Renzi Officially Out

Congressman Rick Renzi

Earlier this year (April 27th), one of our Sonoran Alliance bloggers painted a picture of the Road Ahead in Congressional District 1. That post was entirely based on the knowledge that things were actually worse than they appeared for Congressman Rick Renzi.

Today,  the Arizona Republic  ran the story announcing that Congressman Rick Renzi will not seek re-election in 2008.

With Renzi now out of the picture, expect things to really heat up as a number of prominent Republicans and Democratic names are tossed out as potential successors.

Just remember, we introduced the potential names first on Sonoran Alliance.

On a tangent, Look for some of the problems associated with Renzi (and Hayworth’s) ties to  Washington’s lobbyists to figure into the CD5 race with Jim Ogsbury. Voter sentiment toward lobbyist will certainly figure into who wins the CD5 Republican Primary race.


  1. DoubleDecafLatte says

    Good News. Maybe he can move back to VA with the wife and kids.

  2. Kralmajales says

    Better start raising your money Republicans…

    In addition to trying to get back Giffords and Mitchell’s seats, you now have to actually raise and spend a ton of dollars to hold on to Renzi’s AND now there is the challenge of Flake vs. Pearce.

    The fundraising for Republicans has been pretty slow. Now there are lots more places you have to put it that you didn’t have to put it last time.

  3. Ive got some good party ideas from this. Halloween is going be a scary one! Cheers

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