Rep. Barto ran on a platform of being tough on illegal immigration

The recent vote on HB2280 made it clear which legislators want to crack down on illegal immigration, and which ones don’t (perhaps they’re beholden to business interests?) Rep. Nancy Barto, Rep. Rich Crandall, Rep. Adam Driggs, Rep. Doug Quelland, Rep. Lucy Mason, and Rep. Bill Konopnicki all conveniently walked out just before the vote on HB2280, which would have banned sanctuary cities. Skipping the vote has the same effect as voting no, although those legislators are probably hoping the general public doesn’t realize that. House Republicans who stuck around to vote no were Rep. Andrew Tobin, Rep. Russ Jones, and Rep. John McComish.  In the Senate, Sen. Carolyn Allen and Sen. John Nelson voted no. Folks, these legislators are the Republican legislators who aren’t cracking down on illegal immigration, contrary to the platforms many of them ran on.

Rep. Nancy Barto, in a defense of her non-vote posted on this blog, said she had national interviews that conflicted with the vote. But that’s not what we elected her for. We elected her to serve in the legislature and vote on legislation, not to do national interviews. And this sanctuary city bill was one of the most important bills in Arizona, since we are overrun with illegal immigration.

Rep. Barto ran on a tough platform against illegal immigration. She can’t have it both ways. She needs to represent the constituents who elected her based on that platform, not cave in to special interests after she gets elected. Here are statements she has made about illegal immigration when running for office, indicating she would be a strong proponent of laws against illegal immigration:

2006 & 2008 Publicity Pamphlets: “Representative Barto understands the need to secure our borders, and will continue to support legislation that stems the tide of illegal immigration into our state.”

From her webpage

SECURING OUR BORDERS The Federal government has failed us by not securing our borders and addressing both the causes of illegal immigration and its effects upon our state.
Nancy believes our government has a moral obligation to the citizens of Arizona to solve this problem. That’s why Nancy supported and will continue to push critical legislation that effectively addresses this issue including:
Funding the GIITEM Task Force
Sanctioning employers who engage in illegal hiring practices
Enhanced border funding and national guard measures
Strengthening Arizona’s human smuggling and drop house laws
Assuring state welfare benefits are not awarded to those in the state illegally

Securing Our Borders
It is clear that our Federal government has failed miserably in securing our borders and addressing the effects illegal immigration has had upon our state. Nancy Barto believes that government has a moral obligation to the citizens of Arizona to deal effectively with the problem of illegal immigration. That’s why Nancy supports taking every necessary step to secure our borders and stop those who choose to break our laws and come into Arizona illegally.

From an Arizona Republic interview

What one state action do you think would work best to combat the problem of illegal immigration. Why?

Most people who come here illegally are here to work, so passing tough employer sanctions legislation in 2007 was the single most effective step the legislature could take to address the situation. And it is definitely having its effect. When an employer risks losing his license to do business by hiring someone unauthorized to work in the U.S., they will stop hiring them and people will naturally stop crossing the border to work.


  1. Chewie, Chewie, Chewie. Your boss worried that he won’t have as many illegals to prosecute so he sent you off to post another rambling piece of garbage? Here’s a little hint, why don’t you for once actually read a posting you link to. In this one, you will see why this piece of legislation was crap and why SO many legislators walked out.

    I spoke with a source who said there was an agreement with Pearce and he tried to sneak a provision in at the last second hoping no one would notice.

    You and Pearce should try being honest once and a while, you’ll find that people actually respect you more.

  2. I love how you keep trying to guess who is behind Chewie. THIS particular person who wrote this post says they will even give you a hint at who they are: they work in real estate. Keep guessing, there’s more than one of us so it will be a lot of work.

  3. Well, it’s good to know you all maintain the same journalistic standards.

  4. Chuck Coughlin spends more time commenting on this blog than working says

    Chewie, ignore him, it has already been exposed that “Roger” is really Chuck Coughlin. Ever since you started posting about him being behind Governor Brewer’s tax hike, he’s been slamming everything you write, doing everything he can to discredit you. Anyone reading Sonoran Alliance can see right through it. Keep up the good work, the rest of us real Republicans with principles would have no idea otherwise because the mainstream media will barely touch this kind of stuff. Chuck – go back to the hole you crawled out from under. You’ve been exposed commenting under fake names and now you’re just damaging Brewer.

  5. Flaccid and Furious says

    Maybe if Harry Reid renames the Cap & Trade bill the “Massive Energy Penalty and Get Tough on Illegal Immigrants Act of 2009” he could bully enough senators into passing the bill. After all, illegal immigrants will pay through the nose too!!!! As it should be, YEAH!

  6. Kenny Jacobs says

    Maybe if people posted under their real names the posts would be of higher quality and the commentators would share less hyperbole?

  7. MaricopaGOP says

    Roger (cough, cough)

    Not SO many walked. Only six out of sixty and generally those where their core voters supported the legislation.

    Barto showed her true colors the first week she was in office, got a lot of negative feedback and has been trying to hide her true feelings since. This one exposed her real position.

    It looked like Barnes was in trouble for the Senate seat until she came out of the closet. Now, I think he has floated to the top due to her attempt to mislead the voters.

  8. Chuck, you’re obviously new to this blog or to Chewie’s lame updates. Do a search- I’ve been slamming Chewie and pointing out his blatant inaccuracies (along with many others by the way) since way before the whole tax thing came up. It’s not hard to discredit Chewie, they do it themselves.

    My name is Roger, you can call or email me any time. Unlike Chewie who supposedly is multiple people using the same SA account.

    As I said in another post, I work in real estate and finance and am a PC in the East Valley.

  9. Tucson Vice says

    Chewie, the man has stated (rightly) that whoever you are, you either do not understand what you are writing about, or you are chosing to misrepresent and distort the truth (when you aren’t making stuff up all together) with every rambling, nonsensial and xenophobic post.

    Nobody cares who you are. Those that read Roger’s comments want your answer to his charge, not a misdirection about your secret identity. What is your answer? Are you uninformed, do you not understand what you are writing about or do you simply chose to print half truths and falsehoods?

    If you don’t want to answer, you need not misdirect or try to dilute the matter. Just don’t say anything.

  10. Barnes beating Barto? Yeah right.

  11. Chewie answering a question with fact…yeah right!

  12. MaricopaGOP says


    I’m sorry, but I must have missed the comment giving your phone number and e-mail address. Should we call RogerRabbit or e-mail Too long an address, I think.

    Thanks for the offer, though.

  13. You got to be kidding says

    Did you know that most of the Republicans who left the floor had been there for 21 stright hours without leaving? Did you know that before the vote on HB2280 that was a two hour gap of time? Most left after 5 AM the vote was at 5:30 AM.

    Did you know that Pearce killed a Boone bill HB 2331 that passed 38 to 21 and ALL the Republicans who left voted in favor of the bill? Did you know that this was a sanctuary city policies bill?

    Do you care?

    Stop the BS and look at the facts–Someone is not telling you the truth!!!!!!!

    Stop only listening to one source and look at the facts–that may be difficlut but will give you the real information!!!!!!!!!

  14. MaricopaGOP says


    be kidding.

    The vote on the Sanctuary city bill was NOT at 5:30. Barto was the last of the group to leave – right after passage of her bill – and that was about 3:15a. Some of them had left prior to midnight. Stop spinning.

    To make your 21 hour time frame work, they would have had to start session at 5:00a the previous morning. They did not start until 1:30p so we are talking about 14 hours – a long day, but not unusual for a Sine Die session.

    You just have to stop the kidding. Some might think you actually believe what you write.

  15. Maricopa-

    It doesn’t matter when the vote was taken. Pearce lost the bill because he lied and got greedy. Word has it he committed to all the R’s he would take out certain provisions which were dead ends (like that anyone can sue for whatever they want to). He tried to slip it in at the last second hoping no one would notice. He’s a liar plain and simple.

  16. What a joke says


    You hit the nail on the head. Pearce would lie than know the truth.


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