Rep. Quayle Applauds Passage of Free Trade Agreements

CONTACT: Richard Cullen

WASHINGTON (DC) Congressman Ben Quayle (R-AZ) released the following statement Wednesday after the House passed free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea:

“After waiting nearly three years for the President to send them over, the free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea have passed out of the House. I voted in favor of the agreements and strongly urge the Senate to follow suit because they will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in America and bring much-needed economic growth to Arizona. The third district, for instance, with its thriving high-tech sector, already has approximately 35,000 jobs directly supported by exports. With these trade agreements nearly finalized, that number will surely climb.

“Although they will not solve all of our economic woes, these agreements help maintain America’s competitiveness. We live and work in a global economy. These agreements ensure that we don’t continue to lose market share to our economic competitors which leads to lower exports and fewer American jobs.”



  1. Ryan Lovato says

    Thank you Congressman Quayle for your commitment to free market economic trade policy!

    • True Conservative says

      I agree with the Congressman’s vote, but caution everyone to remember that a free market can only exist when all members of the market are committed to the rules of a free market. If one nation is cheating, then the efficiencies and equities of the market collapse.

  2. LIke I said in the later “Jeff Flake applauds the loss of American jobs” post…

    I’m not sure what’s to applaud here.

    How many Korean cars are on in the road in America? How many American cars are on the road in Korea? The disparity is insane.

    Anyone else remember the waves of prosperity that flowed over America when NAFTA was signed into law? Yeah, neither do I. 132 Republicans in the House ratified NAFTA along with 102 Democrats and apparently no one learned their lesson.

    Expect to see the few textile jobs that were left in America go to Colombia and Panama. Expect to see a lot more Kia’s and Hyundais on the road.

    • Most of the reason that the US sells hardly any cars in Korea is that Korea has high tariffs on imported cars. In contrast, current US tariffs on automobiles were not high to begin with. Tariffs and other regulations making the import of US cars into Korea prohibitive will be phased out under this agreement. US car exports to Korea should only go up under this free trade agreement. US car companies have less to worry about from this agreement than Japanese ones do.

      • True Conservative says

        Phased out is just another way of saying “you can keep cheating a little bit longer.”

        If they can cheat long enough to kill an American job, in this economy that job is lost forever.

        How tough is the global job market? Thailand’s min. wage for factory workers is being increased from $5/day to $10/day — and with that increase factories are going to relocate to Vietnam! We lose a job to overseas and it is never coming back.

        We need free trade that is truly free trade and we shouldn’t have to wait while some other country gets to keep cheating during a “phase out.”

        That said — an imperfect plan in progress is often better than the perfect plan that is never put into play.

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