Representative Giffords defends her vote.

      CD 8 Representative Gabrielle Giffords is one of the people who switched her vote in favor of the bailout. Her office was nice enough to send out a press release so I am linking to it here. It is a little long but this part stood out to me:

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act not only addresses these concerns but also promotes growth-oriented policies with clear tax benefits for Southern Arizonans and all Americans.

The most important among these for Southern Arizona’s economic development is an eight-year extension of the residential and commercial solar tax credits.

      We are in the middle of the largest economic crisis on decades and Gabrielle thinks the solar tax credit is the most important issue. I just don’t get it.


  1. Ahhh. We understand better now how she votes in lockstep with Pelosi. They are on an equal footing logic-wise. And who would have thought Gabby was a comedienne?

  2. She voted to get another badge she can wear during her campaign for re-election—the solar tax credit badge. It’s that simple.

  3. And she will be re-elected, and I hate to say this to you Pelosi “lovers” out there, no one cares. No one cares about Nancy Pelosi, but people that are not going to vote for Giffords anyway.

    Keep running those ads. It won’t matter a bit.

  4. Uh take a look at what happened on this President’s watch and get back to me on the freakin constitution.

    How can you even say that?

    Oh yeah, this is the President’s bill…I forgot”!!!!!!!


    and Shaddeggs.

    Do you agree with me?

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