mean what is fluff.

    Then you made the off the cuff statement that I supported candidates who support “Illegal Immigration”.
    Well Mister Wayne, I do not know nor have I heard of, nor have I any tangible evidence that any of the candidates I ever supported were in favor of or in support of “Illegal Immigration”. I know of no one in this world who would be in favor of any “Illegal Anything”. I am a law abiding individual and I expect no less from anyone else whom I support.

    If you know otherwise, let’s have the names and the details, please.

    Finally to my ?loss ?of ?credibility?
    Well, if that were with some members of the Wacky-doodle Coalition, it won’t bother me, there never was any tangible value from that bunch to be expected in the first place.

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