Republic sheds cred on SB 1070

The Arizona Republic is mad.  Circulation is way down, but worst of all is the fact that nobody cares what they think anymore.

The most recent example is on SB 1070.  Despite heavy editorializing against it and one-sided, anti-1070 “news coverage” SB 1070 was voted into law by our elected representatives and is supported by 70% of Arizonans.  But instead of the powers that be at the Republic asking themselves why they have lost influence, the Republic’s response is to start shouting in hopes that will make a difference.

In Sunday’s front page editorial the Republic scolded various elected officials in Arizona, including Senators Kyl and McCain, state Senator Russell Pearce and Governor Brewer.

The Republic hates SB 1070, but they also want amnesty, which they call “a path to legalization for the current undocumented population.”  The public has never supported amnesty.  They know that once the illegal aliens here are legalized, promises of border security will evaporate, just like last time.  Also, with a 10% unemployment rate, Americans simply won’t accept the argument that they should be forced to compete with another 11 million workers who are currently here illegaly that the Republic wants to give citizenship to.

In its editorial the Republic complains that our leaders are failing Arizona.  The Republic doesn’t have to win elections, unlike the officials the Republic attacked in its editorial.  Every indication is that our elected officials are actually listening to the people of Arizona rather than Republic, which is once again light years away from where the people of Arizona are.  That’s what really bothers the Republic.


  1. Stephen Kohut says

    Liberal to Conservative translation

    undocumented immigrant = criminal alien
    redistribution of wealth = communism
    global warming = scientific fraud
    prochoice = murder
    entitlement = redistribution of wealth (see above)
    public education = indoctrination
    affirmative action = discrimination

  2. Carlist says

    And the “Repugnant” scores a perfect 7.

    But never fear, the “reporters” and “editorial staff” will be picked up by “The New Times” !

    A perfect ideological fit!

  3. The Republic is worthless. It has been for years. When they promote their paper by putting $300 worth of coupons sticker on the front page…you know they are in trouble.

  4. kralmajales says

    Why is everyone talking about troops on the border and nothing has been done about it here in Arizona? YOu have the house, Senate, Gov, treasurer, sec of state, and the Sup. of Public Schools.

    Janet Napolitano sent the national guard to the border. Your party wont.

    Sound like a whooooooole lot of talk and absolutely NOOOOOOOO action.

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    Napolitano sent a handful of Guard to the border without ammo and rules of engagement where they could not defend themselves. Definately hawkish in illegal immigration.

  6. I really enjoyed the facts shared on this blog. Thanks.

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