Representative Frank Antenori’s Statement on passage of amendment to SB1002

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For Immediate Release: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“The Legislature must take a two-pronged approach to our economic crisis. We must fix the current budget deficit and create more jobs.

With the State taking on more debt, job creation is critical to generate revenues to offset it. We now have a great opportunity for the Senate to move on one of the most important pieces of legislation before us and move to grow our economy now. HB2250 does exactly that, which is why I offered my amendment to SB1002 to make the education rollover conditional upon the Economic and Job Recovery Bill becoming law.

The amendment received full support from a sizeable majority of all Republicans present on the Floor — clearly highlighting how important House Republicans see HB2250 in growing our economy and bringing revenue back in alignment with debt.”


  1. It sounds nice, but what’s the strategy for “making jobs?”

    A link to the bill perhaps? And what’s the exact nature of this “educational rollover?

    It’d help understand this press release better.

  2. wanumba = good point!

    The Economic and Jobs blahdiddyblahblah bill is nothing more than subsidies to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and their buddies.

    I.e. it’s a SPENDING BILL.

    Shame on Antenori!

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