Rep. Harry Mitchell sending out taxpayer-funded mailers that look like campaign ads

Has Rep. Harry Mitchell crossed the line? Members of Congress receive “franking” privileges which allow them to send out mail to their constituents paid for by us, the taxpayers. Check out his latest two mailers. They look like thinly disguised campaign pieces. If so, he has violated the law. Whatever the outcome, it is clear they look a lot like campaign brochures. Nice character, Harry.


  1. I guess I am confused. What are these mailers supposed to say? He uses the mailer to talk about the benefits of a credit card and what it does for people and that he voted for it. Same idea with vets. What are the mailers supposed to say if not info on bills and that he supports them.

    Could we have examples of mailers by other congressman or ones by mitchell that don’t do this.

    I am just genuinly not understanding what you think the mailers are supposed to say.

  2. Sorry that should say credit card bill* not just credit card.

  3. Pragmatic Conservative says

    We tried this with Giffords(CD-8) in 2008 when she spent $240,000 franking campaign literature. Mitchell is in clear violation but you are talking about a “sacred cow”. One of the CD candidates has to file a formal complaint with the FEC and the House.This is way over the top.

  4. I think I am more worried about the RNC (and others) sending out campaign material that looks like official government mailings (i.e. census mailers). What do most people do with campaign mailers? Throw them in the trash. We’ll need a bigger scandal than this to beat Mitchell.

  5. wanumba says

    Can’t stand the yellow ribbon. That evokes the yellow ribbons (from the song) for the US Embassy staff taken hostage by the radical Iranians – of which current President Ahmedinejad was an active hostage-taker, his very fist act of war against the USA.
    Yellow Ribbon = Jimmah Carter = begging = FAILURE = clean house = Ronald Reagan ….
    oh, wait a minute, maybe there is a happy ending after all.

  6. Reality says

    Yes, but will the GOP finally be able to reclaim the seat that JD Hayworth lost for us?

    Too bad we still don’t have a state or county party that is capable of doing something about Mitchell’s pathetic record.

    If anyone knows Three-Peat Schweikert or Jar Jar Ward, please tell them to get off their butt and start raising some hell about Old Man Mitchell.


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