Republic Disgusted with Criticism of ACLU Tim

Apparently in this years race for Maricopa County Attorney the Republic finds it undesirable that a third party would run a commercial critical of Democrat Tim Nelson, better know as ACLU Tim.  The commercial run by the Arizona Republican Party pointed out the connections between Nelson and the ACLU as well as a growing number of defense attorneys, including Jason Lamm.  It notes that Lamm’s contribution of $390 to the Nelson campaign was donated (ironically) to a charity for murdered children, but fails to note that this only occurred after Thomas excoriated him for accepting the money in the first place.  The ad implied that Nelson’s connections to these groups would lead to greater leniency for child rapists and murders.  The Republic article this morning condemns the ad and tries to link it to the ad run by the Republican Party against Dan Saban.  In fact the article is written in such a way that the casual reader might confuse the content of the two. 

This is unconscionable; the paper is clearly trying to influence the election outside of its editorial endorsements with the nature of this article.  ACLU Tim’s background qualifies him fully to act as the head of the public defender’s office, but he is wholly unsuited to act as head of the counties prosecution agency.  What is wrong with a third party ad, which had no influence from the Thomas campaign as voiced by consultant Jason Rose, pointing out the dangerous connections between the Democratic candidate and the defense attorney’s who do their best to get child rapists and pornographers, murderers and other deviant persons out of jail and prison.  What’s “sickening” is not this ad as ACLU Tim claims but his unashamed association with these people.


  1. Sonoran Sam says

    I should’ve known that you’d be proud of those ads, SA.

  2. I’m as Republican as they come but ads like these will do nothing but damage the Party. People are so turned off by it and it’s shocking to see it continue after attacks like these completely backfired in the Pearce race. He was going to win 60-40 anyway and the ads just gave him an extra 10%. we’re going to lose the House and if we keep this up the Senate and other important spots will be going Blue.

  3. kralmajales says

    Roger is right.

  4. SonoranSam,

    I go back to my previous question to you several months ago. The Dems invented connecting donations to a candidate. Does Tom Delay or Foley ring a bell? Are you saying its okay for Dems but not anyone else? Or are you saying you just don’t want anyone to talk about it?

  5. So today the “liberal” Republic came out and endorsed John Shadegg, how does SA explain that?

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