Republic pushes boycott of Arizona

So far the much talked about boycott of Arizona over SB 1070 just isn’t happening.  This hasn’t stopped the media from covering the topic excessively.  Our local paper is busy pushing the boycott too, as evidenced by their front page article today

The Republic really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to cobble this story together.  They cite a meeting cancellation by the American Immigration Attorney’s Association, who are probably annoyed that their client base of illegal aliens is being deported.   They talk about officials from the City of San Francisco, as if anyone here cares what they think.  And of course there is open borders Spanish language newspaper La Opinion.  They also talk about a few facebook pages. 

None of this is at all surprising coming from these left-wing groups, but when you’re hot to gin up a boycott, they’ll have to do.  Maybe the Republic and media colleagues are so desperate to see this go somewhere because they think Arizona should be boycotted over the law, which they opposed, or maybe they’re just annoyed that nobody listens to them anymore.

Either way, there’s no mistaking the fact that this boycott business is not a grassroots movement but an invention of the media which, no coincidence, hates SB 1070.


  1. Marcus Kelley says

    The Repugnant is on it’s last legs anyway. I suggest we conservatives stake the heart of this vampire. If you’re a Republican, cancel your subscription to the Repugnant. They hate you anyway, so, why give money to an organization that’s working against you?

  2. I see what you’re talking about. Since violent crime, kidnapping, human smuggling, and drug traffic have been the main headlines coming out of Arizona over several years, a boycott of Arizona by irrational fanatics is not such a bad idea in my view. Besides, it goes both ways, I’ve been boycotting azcentral all this time. To be fair, there are two ways to look at the situation:

    On one hand we can please a large illegal immigration population, their lawyers and the other big time criminals they attract.

    On the other hand we can please tourists and businesses interested in peaceful resort destinations, safe wilderness outings, and urban experiences with fewer car-jackings and ID theft.


  3. DRUDGE had this link to REUTERS, under “create havoc” but the havoc teaser is quite misleading.

    REUTERS quotes quite a few Mexicans who’ve been living in Arizona illegally. They discuss upgrading their vehicles to a nicer brand to avoid the “rinky-dinky” effect that might catch cop’s attention, relocating to … Nevada or Colorado or, well, maybe, oh well, just going back to Mexico.

    “Havoc” isn’t the word for deliberate weighing of the options, the situation and the hassel factor. The Mexicans illegally residing and working in the USA are behaving very rationally – they moved here bacuase there was a comparative advantage and lots of benefits, now that the advantage is disappearing and the benefits are coming with increased risk of sudden deportation, they are making decisions to mosey on to greener pastures. No panic, just the way things pan out. Not even surprise, more fatalistic – it was bound to end sometime, so had a good run while it lasted.

    Wayy better insight from that article than any other we’ve read.

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