Republican PC’s: throw Rick Romley’s petitions in the garbage

Rumor is that recycled county attorney Rick Romley has sent out a letter to Republican precinct committeemen asking for them to collect petition signatures for him.  Romley may not have a Republican bone in his body, but he sure has nerve.

This is a man that has consistently endorsed liberal Democrats over conservative Republicans.  He was completely worthless in fighting illegal immigration while in office.  He’s been even worse out of office, calling efforts to fight illegal immigration “McCarthyism” and blasting Senate Bill 1070, which was signed by our Republican Governor and supported by every Republican legislator except RINO Carolyn Allen.  For the past three years, Romley has been a lobbyist and special adviser for liberal AG Terry Goddard.  All this leaves no doubt where Romley’s political sympathies lie.

Romley has not been there for other Republicans when they needed support.  Now he expects the party to rally behind him?

If you do receive a petition from Romley and a letter asking for you to collect signatures for him, please put it where it belongs–in the garbage.  Romley is UNWORTHY of your support, he’s just NOT a Republican.


  1. Yeah right. says

    Nice big tent, eh?

    If you don’t like him, vote for somebody else in the primary.

  2. DONE!

  3. Yeah right-

    Shouldn’t your name be yeah left? Please tell me what is Republican about Romley?

    Not pro-life, not in favor of enforcing laws against illegal immigration, not in favor of electing Republicans to office. Oh, and a staffer to Terry Goddard.

    Let’s send Rick back to his good buddy Terry, vote for BILL MONTGOMERY!

  4. Double Decaf Latte says

    I agree with Yeah Right….the tent is looking more like a “pup tent” And since when does being a Republican have to mean you have to be “pro-life or harassing Hispanics? And what makes you think Bill Montgomery will have any better luck against Rick Romley than he had against Terry Goddard….oh and didn’t Andrew Thomas also get clobbered by Terry Goddard?

    Sarah….you lose when you run candidates who are too far to the right….and you lose when the party becomes so self righteous that people like “Yeah Right” and me are no longer welcome.

  5. Double Caffe-

    Though I would prefer all the things I outlined, how about just getting one? We don’t even get one from Romley.

    2006 was a big democrat year, many republicans were wiped out. Bill can’t be blamed for that. And thomas lost narrowly to goddard he was not “clobbered”

  6. Double Decaf Latte says

    53.5 to 46.4….is clobbered where I come from….that’s a 7 point spread Sarah. Montgomery got 40% to TG’s 60%

  7. Double Decaf Latte says

    Oh speaking of Clobbering….it sure was fun helping Carolyn Allen clobber Colette Rosati. :>) I just wanted to throw some “Red Meat” out there….I know how you folks love to hate Carolyn!

  8. Yeah right. says

    Only place I ever get called a leftist is on this blog and seeing red.

    Guess I am one extinct RINO- but then I guess the R party forgot how long it was from Hoover to Ike- who was called a RINO in his day too.

    Simply amazing how little tolerance there is in this so called big tent.

  9. The big tent idea has not been diminished even a little. We welcome everyone into the big tent. The problem is people forget the big tent has rules. If you can adhere to the Party platform and rule, you have no business representing the Party.

    The platform is voted on by ALL members and says what it means to be Republican. Don’t like the platform? Change it, but until then don’t try to represent the Party. To do so make you a liar. Recycled Rick the rat is such a liar.

    By the way, please don’t forget to put those petition in the recycle bin.

  10. Stephen Kohut says

    I get a good laugh when a RINO tries to hand me and fellow conservative PC’s their ballot petitions. We usually respond with, “You are joking, right?” Some tend to get upset. We just smile and remind the of the power of the PC to endorse and support who they choose. Romley will be sucking hind teat in getting PC support in Maricopa County with a 4/1 conservative majority.

  11. I have no problem with Republicans having diffenent views on some issues. I do have a problem with so-called Republicans consistently endorsing Democrats. I generally don’t like the term RINO but Romley has shown he is no longer a Republican. You cannot endorse democrats over and over and hope to win a Republican primary.

  12. Why does Joe continue to get a pass for endorsing Napolitano? Imagine a state without Janet!

  13. Double Decaf Latte says

    And didn’t Mayor Gordon endorse Andy Thomas?

  14. Romley has every right to be pro abortion, pro illegal immigrant, anti arpaio.

    he has every right to back democratic candidates

    he has every right to be a lobbyist for goddard.

    but at some point you have to he a democrat or republican?

    If he gets nominated then it changes the definition of what is a republican and it’s a change that the party faithful should not endorse.

  15. Would those of you who are “Democrat light” Republican RINOS do one thing – PLEASE GO JOIN THE DEMOCRATS. Your leftist agenda will be most welcome over there. Being lukewarm and centrist is as unappealing as a bucket of spit.

  16. EastValleyPC says

    Bill Montgomery is a thoughtful conservative who is capable of representing our Party’s platform proudly. The differences between him and Romley go deeper than just the basics outlines in this post. Montgomery = Republican the entire Party can be proud of. Romley = confused Democrat trying to take political advantage of a Republican dominated county.

  17. My comment #9 should say If you can’t adhere to the Party platform and rule, you have no business representing the Party.

    sorry, having keyboard issues.

  18. “Big Tents” become towers of Babel especially when they’re raised and inhabited by social climbing wanna be limousine liberals!

    “Yeah Right” and the “Decaff Ditz” should acquire some intellectual honesty and re-register!

  19. It’s time to pick a side. Do you want to continue the slide to socialism/communism, or do you want to restore the republic?

  20. Romely, had sixteen years to do something about our borders. He did nothing and put obsticles in the way for Joe. He was only appointed to again get in Joe’s way. Throw him out. He is a has been, do nothing rat!
    Bill is our man. He will do a good job for us the Citizens.

  21. Paul Revere says

    What can citizens do when a Board of Supervisors appointment is not to their liking? Protest the appointment by issuing a recall, and take the BoS to task en masse. Where are the objectors and protesters when you need them? Why settle for anything that the majority does not approve of? We should thwart everything Romley does.

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