Republic makes no mention that office was killed by illegal alien

It is sad to read that another Phoenix Police Officer, Shane Figueroa, has died because of an illegal alien. Our hearts and prayers go out to his widow their young child.

The Arizona Republic covered the news but was unable to mention the fact that the suspect is an illegal alien with several prior arrests for DUI. KTAR and the Arizona Daily Star are willing to include the regrettable story behind officer Figueroa’s preventable death.


  1. they actually were being responsible journalists. They didn’t have proof he was an illegal alien and definitely didn’t hide the fact that he had Bern arrested multiple times before using another name.

    Decent argument but not fully accurate in this case.

  2. FraudShadegg says

    If the facts show it to be an illegal alien, John Shadegg can blame it on “xenophobia” and “intolerance.” Read his ludicrous comment in today’s New York Times here.

  3. KFYI is the only media outlet I’ve heard today who did mention the status of the perpetrator.

  4. Considering every law enforcement agency has limited manpower, wouldn’t it make the most sense to focus on the illegals with warrants, like this guy, rather than random janitors at Mesa City Hall? It used to be common sense that police targeted the most dangerous criminals. Now it seems some want to focus on those that are easiest to pick up.

  5. @Roger Actually, the perp. admitted to police that he was in the country illegally. What better proof can you get?!?

  6. Precinct Committeeman says

    I am outraged.

    You people who are critical of attempts to rid our country of this plague of Mexican illegal immigrants should be ashamed. The media that shield them should be ashamed. The politicians that coddle to them should be banished to the private sector.

    How many dead Ameicans will be enough? How many?

    You anti-war zealots – why are you not complaining about the killing of Americans on our on streets by people who are not supposed to be in our country?

    It is a total outrage. Illigal Mexicans (and other illigals from other countries) should be sent home with no amnesty plan. They can get in line to become American citizens, not hyphanated American criminals.

    I have had enough. And, you pansies who think not identifying immigrant status is responsible journalism – ask yourself, what if that police officer had been my son? It’s time to get a backbone and expell those illegals back to their home countries.

  7. kralmajales says

    If it had been my son or a family member. I would be outraged and want the individual prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period. If the person was here on warrants, I would want to know why they were out of jail.

    That they are here illegally makes absolutely no difference in what I said above. It wouldn’t bring my child back.

    I will say this. Most drunk drivers in America are Americans. Most criminals in America are Americans…by far. Most cops killed in America are killed by Americans.

    Using this example…enormously tragic…to argue in some way that this is a problem of illegal immigration is patently wrong.

  8. kralmajales says

    And Precint Committeman,

    Where is YOUR party in this? Don’t blame this on liberals. This state is (until Nov. 4th) virtually controlled by the GOP…has been for 20 years. Your national party had 8 years of near full control of federal govt. and did JACK. Both Senators here are GOP and did JACK. Both houses of the legislature….JACK.

    OH…and one more thing…have you heard peep about immigration politics from McCain, Palin, or any major GOP candidate in this election?

    I watched the debates…and also the entire GOP convention. NOTHING.

    So tell me? Under what fantasy do you live thinking that the GOP is actually tough on this issue and wouldn’t likely be eclipsed by the Democrats on it?

  9. Iris Lynch says

    Of course, I am with you Mr. P C, K brings into the argument extras that were not mentioned by you.

    Of course more Americans are drunk drivers than non-Americans on a one by one count, but not by a percentage of the each group involved. Culture has a lot to do with the higher percentage of illegals’ drunk driving. These cold numbers outrank the deaths in Iraq, that people like you, K, have been so overwrought about..but not lately. Further and most important to the survivors of these tragedies is that these perpetrators SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Are we to be a nation of law and order or not? If Obama is elected, we will soon understand that law and order will be quite selective.


    By Bob Haran;

    Prop. 202, the deceptively named Stop Illegal Hiring act, will do just the opposite of what it says. The greedy employers that have done everything in their power to obstruct enforcement of employer sanctions, have now resorted to out-right lying to the public to escape any punishment for illegally hiring undocumented workers. Make no mistake, if Prop. 202 passes, there will be NO enforcement or punishment for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

    Don’t believe the TV and radio ads, Prop. 202 is one big lie. The availability of jobs is the biggest magnet causing people to illegally enter the United States. Some of those poor people have died in our desert attempting to fill underpaid jobs for the greedy employers backing Prop. 202. The business interest backing this proposition couldn’t care less about those people, they just want to profit from the cheap labor they provide, and let the taxpayer pick up the slack.

    Look at those numbers, over $898,000 to obstruct enforcement of a law that was passed with bi-partisan support by the legislature and signed by the governor. Only $15, 315 to try to get the truth out about this deception. Read the proposition yourself, it doesn’t do what they say it will.

    Please contact everyone in your address book, let them know the truth about Prop. 202. The only weapon we have to counter these big money interest is word of mouth. Talk to your friends and neighbors, don’t let them get away with this deliberate deception.

    The illegal immigration issue has divided the people of this state for too long. Those that have demanded enforcement have been unfairly characterized as racist and the Hispanic community has become the scapegoat for people’s frustration with illegal immigration. We are about to go into a terrible recession or possibly worse, a complete economic breakdown. Those jobs they say Americans don’t want, Americans will need. Now is the time for the greedy employers that have caused the problem of massive illegal immigration to pay the price for their greed. Allow the law to be enforced, say NO to prop. 202.

    The greedy employers opposed to employer sanctions have organized themselves into a group called Wake Up Arizona, these are their members;

    • Mac Magruder, owns McDonald’s franchises

    • Ray Arvizu, owns Arvizu Advertising & Promotions, a Hispanic marketing firm

    • Tom Barnett, owns Good Egg and Eggery restaurants and Burger King franchises

    • Steve Chucri, president, Arizona Restaurant Association

    • Jim Click, Tucson car dealer

    • Jerry Colangelo, former owner, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks

    • Brian Day O’Connor, owns a commercial real estate firm and a carwash; son of former U.S. Supreme Court justice

    • Nicole Dreier, representing Burger King franchises

    • Barry Goldwater Jr., son of former U.S. senator

    • Danny Hendon, owns Danny’s Family Car Washes

    • Steve Hilton, chief executive, Meritage Homes

    • Gordon James, owns public relations firm

    • James LeVecke, owns Carl’s Jr. franchises

    • Jeff Moorad, general manager, Arizona Diamondbacks

    • Mary Rose Wilcox, Maricopa County supervisor, owner El Portal restaurant.


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