Republican LegisTraitors join Democrats to Blow up the AZ Republican Budget.

The Coalition of Corruption – They’re Back!

Last night in the Arizona House the republican LegisTraitors create chaos and blew up the Arizona Senate Republican budget because it does not spend enough.  The Senate passed a budget with a $400 million structural deficit last week but that was not enough for the group pinning for a 2008 Napolitano replay.  They want a Democrat budget.  They want to spend your money – actually it is your future money. Yes the Republicans that formed the Coalition of Corruption in the 2013 Special Session are siding with the Democrats once again.

The amendments and increased spending requested by the Coalition of Corruption has been scored by the non-partisan JBLC to give Arizona a $1 Billion deficit by 2017. This is “recurring spending” meaning the spending will occur every single year (and we know once started it never stops). They want it and they shut down the budget process last night because they did not get it.  So, the LegisTraitors once again sided with 100% of the Democrats and killed a Republican budget.

They want more stuff and they each have their own list.

Heather Carter, LD15, wants more money so Medicaid can provide dental service.  The expansion is just not enough.

Ethan Orr, LD9, wants more money for the UofA. $4.2 million.

Brophy-McGee, LD 28, wants more for the Office of Child Welfare, $6.8 million more than the $21.5 Brewer wants.

Hey, I want more too.  I want to keep more of my money. (There I go being an extremist.)

The Democrats cheer tweeting away “Good work Dems…first bill killed” and then “We’re Dems we eat Senate budgets for breakfast.  Who needs scorpions?” from Victoria Steele @SteeleForHouse.

More, more, more.  A few million here, another few million there.  Like kids lined up with their wish list waiting to see Santa Claus the LegisTraitors refuse to see that Santa’s bag, our pocketbooks, are empty.  Once again the LegisTraitors refuse to cooperate with the Republicans and stand on the Republican planks of fiscal responsibility and limited government instead leaping across the aisle to steal hard-working taxpayer money to fund bigger-government and create new or add to existing entitlements.

Christine Bauserman
Chairwoman, Alliance of Principled Conservatives

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