Rep Flake: ‘It’s time to tell members of Congress to do their ‘Jobs’’

Genevieve Frye Rozansky

So Just How Broke Are We? 

Mesa, Arizona – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today illustrated the size and scope of the growing national debt.

Last week, Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs resigned his position at the helm of the second most valuable company in the world, according to Newsweek.

In the four years since its debut, Apple has sold more than 100 million iPhones – one of the flagship Apple products Jobs helped to shepherd from infancy to success. At about $200 each, the U.S. is so broke that our $14.4 trillion debt could buy 72 billion iPhones.

It’s time to tell members of Congress to do their ‘Jobs’ and find ways to start eliminating our debt now,” said Flake.

Along with Senators McCain and Rubio, Congressman Flake introduced H.R. 634, the Debt Buy-Down Act, which allows taxpayers to designate up to 10 percent of their federal income tax liability to reduce the national debt. The bill then requires Congress to reduce federal spending by that amount. More information on the Debt Buy-Down Act can be found here.




  1. Angel Garcia says

    Honorable Representative Jeff Flake:

    The GOP and Democrats ignore report after report from the Government Accountability (GAO) office stating how we can save almost a TRILLION dollars just by implementing the waste reduction methods the recommend. The GAO also after conducting a top-to-bottom audit of the federal reserve found $16 TRILLION is secret previously unaccounted for loans to US AND foreign banks. There are also problems with transparency when it comes to BOTH sides of the political fence releasing ANYTHING having to do with conflict of interest. An example of this was seen when the CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank received $390 BILLION in “financial assistance” while he was an active member of the New York Federal Reserve. His bank was also selected as one of the banks to hand out emergency loans during this same time period. Why are you NOT out there campaigning and raising awareness of situations like this? Are you playing partisan politics and defending someone who gives away nice sums of money to conservatives? You can use this to go after those on the left who are doing it as well. It does NOT have to be a partisan issue. An individual who serves on the Federal Reserve Board should NOT be allowed directly or indirectly receive monetary benefit from the Federal Reserve. If they receive money from the Federal Reserve in ANY way, shape, or form they should NOT be allowed to serve on the Federal Reserve Board. It should also be noted the Federal Reserve put out all kinds of NO BID contracts to outsource the emergency lending program. One of the recipients of these NO BID contracts was JP Morgan Chase.

    Will you do your part to ensure that stuff like this will no longer occur? Will you ensure that Wall-Street will no longer get FREE money? Will you ensure that loans will be made available to REAL small businesses, not scandalous S-Corps with MILLIONS in revenue and HUNDREDS of employees that thanks to tax loopholes can STILL call themselves a “small business?” Will you ensure that CEO’s like Joe Nacchio, Gregory Reyes, Phillip Bennett who were all found guilty will be punished to the FULLEST extent of the law, have to actually serve MOST of their time, and spend it in REGULAR prisons, not places like Martha Stewart’s camp cupcake prison? Will you fight for a simplified tax code that does NOT benefit the rich, but those making under $250,000? This is just a start, but I would LOVE to hear how you plan on addressing these issues.

    PLEASE do not give me politician speech like “I have been advocating for this for a long time,” or “that is not really the issue, the issue is…” PLEASE do not speak in generics like “I will reform the tax code,” or “I have a team working on ideas for how we can address those issues,” or “I will ensure money is readily available to small business.” PLEASE do not speak in an inquisitive tone like “Could the problem be that…” PLEASE do NOT be afraid to make DECLARATIVE sentences like “I will ensure small businesses have funding by sending a memo to my local SBA asking they give priority to businesses with less than 25 employees and less than $2 MILLION is assets.” PLEASE give me specifics on how YOU plan on fixing the issues I brought up. You may not be able to FULLY influence federal policies, but what will you do locally to fix the problems?

  2. Jeff, like you did your job when you did not show up to vote on can and trade? Oh was that because you had your own bill you wanted to introduce? Or is it because you want to tell the conservatives you would not have voted for cap and trade but tell the enviros that you introduced your own legislation? Did you do your job when you co-wrote the “Strive” act? Oh that is the house version of amnesty? Please answer those simple questions. Some in the Tea Party would like to know.

    • amattclarkson says

      I don’t know if I read that correctly, but your tone seemed more accusatory than wondering. But to answer your questions anyway: Yes, No, No, Yes, No.

      It would also seem that whenever the Tea Party “would like to know” something, they usually forget to ask the question. The Tea Party I frequent allows people to soap box(lecture) for a few minutes before asking a relatively incoherent question. In fact, they were similar to the questions you’ve asked. It’s as if they don’t need to ask the question, because they already know the answer better than the person they’re asking.

      It is disingenuous to ask questions in this fashion. It is unintelligent to claim to be part of the Tea Party and then attack one of the most conservative members we have in Congress (and soon to be the Senate.) Let’s not make either of these mistakes.

      • Conservative American says

        amattclarkson, don’t give us that sorry talking point that Congressman Flake is one of the most Conservative members of Congress. That’s a bunch of garbage. Congressman Flake co-sponsored the “STRIVE” Act which was defeated precisely because genuine Conservative members of Congress recognized it as amnesty legislation and summarily rejected it. Congressman Flake is a RINO who has supported a “pathway to citizenship” for those who have illegally entered our country. B. Hussein Obama also supports a “pathway to citizenship” and B. Hussein Obama is no Conservative.

    • Steve Calabrese says

      Sheesh, I can’t believe people still bring up the cap & trade thing.

      FACT: Flake released a statement condemning the cap & trade bill BEFORE the vote. – This destroys claims that Flake was somehow trying to curry favor with so-called “environmentalists”

      FACT: Flake checked with the whip to make sure that his vote was NOT required before leaving. Let’s face it, sometimes all of us take a day off of work and call to make sure that the workplace can get along without us. Flake made it clear he would not leave if his vote was required to make a difference. Flake knew that even if something utterly dramatic occurred, and he couldn’t fly back in time for the vote, it would STILL need to be voted on again after coming back from the Senate conference committee.

      FACT: Flake DID offer a carbon tax bill to the Democrats. He called their bluff. The Flake bill was an offer to institute a carbon tax, in return for abolishing the payroll tax, and with a provision that the carbon tax could never result in more revenue than the payroll tax brought in. It was a revenue-neutral bill that was meant to take away the disincentive for hiring Americans by having high payroll taxes, and it was also an attempt to prove to Independents and moderates that the “cap & trade” bills pushed by the Democrats were nothing more than money-grabs. Sure enough, once they realized that Flake’s bill would not give them more money to dole out to their connected friends, the Democrats quickly shunned Flake’s bill..and you notice that every attempt to bring forth a carbon tax since then has been halted dead? Flake’s bill was meant to expose Democratic hypocrisy, and it worked.

      • Conservative American says

        Sheeh, I can’t believe that Steve conveniently forgot to mention the “STRIVE” Act, just like Flake’s staff conveniently forgets to mention it in their press releases.

        FACT: Flake conspired with Luis Gutierrez, Democrat from Illinois, to craft the “STRIVE” Act.

        FACT: The “STRIVE” Act was defeated because Republicans considered it to be a piece of amnesty legislation.

        FACT: To this day, Flake’s staff still proclaims that working with Gutierrez on the “STRIVE” Act is an accomplishment to be proud of.

        FACT: Flake’s “STRIVE” Act contained a “pathway to citizenship” for those who entered this country illegally.

        FACT: Both Flake and B. Hussein Obama want a “pathway to citizenship” for those who have entered The United States of America illiegally.

        FACT: Flake can’t claim to be a Conservative and at the same time propose legislation which weakens our sovereignty, would bring into reality one of B. Hussein Obama’s goals in further weakening America, lends aid and comfort to Luis Gutierrez who came to Arizona to protest SB1070 and who supported a boycott of Arizona and when Flake is soft on those who have violated our laws.

        CONCLUSION: Jeff Flake is NOT a Conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He is aligned with Obama Democrats in their quest to bring about “One World” where The United States of America no longer exists as a soverign entity.

        • Steve Calabrese says

          Thanks for pointing out that I forgot to mention something.

          Flake never has and never will support amnesty.

          In 2005, he supported a bill that would have provided a way for those already here illegally to exit the country, re-enter the country legally, go to the back of the processing line, and apply for legal citizenship after paying a fine. This bill also had triggers that would have required actual work being done securing the border.

          That was 6 years ago.

          The bill failed, and since then, we’ve seen an exodus of people looking for work be turned into an exodus of drug mules;we’ve seen the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate a Mexican illegal population that has lost all hope of being legal here, but is also too scared to return to Mexico. We’ve seen the far-left Aztlan fanatics, who want to see Mexico take over the southwestern US, become emboldened and go public with their outrageous demands. We’ve seen nothing of substance done on the border, massive government corruption begin to HIDE the fact that nothing is being done on the border, and we’ve seen the drug cartels take advantage of the situation to actually infiltrate American law enforcement.

          And, there’s no way we’re going to see anything meaningful done on the border until Obama is out of office. So, from 2005 to 2013, that’s 8 years of the problem getting worse.

          Now, if we had deported the people who didn’t comply, and assimilated those who did, we’d have a secure border, and the Aztlan people would be preaching to their small circle of nutcases instead of from the universities. Just counting Hispanics, that’s 12 million Catholic, God-fearing, pro-life people who could be potential citizens, at a time when the Catholic Church, for all its socialist leanings, is focusing on pro-life issues. Flake’s 2005 plan could never work now – as Flake himself says, the corruption is now too rampant, and the drug lords have too much control now over the illegal traffic. Plus, there are vested powerful interests in both parties that want to keep the illegals…illegal…the Republican establishment, in league with business interests that benefit from the labor and as a bogeyman again the right, and the Democrats, that use the plight of the illegals to extract money from their gullible base, and who also hope to “semi-legalize” the illegals to the point where they can use them for voter fraud.

          It’s a mess. Flake tried to fix it. His solution, while possibly flawed, might have worked. Instead, we’ve had 8 years of chaos.

          • Conservative American says

            Jeff Flake’s “STRIVE” Act contained not one, but three amnesty programs.

            The first allowed for any illegal alien to apply for “conditional nonimmigrant status” if he could establish a continuous physical presence in the U. S. since June 1, 2006. After six years, the conditional nonimmigrant could obtain lawful permanent residence. It was not required that he or she return to their country of origin but only that they “touch” the border. This provision became known as “touchback” and was justifiably ridiculed as meaningless.

            The second amnesty program in Flake’s bill allowed for the issuance of “blue cards” to illegal alien agricultural workers. It allowed for nearly 1.5 million illegal aliens, their spouses and their children to obtain legal status if they had been engaged in regular agricultural employment for the two years ending December 31, 2006. Three years after receiving a “blue card”, the illegal alien could “adjust” to permanent resident status and then obtain U. S. citizenship.

            The third amnesty program contained in Jeff Flake’s “STRIVE” Act allowed for any illegal alien who entered the country before turning 16, remained in the country for five years and enrolled in primary or secondary school to be granted a “stay of removal” and work authorization. Illegal aliens who finished high school would be granted conditional immigrant status and could adjust to lawful permanent resident status upon completion of a two-year degree program.

            So your statement, Steve, that Flake never has and never will support amnesty is factually in error. Flake, is his “STRIVE” Act, proposed the creation of not one, but three amnesty programs.

            The “STRIVE” Act is the “STRIVE” Act of 2007. It was brought up in the 2007-2008 Congress. So your statement that it was six years ago is factually in error. It was brought up only four years ago.

            Among the co-sponsors of the “STRIVE” Act were then U. S. Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who went on to serve as B. Hussein Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and who is now Mayor of Chicago, and Raul Grijalva, Democrat U. S. Congressman from Arizona, who urged a boycott of Arizona over SB1070.

            The rest of what you have said, Steve, is totally irrelevant and entirely subjective. We are not talking about border security, we are talking about amnesty. Border security is both a red herring and a Liberal Democrat tactic. Obama and his Marxist allies want to trade securing the border for amnesty. No deal. It is their sworn duty to keep our borders secure. We are not going to give them the amnesty they want in exchange for doing the job they should already be doing.

            Flake didn’t try to fix anything. He tried to get his left wing, liberal, Democrat, amnesty program passed by Congress. His “solution” wasn’t flawed, it was no solution at all. It was Democrat amnesty pure and simple and it was openly backed by Luis Gutierrez, Raul Grijalva, Zoe Lofgren, John Conyers and Rahm Emanuel. Those individuals are not Conservative. They are left wing Liberals and would never be caught backing a Conservative piece of legislation.

      • Steve, you are an appologist for Flake, but the truth of the situation is, Flake works on our dime, not the whips dime. We voted for him we can send him packing. I am hoping I see a new face this time in DC.

  3. Conservative American says

    We aren’t interested in hearing from you about the debt, Congressman Flake. We are interested in hearing from you about illegal aliens. Why?

    Together with Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) you co-sponsored the “STRIVE” Act which went down to defeat because it was viewed by Conservative congressional Republicans as an amnesty bill.

    What we want to hear from you is whether or not you still support the “STRIVE” Act. We want to know if you still favor “comprehensive immigration reform”. We want to know if, like B. Hussein Obama, you still favor a “pathway to citizenship” for law breakers who have entered our country illegally.

    When I called your office, your staff immediately and proudly proclaimed how you had worked with Luis Gutierrez on the “STRIVE” Act, as if that were virtuous. To me, that was an abomination.

    Let us not forget that your co-sponsor, Mr. Gutierrez, travelled all the way here to Arizona from his Chicago district to protest SB1070 and to call for a boycott of Arizona. You need to keep better company.

    You continue to post press releases in this forum about everything except your position on illegal immigration and illegal aliens. Avoidance won’t work, Congressman. Each and every time that you post a press release on some other issue, we will bring you right back to the “STRIVE” Act, Luis Gutierrez, illegal immigration, illegal aliens and your support for a “pathway to citizenship”.

    The first thing you need to learn, Congressman Flake, is that you can’t snow Arizona voters. We are going to hold your feet to the fire regarding illegal aliens no matter how much or how often you try to change the subject.

  4. Thank you all, it seems that Matt is the one accusing a constituient of Jeff Flake’s of not appreciating his lies to us. A typical Flake response to his NOT listening and NOT doing his job. I was at the town hall at Bashs’s high school, we listened to his excuses and it turned out to be the big LIE. There was no even on Friday the day he did not show up to vote on Cap and Trade, the events were Thursday and Saturday, again Flake LIED to us the voters of LD6.

    But Flake came crawling to the Tea Party when he tried to get their support a few months ago, or maybe you did not know that. Flake is now back peddeling on his AMNESTY, ala John McNasty, but maybe just maybe Flake will keep his promise and resign. OR IS THAT NOT PART OF HIS JOB KEEPING HIS WORD?

    • Conservative American says

      Thanks for the additional information, JohnG! It’s great getting intel directly from the front in this battle!

      When ever we hear the “big lie” that Flake is one of the most Conservative members of Congress, the evidence given to support that is always regarding financial issues. However, there are equally important issues facing this country, like illegal immigration, and the Flake people never want to talk about his history regarding that. It’s slight of hand; “Look over here!” Sorry, Flake supporters, but we’re looking at the entire picture and that is not the picture of a Conservative.

      Flake is a “One World” guy just like Obama. It is this “bipartisan”, “unisex”, “no difference” syndrome which we are fighting over within the Republican Party. We want a choice when we go to the polls and with candidates like Flake, all we are being offered are “One World” Democrats in Republican clothing. Sorry, no sale!

      • Even on financial issues, Flake is not the “most conservative” he makes himself out to be.

        He float bills he knows will go nowhere (like Shadegg used to do) that APPEAR conservative, but never see the light of day on the floor.

        He votes no when he knows yes votes are overwhelming and he has political cover from leadership to go ahead and vote no so he can look clean for his constituents.

        However, when house leadership, AZ delegation leadership, or GOP caucus tells him to vote a certain way, he does, without exception and without regard for the constitution or his constituency.

        Why? Well HECK, we wouldn’t want to put that congressional pension and healthcare plan in jeopardy, would we?

        And now that we are past the 3 term mark, we’re not beholden to our constituents at all any more are we Jeff, now that we have that congressional pension plan and healthcare plan in the bank.

        The game is up. Everyone sees through the spin now except for perhaps some teaparty newbies. LOL

        • amattclarkson says

          We disagree again, Oberserve. Did Flake have leadership protection when he was stripped of his committee assignments for voting against the party? History doesn’t portray the same picture you’re painting.

          I still don’t understand how it is not considered fiscally conservative to promote fiscally conservative legislation, even though you know it’s going to be shot down. By the way, some have credited Jeff Flake with bringing about the moratorium on earmarks, single-handedly.

          • Matt, please tell us where does Flake gest the money for his social programs, Oh you mean it takes money to give 20 million illegals aliens amnesty, give them social security, educate them give them free health care, they pay very little if no taxes again all that is done on my dime. I resent that, I and 80% of us said no but again old Jeffy boy wanted the votes to keep him in office.

  5. Tiny Elvis says

    I like turtles

  6. MesaConservative21 says

    Crazies. Crazies. Crazies.

    • Conservative American says

      Who, precisely, might the “crazies” be, MesaConservative21?

      • Tiny Elvis says

        Crazies are anyone who might argue that Flake is not a conservative. Granted, I’m all for arguing degrees on conservatism. For example, one candidate being more conservative than the other.

        Only in Arizona would crazies make a straight-faced argument that Flake is NOT a conservative. Anyone making that argument clearly has not seen much of the country.

        I don’t offer an opinion contrary or in favor of one candidate or another. But really — Flake not conservative? Do you actually believe that?

        • Conservative American says

          Name-calling is a disingenuous tactic used by liberals when they have no facts to support their arguments.

          Tiny Elvis wrote: “Only in Arizona would crazies make a straight-faced argument that Flake is NOT a conservative.” You have a problem with Arizona? Spill it.

          Tiny Elvis wrote: “Flake not conservative? Do you actually believe that?” Did I not put it in writing? Have I not addressed the “STRIVE” Act hatched by Flake and Luis Gutierrez, the Chicago Democrat from the Obama machine?

          Have I not pointed out that the “STRIVE” Act would have provided for Obama’s beloved “pathway to citizenship”?

          Have I not pointed out that Flake’s “STRIVE” Act went down to defeat because his fellow Republicans in Congress saw is as amnesty legislation?

          Instead of calling YOU crazy, let me provide you with some facts as reported by the “Orange County Register”:

          “Immigration bill gets a hearing
          September 06, 2007|By VANJA PETROVIC”

          “WASHINGTON – Although the debate about a comprehensive immigration overhaul was stopped cold in the Senate earlier this year, the House immigration subcommittee held a hearing on the issue Thursday.”

          “The session, called by subcommittee Chairwoman Rep. Zoe Lofgren, came as a surprise because there is nearly no possibility of an immigration bill getting through Congress before the 2008 presidential election.”

          “Lofgren, D-San Jose, said she was enormously disappointed by the Senate’s failure to pass a measure and wanted to give the issue a full airing in her subcommittee.”

          “We should be ashamed of ourselves,” for not passing a bill, said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill. “We have failed the American people.”

          “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., complained about the use of the word amnesty.”

          “This term amnesty has been misused more times in this debate than any other word I’ve heard in any other debate,” Conyers said. “I’ve never before noticed so much anti-immigrant bias.”

          So, what do we have here, Tiny Elvis? We have Democrat Zoe Lofgren of California, the champion of illegal immigration, giving Flake’s bill a hearing in her Immigration Subcommittee even though she knows it will never pass. What a valiant effort by a Liberal Democrat on behalf of Flake’s legislation!

          We have Liberal Democrat Luis Gutierrez, part of Obama’s Chicago machine, bemoaning the fact that Flake’s bill didn’t pass.

          We have Liberal Democrat John Conyers doing what Liberal Democrats always do; claiming that the failure of Flake’s bill to pass is due to some unfair and immoral anit-immigrant bias. Of course, the bill didn’t address immigrants but rather illegal aliens.

          So let’s stop throwing around aspersions, like “crazies”, and instead address the facts. The fact of the matter is that some of the most Liberal Democrats in Congress championed Flake’s bill while Republicans rejected it.

          Are you trying to tell me that you believe that Flake is Conservative? Do you actually believe that? How, then, do you explain that fact that Zoe Lofgren, Luis Gutierrez and John Conyers all championed Flake’s bill and bemoaned it’s failure to pass? Tell me, Tiny Elvis, do you still believe in the Tooth Fairy too?

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