Rep. Reagan Shutters Congressional Campaign Office

Last Thursday’s vote on HB2641 (Parental Consent) was a nice victory for pro-life, pro-family forces at the Capitol.  During a session when increased numbers of liberal Democrats is making it difficult to pass common-sense reforms that protect families and the unborn, the 34-21 passage of a Parental Consent bill was a solid boost to pro-life groups.  3 Democrats supported the bill (Brown, McGwire and Rios) while 2 Republicans opposed it.  While the No vote of Rep. Pete Hershberger (R-LD26) was not a surprise, many folks expressed surprise that the only other Republican to oppose the measure was Rep. Michele Reagan (R-LD08).

Ever since her involvement in the coup attempt on former Speaker Jake Flake that ultimately passed Janet Napolitano’s bloated budget in 2004, Reagan has been attempting to cultivate an image as a reasonable moderate, voting with the Republican majority on most measures.  Yet Thursday’s vote served as a powerful reminder that Rep. Reagan remains little more than a Carolyn Allen clone.  Her desire to succeed Sen. Allen (R-LD08) when Allen retires seemingly obligates her to carry water for extreme causes such as this.

Denying parents the right to be involved in life and death decisions where their minor children are concerned places Reagan well outside the mainstream, not just of the Republican party, but the general public as well.  Folks at the Capitol say that this is confirmation that Reagan is not considering a congressional run for the CD05 seat and that she is content to wait for the Allen Senate seat.

Mom and Daughter.jpg  As experts often point out, many victims of rape and abuse who are impregnated by their abuser are often taken to the abortion clinic by that abuser, usually a much older man.  There the evidence of the crime is scrapped from the minor’s belly without her parents ever knowing about what was going on.  Fortunately, the bill passed over Reagan’s and Hershberger’s objections and parents may soon be able to look out for the health and well-being of their young daughters while protecting them from continued assault by those sexual predators.


  1. Michelle Reagan has never voted for a pro-life bill with the exception of one cloning bill last session.

    I’m not surprised that she voted against a parent’s right to give consent to their teenage daughter seeking an abortion. It’s in her nature to vote against such reasonable legislation.

    What I am surprised about is that no organizations have mentioned the fact that this bill is making its way through the legislature. How could this bill not be on the radar screen?

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Somebody famous already said something about this…

    “Extremism in the defense of child molesters is no virtue…”

    Something like that?

  3. No way Mr. Janet Nappy signs this bill.

    Thank G-d for term limits!!!

  4. Just Curious says

    I’ve not read this legislation, and can’t speak directly to its merits, but knowing Representative Reagan, I have no doubt that she had a good reason for voting against this bill. I for one trust her judgment and short of anyone taking the time to read the bill, line for line, and taking into account all of the consequences of passing such a bill, I do not see where anyone has a leg to stand on when criticizing her.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Okay Just Curious, so Reagan and Hershberger had good judgment in denying parents a role in the medical care their minor daughter receives and the other 31 Republicans who voted for it were all wrong… Riiiiight…

    Looks like your personal friendship is clouding your judgment, both on this bill and on Reagan.

    Anyone who believes that you should be able to cut into someone’s child without their parents knowledge and permission is out of their minds. Everyone who criticizes that is correct to do so.

    If you want to see pictures of those without legs to stand on, there are plenty of photographs available of the precious little ones who were chopped into tiny pieces and then removed from their mother’s womb with surgical tweezers. What a shame you refuse to “stand” for them and choose instead to support those who sanction their death.

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